Cure For COVID-19 Found? All About Dexamethasone

Is it true that the magic drug has been found? This is by far the most recent and the biggest development in the Coronavirus pandemic drug search. The drug’s name is Dexamethasone and is making a name for itself on the social media.

According to various reports, the biggest trial of the drug has been conducted in the United Kingdom with a piece of evidence that the steroid given in low doses can help cut the risk of death in critically ill patients. It is available for just Rs.3 per tablet.

According to the chief scientist at the World Health Organization, this trial is well done randomized with a large number of patients. This is exactly the kind of evidence the world health organization needs for any drug. According to the results, this drug works best in the most severely ill patients that is those who are already having respiratory illnesses and need oxygen or mechanical ventilation. This drug can only be used for patients who are critically ill and need a lot of support. This is the largest trial that is going on in the world to put together all the results. It is not yet published and only a press release is given out. The full data has to come out and she also says that there are at least 10 other trials that are going on.

The chief scientist constantly ponders about the topic that it should only be used for critically ill people. It does not have any impact on lung damage. It could worsen the situation for those who are not ill. The most astonishing part is that this drug has been used for such a long time and there has never been any conclusive evidence. This is the first time it has shown any reaction for some benefits. In India, this drug did not come as a surprise as various Indian doctors were already prescribing this for critically ill patients. It’s just that now these doctors have the evidence to actually prescribe this drug.

For the other drug, Remedesivir,  it has not shown any conclusive results. It is only proven that it reduces hospitalization by about 30% and no benefit for mortality rate has been shown. All the treatment guidelines that are given by the world health organization are dependent upon pieces of evidence and reports.

Various drugs came in the headlines and left the spotlight because of their adverse effects. All the health conditions which come with these drugs are not beneficial to the mankind. Humans need to find a solution which not only makes them come out of the virus but also does not lead to any depleting effect on their health. And finally this drug solves the purpose! 

A sports athlete in India was banned and suspended by the National Anti-Doping Agency after traces of this drug being found in his samples. This drug is commonly available in the market and various athletes use it to boost their performance. It is used for enhancing sports performance. And now the news is that this might be the only hope of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This drug can decrease the mortality of the people by a fifth who are on supplemental oxygen. This has been given out by the University of Oxford. The doctors and the researchers are optimistic about this drug. The World Health Organization has also cautioned against treating Coronavirus sufferers with steroids.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that this is the biggest achievement for a battle against the virus and the government has taken steps to ensure that they have enough supplies of this drug. Chief medical officers have said that this would save lives around the world.

About 19 out of 20 patients suffering from Coronavirus would recover without being admitted to the hospitals. And the people who are admitted might need oxygen or mechanical ventilation. And for all these patients who are in the hospitals, this drug can be used. The reason why these people have been given this drug is that they are high-risk patients.

People all over the world are finally seeing a ray of hope. This drug might actually prove to be beneficial for those who are losing their lives. It is true that this drug cannot be used for the people who are just caught up with the virus but it is highly beneficial for those who are on the verge of dying. The mortality rate can be reduced with this drug and this is a big achievement for people all over the world. The only major aspect which needs to be analyzed is the supply of the drug. Equitable distribution of any vaccine or drug that has been developed and is deemed to be beneficial must be ensured. The world and all the governments all over the globe must work together. Places which are not well-equipped must have the medicine too. This is the time when all the people of the world if join hands together can make a change. 

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