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Concentration Camps in China! A Slap To Mankind and a Religious Genocide!

When the whole world is focusing on the pandemic and the number of people who are infected or dead, there are various other topics that are essential to know but people forget about them. In our previous articles recovered about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Today we will talk about concentration camps in China.

Tall concrete walls, wired structures, and surveillance cameras along with police cars and guards. These are the concentration camps of China. These camps aim to convert the minority religious people into the majority Chinese religion. The detainees and the trainees are not allowed to meet their family. People are scared of the government and they are reluctant to talk because, in this building, people are stripped of their religion. According to a person, if you go into a concentration camp, you never come out. This camp was started in 2017 and 11 million Uyghurs have been suffering.

The Chinese government has consistently claimed that the concentration camps in the Xinjiang Region offered voluntary education and training services. The concentration camps have thousands of Muslims and they treat them like prisoners. According to official documents that are seen by BBC, it is shown how the prisoners are punished and held for so long. The Chinese ambassador has blatantly denied all these accusations. These documents called the camps a scam present with strict discipline, punishment, and no escape facility. They encourage all the people to truly transform. The documents are also said that every prisoner’s life is monitored from every aspect. The prisoners need to have a fixed bed position, fixed queue position, fixed station during skills work, fixed classroom seat and nothing can be changed. Apart from this, the students also have rules about housekeeping, eating, studying, sleeping and even about closing the door. If this is not torture, what is?

According to a brief analysis, it has been found out that more than 15,000 people were sent to these camps in a week. The prisoners or the trainees can only be released after they have shown behavioral changes.

The major aim of these camps is to convert people into the Chinese religion and ignore all the minorities that are prevalent in the area. If people want to go on a religious pilgrimage, they worship at a mosque, they have friends whom authorities are calling suspicious, the government considered them inferior to the minority. In China, these people were sent to the concentration camps for years. The end decision about these people lies in the hands of the government. China has been carrying out a cultural genocide, not about killing the people but rather converting them forward. The detainees or the prisoners are bombarded with cultural norms of China. This is against humanity on all grounds.

The United Nations asked for direct access to these camps after a panel said that it has received credible reports that Muslims and other ethnic minorities were detained in this concentration camps in millions. The government of Beijing has continued to defend its policies saying that these concentration camps were made because there were outbursts of violence. The local authorities of the place are expanding their concentration camps to gather stability amongst the people. More than 10 buildings have been added to these concentration camps. Construction work is going on and more and more people are stored inside these centers. The City where these concentration camps increased their budget by almost 300% in 2017 which actually shows the high amount of money that the Chinese government is putting into all the scams.

The size of the concentration camps had expanded by 465% in the last few years. The province of China is trying to convert every individual into their own religion and to create a monopoly. People are brainwashed to the extent that they don’t remember who they are. The place where these concentration camps are located, hold high importance for these camps. The people of the area sing patriotic songs, teach the female residents of the campus to have the ideal Chinese standards.

Various historians and well-read people have called the concentration camps as nazi camps. People see history repeating itself. Nothing can justify the actions of the Chinese government. A holocaust survivor wrote that this is the worst way to torture an individual.

The Chinese officials have also said that all the people who are in these camps but the reason why the virus has been spreading in China. In this case, we are not talking about the coronavirus. Rather we are talking about the SARS. A Chinese official said, “ if you were not careless and prevented the infection, you would not have to undergo in closed isolated treatment because it’s an infectious illness”

The Chinese officials are calling these the self-quarantine camps and are saving the Chinese nation from these people who are spreading the infection. But the reality is that they are trying to eliminate cultural and religious minorities. According to history, the purpose of the concentration camps has always been to clean the people of their ideologies and of their minds. The parasitic class of people is always put into the concentration camps so that they do not spread their thought process.

According to Hitler, the nazi regime ultimately meant curing as an impossibility. Similarly, China called these concentration camps hospitals where people are educated and the patients are urged to clean the virus from their brain. The Chinese Communist officials also say that there is no guarantee that the illness will not return. This is an ideological disease and not physical. But the truth is that this is the war with humankind.

Various women have told about their experiences in these camps. Some witnessed medical experiments and gang rape. Women were also subject to beatings and food deprivation. The woman also says that the authorities would punish the inmates or the students or the trainees for everything they did. Organ harvesting was also reported. Those who didn’t learn Chinese properly were also punished. Those who did not sing patriotic songs and did not praise the Chinese culture were beated. Punishments included food deprivation to the cutting of the fingernails of the people. Is this humanity? This is the question on all the people of the world who are not caring about all these issues.
People have been detained for violating the family planning policy. People have also been charged with crimes that have no legal foundations. The detainees have been caught for matters like sending messages related to their religion, servicing at mosques, everything related to being Muslim. These people have been labeled as extremists and have been sent to these detention camps. Religious freedom is the core of the camp and people are being tortured in millions. This is not what the people of this century deserve or what anyone else deserves.



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