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What Will Affect & Kill More Indians- Coronavirus, Economy Crisis, Post Lockdown Trauma

The coronavirus lockdown has taken a toll on everyone all over the globe. People are worried about money, the infection, and also are depressed inside their homes. With the news of their loved ones being dead every day because of the infection and with no money in their bank accounts, people are moving into a dark hole. Our country has been on lockdown since late March. This is a very unusual situation for the people of India who are generally very bubbly and are always wanting to go outside. Let us analyze the economic crisis, coronavirus crisis, and the post lockdown trauma to understand which will take more toll on the Indians:

CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: with the rising number of infections every day and the death toll increasing, people are feeling that there will be a time when the whole of India is infected by the virus. This infection is not dying down and people are not able to understand that we need to find an alternate option towards our life. This is the new normal for us and this is how we need to move forward. Till how long will people undergo this torture?

With various asymptomatic carriers roaming out on the streets and giving the infection to others, people are getting infected every second. There are no beds available and no medicines available for the needy. This is what is making the people anxious and is making them question their own survival.

This is probably the first time in history when a pandemic like this has come up and there is data fudging happening as a whole. The true information about the number of cases is not being given to the people. Random news on social media about the stories of disdain of various patients make the people wonder and ponder why this is happening to them. This is not an easy time for anyone. Everyone is filled up to the brim.

Another theory states that everyone in the country will be affected by the virus at least once and only then the virus will go back. All these theories have, but there are no concrete pieces of evidence and proofs related to them. All these distress and anger amongst the people. This is not how people want to see themselves in the near future. All we can wait for is the ray of hope we all are looking for. if there is anyone who needs the support right now, those are the infected people and the people battling on the front lines with the virus. They are more prone to it than ours. We need to stay indoors and save the world and save our country.

ECONOMIC CRISIS: people are bolted up inside their houses and have been using their savings for the past few months. Every middle-class person is suffering right now. The rich are getting richer and the poor are being held by the government. In between all this, the middle-class man is suffering the worst days of his life. His savings are coming to an end and he does not have a stable business right now. A typical Indian middle-class man uses his business in the wisest way to create a pool of savings for his future. But along with this, he makes sure that his business is always running and his never drying down.

But with the pandemic coming up, the middle-class man does not have a business working, he has to bear all the expenses related to his factory and his workers, he has to bear all the household expenses and even pay the taxes. The man is frustrated and is troubled because of the crisis related to financial income going on in his family right now. People are committing suicide because they do not have the money to feed their families. People in rural areas are also affected in the worst possible ways. They do not even have any savings so how will they survive? The government claims that they are providing free ration and cooked meals to them. However, it has been found out through various surveys that these people are not getting anything. Feeding a portion of the poor does not satisfy the wants and the needs of everyone else. According to a leading news channel, more than 300 people died due to other reasons such as suicide, hunger and other issues. All this happened during the lockdown. These deaths account for a failure in the lockdown.  

Businesses are shut even in the near future. The economy will not take a sudden boom for these sectors that have failed miserably. Like the cinemas, weddings, event planners, start-up owners who had cash-crunch, all these people will not be able to sustain in the near future and the economic crisis will force them to do things that they never wanted to do.


POST-LOCKDOWN TRAUMA: The COVID-19 lockdown is the world’s biggest psychological experiment on the human race. The new epidemic of various mental illnesses might start after the pandemic. This is the first time in the history of the world when people have shut themselves from the world for such a long time. Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety might be popular at the end of the pandemic. Schools, offices, and other places must plan for emergency preparedness of the psychological department as it is very critical to analyze that the people have gone through a lot of trauma. The government must coordinate with the people and various organizations to actually determine the mental health risk. Various doctors have said that they are worried about everyone’s mental health after the lockdown. Researchers have said that at least one out of four of the people could suffer from PTSD because of the pandemic. The lockdown we defeat the virus but it may also unleash a bigger health crisis.

The people who have some mental health issues, the lockdown might raise their downward spiral to trigger an event like losing a job, divorce or anything like this. For most people right now, the lockdown is the biggest trigger of their lives and there is no going back from the fact that it will cause a lot of harm to them. Research from King’s College has found out that even a 10-day quarantine can lead to mental health issues Which may last for three years or more. Moreover, with the recession coming up, people might die because of the loss of their jobs. It has been said that the last major recession led to over 10,000 extra suicides because of a health crisis, education crisis, and job crisis.

When the doctors studied the after-effects of the lockdown in China, 28% of the quarantined patients had mental disorders related to trauma. The hospital staff also had higher depressive symptoms because of the pressure that has been put on them. And now with the second wave of pandemic coming up, 32% of the population is troubled with the fact that the virus is not going away. This trauma has killed people and might kill more people in the future.

We as humans must stay strong and condemn every wrong that is happening right now. We must act our own saviors and fight like a warrior during these times of distress. There is no one else that will save us more than us. We must put our actions right and focus on the bright side. These three conditions are bound to happen with the conditions and the scenario which is happening right now. Nothing in this world can change the fact that the virus has destroyed lives and has made us all understand the value of our loved ones.



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