Best BNPL Service Providers for E-Commerce in 2023

Best BNPL Service Providers for E-Commerce in 2023

The COVID-19 lockout brought about a substantial change in how customers interact with companies. Additionally, it had been a sharp rise in the use of digital technology, and more people than ever are online. The ability to integrate their e-commerce platform with BNPL service providers was made available to online shops when e-payments were fully operational.

The bulk of you has probably encountered online retailers that provide a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service while making purchases. But because we were wary of online banking, we never really tried to understand what it all meant.

What is a BNPL Services provider?

BNPL businesses, which were once a wholly unheard-of idea, are now beginning to enter the e-commerce space slowly. A “Buy Now Pay Later” business enables customers to make instalment payments for goods and services rather than paying the entire cost at once.

Apps like AfterPay, Affirm, Laybuy, Klarna, and others are a few well-known examples of these BNPL businesses. Customers can easily make everyday purchases with the help of BNPL service providers, also known as BNPL applications because they are simple to use, generally have cheap interest rates, and have significant credit limits.

Both in-store and online payments can be made using an app that is developed and produced by BNPL service providers. Since BNPL apps let users pay for things in several instalments over time, the BNPL model is somewhat similar to a credit card.
A BNPL is, to put it simply, a micro-credit option that allows you to shop online and pay off the amount in days or weeks with little to no interest.

An important void left by the pandemic has been addressed by the growth of BNPL services. In addition to the e-commerce site, BNPL service alternatives are now available on platforms for food delivery, travel reservations, supermarket shopping, and other relevant services.

What Role Does BNPL Service Providers Play in E-Commerce?

BNPL Providers in ecommerce 2023

BNPL Service App is more than just an online shopping tool; it also helps in-person payments. The seller (merchant) always receives the full money right away whenever a customer purchases a product using the BNPL Seva App. The customer has the option to pay the charge in several instalments over time.

Additionally, for users who meet their payment deadline, these BNPL programmes don’t charge interest. Utilizing a BNPL app is a specific process. The BNPL Company can perform an easy and rapid credit check that won’t harm your credit score, and approvals are clear.

Applications for BNPL services have various advantages for both merchants and online shop owners in addition to the customer. A BNPL service may be integrated into an online store’s e-commerce platform for several reasons. It facilitates sales to a specific group of clients who frequently use BNPL services and gives customers the option to purchase an item even if they don’t have the entire amount available upfront.

• Keep up with the competition or strive to get an advantage over the market by matching the level of customer service provided by other market participants.
Why By allowing customers to make greater purchases without using a credit card, helps to improve and boost consumer spending.

• This creates a new market category that includes younger consumers with increased shopping frequency.

Recently, BNPL businesses have begun to promote the numerous brands they collaborate with by mailing clients interesting offers and vouchers directly through email, newspapers, and other channels. This is being done mostly to have existing consumers buy more frequently rather than to draw in new ones.

What makes BNPL unique from credit cards?

BNPL vs credit card

The “Buy now pay later” option’s key benefit is that it offers a one-click credit facility service at the time of checkout on merchant apps and websites. This short-term credit option from BNPL allows customers to make immediate purchases and pay for them at a later time.

  • Low-cost pricing with transparency: Because many of the offers are subsidised by companies so that the buyer receives the best value from the offering, BNPL often uses an open and affordable pricing strategy. According to Lizzie Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder of ZestMoney, “Unlike credit cards that are intended to deceive the client with hidden fees and outrageous interest rates, BNPL is straightforward. The customer is aware of the full cost of the transaction.
  • Instant sign-up and all-digital registration process: Anyone seated wherever in the nation may register and use the service. On the other hand, applying for credit cards takes time and a tonne of paperwork. One can promptly start transacting using digital KYC after receiving approval.
  • Easily accessible Credit cards: according to experts, are more common among persons with strong credit scores, those who live in big cities, and those who earn a living wage.

In India, there are only 30 million cardholders. A further statement from Chapman of ZestMoney is that “BNPL is by nature built for a much larger market, including new credit clients or persons with limited credit history. To accept these consumers, the majority of BNPL players employ an alternate data and proprietary model. Indians are also switching from credit cards to BNPL.

  • Credit cards or BNPL suppliers with a higher interest rate: Credit cards are widely acknowledged to be the most expensive type of credit. While BNPL firms charge between 0% and 24% interest depending on the merchant, tenure, and borrower, interest rates on late payments can reach up to 48 %.

Why are BNPL services attracting more interest than credit cards do? Why do young people find BNPL appealing?

Indian consumers, like other consumers, demand trust and transparency in their transactions, which traditional credit cards severely lack. This is according to Nitya Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Simpl. Consumers have apprehension about using credit cards, and the main reason for this aversion is the “hidden costs” or the different transaction fees that credit card companies impose on their clients.

