Apple releases 5G device Beta upgrade for services, Here’s the guide to setup the beta software

Apple Releases 5G Device Beta Upgrade for Services

In order to enable 5G on Apple devices, Apple Inc. has launched a beta program that enables people to test out unfinished software. As soon as service providers Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone provide 5G network access, sources claimed, this software upgrade enables 5G connectivity on Apple devices.

Apple users must download the software, install a profile, and sign up for the beta program on the website. In cities where JioTrue5G has been deployed, Jio consumers with iPhones 12 and later will be welcomed to the Jio Welcome Offer. Users can receive free, unlimited 5G connectivity at speeds of up to 1 Gbps thanks to the Jio Welcome Offer. Prepaid users must, however, be on an action plan with a minimum monthly payment of $239 or higher. This trial is open to all Postpaid users.

In contrast to Jio, Airtel does not give its customers exclusive 5G deals. Users can try 5G services as part of their current plans in the cities/areas where the Airtel 5G network has been launched once they have updated to the most recent Apple Beta software.

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Apple did not immediately reply to an email, but the company had claimed earlier this month: “As soon as network validation and performance testing for quality and performance is through, we are working with our carrier partners in India to deliver the finest 5G experience to iPhone users. Customers of iPhones will start getting software updates that support 5G in December.

As part of Apple’s iOS 16 Beta Software Program, subscribers of Airtel and Jio with iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE (3rd generation) models can enjoy 5G. Anyone with an active Apple ID who accepts the terms of the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement during the registration procedure is eligible to participate in the program.

Users are advised to utilize their Apple IDs if they already have an iCloud account. They can set one up if they don’t already have an iCloud account or another Apple ID. Users who want to test the beta version should back up their iPhones before installing it.

It is recommended that the beta software only be installed on non-production, non-business-critical devices. Users can also provide feedback on usability and quality, which helps Apple identify issues, resolve them, and enhance its product.

The built-in Feedback Assistant app is part of the iOS beta and may be accessed from the Home screen on an iPhone or iPad or from the Dock on a Mac.

IOS 16.2 Developer Beta from Apple now supports 5G networks on smartphones

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The iOS 16.2 beta for compatible iPhones was made available to developers by Apple on Tuesday. A number of new features are included in the updated firmware, including support for 5G networks on Airtel and Reliance Jio in India.

It is significant to note that the software version is currently in developer beta and will likely soon be released in a public beta. According to a previous announcement from Apple, the final release of iOS 16.2 is planned for December.

Given that it is a beta version, the iOS 16.2 developer program may have performance problems and other defects. As a result, the upgrade is initially made accessible to developers so they may test it and provide Apple with their thoughts. For those who are unaware, Apple releases new software updates in three stages: developer beta, public beta, and final release.

Users who are enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program have access to the public beta releases. Anyone who has a working Apple ID and agrees to the program agreement throughout the sign-up procedure is eligible. Users can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program at to download and install public beta releases.

Once finished, adhere to these instructions to download and set up the public beta release as soon as it becomes accessible:

How to download and set up the beta software update for the public

Apple 5G Upgrade

Step 1: Access from an iOS device to download the configuration profile.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings – General – Software Update following the download of the configuration profile.

Step 3: Tap Software Update to see if there are any beta updates available.

Step 4: Click “download” if the update is available.

Note: Before installing the beta versions of iOS, it is advised to back up your data and files using the Finder service.

Installing the iPhone takes some time, and in some situations, a new installation may be necessary. Once completed, further beta releases for the iPhone are automatically downloaded, just as upgrades for commercially available versions.

You can also drop out of the beta software program and return to using the full versions of commercial software. To withdraw from the iOS 16 beta software program, follow these instructions:

How to withdraw from a beta software program in steps

Step 1: Click on the iOS Beta Software Profile in Settings – General – VPN & Device Management.

Step 2: Tap Remove Profile in step two. Enter your device passcode if prompted, then select Remove.

Step 3: Your iOS device will no longer receive iOS public betas after the profile has been deleted. You can install the newest commercial version of iOS through Software Update as it becomes available.

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