He continues, “Some of the additional expenses a user faces while using a credit card are annual maintenance fees, cash advance fees, surcharges on gasoline, and GST taxes. Cash on delivery is a genuine 1-click checkout, and BNPL services offer this to customers. Paying at the moment of delivery increases customer confidence in the transaction.

The BNPL service is entirely online, immediate, and digital. Applying and receiving approvals are made simpler and faster. There is no requirement that an agent visits you to complete papers.

The benefits of BNPL, according to Hinduja of Capital Float, “speak directly to the digitally aware, card-averse clients who demand quick and accessible modest credit at their fingertips,” as well as the ease of registration, ease of usage, and quick check-out. Millennials use BNPL to fulfil their dreams, such as taking up-skilling courses or travelling to far-off places, in addition to purchasing necessities.

A Red Flag
Industry experts advise customers to exercise caution while using the buy now pay later service, despite all the advantages and alluring features. Though it varies from lender to lender, late fees or penalties are assessed; they are often one-time costs rather than compound interest, which is a striking contrast to credit cards.

The fact that BNPL is essentially still a loan means that BNPL providers may report a borrower’s repayment history to credit bureaus. According to experts, since the majority of BNPL providers record repayments to credit bureaus, it will still be the customer’s responsibility to make payments on time, just as with any other loan, to keep a decent credit score.

Top BNPL service companies for e-commerce in 2023

The 21st-century market is quite dynamic. To provide your consumers with the best possible service and a satisfying user experience, store owners and operators of e-commerce websites must be informed of current industry trends.

Furthermore, you must pay close attention to the payment method your consumers use to pay for their transactions. Knowing this won’t do anything but boost customer happiness and the regularity of your current customers’ purchases.

Many e-commerce websites have linked with BNPL service providers to achieve this, giving their clients access to BNPL alternatives as they complete their purchases. It can be challenging to choose the best organisation for your business, though, given the wide range of BNPL service providers available to you.

The top BNPL service providers that you can choose from in 2023 have been compiled for your convenience.



Simpl was introduced in India in 2015 and is advantageous to both businesses and customers. The BNPL market in India has expanded over time to rank among the top competitors. Simpl, a platform that was designed with mobile users in mind, delivers immediate approvals that let a user pay with only one swipe.

You have the choice to pay when it’s convenient for you with Simpl. As an alternative, you can choose to pay in a series of 3 instalments with no additional fees. With 4,500 vendors and merchants and a consumer base of about 7 billion, Simpl is reported to have partnerships across India.

• Option for customising checkouts
• Anywhere you go, you may use mobile payments
• No free trial is offered



The Moonova API integration is precisely what your company needs at this time if you want to increase the effectiveness of your payment operations. With the help of the app’s straightforward API interface, you may assign distinct account numbers to the various accounts on your payroll and get immediate account reconciliation, real-time debts and payments.

By providing an additional strong layer of security to all of your transactions, Moonova’s usage of multi-factor authentication helps to protect you against online fraud, phishing, and other dangerous websites. To ensure that data-enabled payments are more efficient, quicker, and smarter on the market, the business recently teamed with Truelayer, a leader in open banking globally.

You may carry out even the largest transactions with the utmost simplicity thanks to the platform’s steadfast algorithm. The platform also provides constant local support, followed by simple developer tools that you may employ with your current infrastructure.

Maximum stability; streamlined data-enabled payments; multi-factor authentication;


Requires routine maintenance and upgrades

The PayPal Later


PayPal Pay Later is a fantastic choice for everyone, whether they run a little business or have their brand of business. This not only benefits business owners but also makes choosing PayPal Pay Later credit programmes for BNPL application purchasers a very simple process.

Users can select their chosen payment schedule for the PayPal Pay later credit plan from a range of six to 36 months. Access to BNPL services is direct and automatic for business owners that use PayPal for their transactions. For this, all business owners must incorporate PayPal’s BNPL option into their websites.

The app integrates with the majority of the market’s e-commerce platforms even though it is incompatible with in-store purchases. The PayPal Purchase Protection Plan, which may be used for all PayPal purchases and assumes all credit risk, is the company’s final offering.


  • Low processing fees, PayPal purchase option
  • Works with several eCommerce systems


  • High late fees; unavailable for in-store sales.



A pay-in-four BNPL app called Afterpay enables consumers to make payments in four interest-free instalments with a 48-hour seller payment guarantee. This BNPL service primarily serves the demands of Gen Z, who are developing their money management skills while on the go.

Customers who want to develop excellent spending habits can use smart cards that have limits. The app, which can also be used as an API, will have been integrated with about 19 e-commerce websites by 2022. The app doesn’t impose any cross-border fees and operates in 8 countries.

Although pricing information is missing from the website, it appears that this BNPL service charges between 4% and 6% + 30 cents for every transaction. You only need to add Afterpay to your digital wallet if you’re a Gen Z shopper.

Afterpay can be used for both in-person and online purchases, unlike PayPal. When utilising Afterpay, you must put down 25% of the total price in the first phase and then pay the remaining amount in full within six weeks without incurring interest.


  • The 48-hour guaranteed payout is a plus.
  • The POS system is utilised, and numerous eCommerce platforms are integrated.
  •  0% APR

Cons: No monthly finance option and unavailable pricing present



One of the fastest-growing fintech startups in India, ZestMoney has expanded quickly. Like the majority of BNPL services, ZestMoney enables consumers to make online purchases and repay the money over time with low interest.

To provide capital access to those who cannot afford loans through conventional channels, the platform’s algorithm combines mobile technologies, digital banking, and AI under a single umbrella.

ZestMoney is specifically made for large expenditures like furniture, plane tickets, and other things that aren’t covered by other BNPL loan platforms, in contrast to the others. For a period of six to ten months, the app gives selected merchants the option of interest-free instalment payments.


• Free EMI on a few platforms
• Rapid loan approval and disbursement
• Adaptable EMI choices

Cons: Limited to large transactions; privacy concerns for users



One of the most well-known BNPL businesses of the twenty-first century is Klarna, which was founded by the Stockholm School of Economics. When you shop with Klarna, you have the choice to divide your purchases into 4 easy interest-free payments.

Simply extending your due date within the app will provide you additional flexibility to make payments whenever you need to. Once all the payments have been made, all you have to do is let the app know, and the payments will all be stopped immediately. From a desktop, smartphone, or in-store device, you may shop wherever you are and pay instantly.


• Accessible both online and offline
• A variety of payment methods
• Accessible in several nations

Cons: • Each purchase must be approved by Klarna • Exorbitant late fees


Zip now pay later

Previously known as Quadpay, Zip now gives intelligent customers the freedom and necessary flexibility to use the BNPL platform to make payments whenever and wherever they want. This BNPL service was launched in Australia in 2013 and currently serves more than 12 foreign markets.

Whether you are a customer or a business owner, Zip provides open and interest-free credit solutions to anyone without fuss or disrupting the established credit card market. Zip offers four interest-free instalments, much like Klarna does. With Zip, you may pay for items in-person or via your phone.


• Accessible both online and offline
• Ongoing notifications
• Alternatives for virtual cards


• One-time payment method



On its platform, Sezzle today has over 50,000 merchants and over 3 million active users. Sezzle is an alternative payment platform that predominantly operates in the US and Canada. It offers 4 instalment-free payment choices that last for a total of 6 weeks.

Since you are a qualified nonprofit B corporation, you have the freedom to reschedule your payments for up to two weeks at a time. The Sezzle app allows you to shop and make payments for your favourite companies both online and in-person.


  • Rescheduling options for payments
  • Online and offline retailers both provide virtual credit card options.


  • Account deactivation occurs when payments are missed.
  • Structure of a single payment


Affirm bnpl provider

Over 30,000 US retailers can presently use Affirm, which has funded over 17 million purchases since 2017. The company’s main line of business is financial lending, providing consumers with instalment loans to use for each PoS transaction.

You may be eligible for interest rates of 0% to 30%, depending on your payment schedule and qualifications. This US-based BNPL service provider offers you a versatile, open-book, and more practical method of assisting clients in making overtime payments by the payment option chosen by the client. The email notifications are a plus.

• A customer portal for financial tracking is available.


• Extremely high-interest rates, ranging from 10% to 30%
• A credit check is necessary.


Upstart BNPL

The risks and related costs increase as more people have access to affordable credit programmes. To assist customers to repay their loans with straightforward payment plans, Upstart, a prominent AI lending platform, collaborates with banks and credit unions.

It takes only a few minutes to apply for an UpStart loan. You begin by determining eligibility without considering how it may impact your credit score. There are still some possibilities available even if you are not qualified for the amount you sought. The estimated APRs for various amounts can then be obtained.


  • Accessible online and in stores.
  • Involved Notification

Cons: • One-Time Payments

The world has grown a little hesitant to go shopping since the COVID-19 pandemic started. This has significantly increased the focus on online purchasing and enabled a daily increase in the number of e-commerce platforms.

Online shops and e-commerce platforms are likewise working harder to match user experiences to the level of market competitiveness. For this reason, the majority of e-commerce platforms have put in place a practical BNPL service.

The BNPL services are already having an impact on both customers and vendors. BNPL service providers are expected to play a significant role in both in-person and online purchasing in the years to come, based on the rate at which they are developing.

You should stay current on the contemporary payment methods customers utilise to make their purchases, whether you own a physical store or an e-commerce website. Customer satisfaction will increase as a result, and more sales will result.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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