Deepika Padukone and other influential celebrities in the investment sector

The Bollywood industry is growing not only in terms of theatre and acting but also in the sector of business and investment. There has been a glimpse of several Bollywood actresses investing in the latest startups who have a high probability of positive returns in the future.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the ‘Make in India’ strategy, investments in the country have received considerable growth. Bollywood actors do not only see this as an opportunity to gain profits but also to be a part of several corporations that have prominent reputations in the market. The investments in startups have not only been limited to the heroes of Bollywood but have now significantly shifted and made the heroines a part of it.

The astonishing Deepika Padukone, and her major investments

We all know the queen of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, who is an extraordinary personality with her skills, charm, and influence in the acting field.  She is not only an influential personality but also the founder of KA Enterprises LLP that was established four years ago. She recently gained the highlight for her 2.6 million dollars funding in a pet startup named Super Tails.

She has further invested in an end number of startups amongst which a few stand incredibly interesting. Let us look at the major investments done by Deepika Padukone in startups that are expected to deliver higher returns and profits in the near future. 

  1. Furlenco and Purplle

Deepika Padukone started the impeccable journey of investment in 2017 where she established KA Enterprises with the assistance of former investment banker Nitin Kanchan. He is presently the CEO of the firm. It took her merely 18 months to make one of her crucial investments with furniture rental platform Furlenco, and the well-known beauty square Purple.

  1. Bellatrix Aerospace

Next in the year 2019 Deepika Padukone managed to be the major and leading investor in Bellatrix Aerospace. It is a startup that was developed by the Indian Institute of science and had announced about Rs. 21 crore funding in the pre-series A round.

  1. Drum Foods- Epigamia

Deepika Padukone was also a part of investment done under the name of Drum Foods International Pvt. Ltd. It is a brand that makes flavored yogurt, named Epigamia. This involvement and partnership then led to a path where she endorsed the brand and is now a part of it. You may have a glimpse of this product and everything related to Deepika’s involvement on her personal social media site.

  1. BlueSmart- The electric taxi company

The other significant investment that Deepika Padukone was a part of, is BluSmart. It is a very well-known start-up that offers electric taxis in the Delhi- National capital region at an affordable price. It is said to be a safe and secure vehicle and transport built for the comfort of the customers. The brand has also been processing and designing an all-electric ecosystem with numerous partnerships with automotive infrastructure and energy spaces industries. 

Deepika Padukone has a great sight glimpsed by the fact that she was one of the very initial investors in the company.The amount of investment done by Deepika stays undisclosed with this company as well.

  1. FrontRow- The EdTech brand

The present times call for a shift to the online mode for work relating to anything and everything that we do. Keeping this in mind Deepika decided to have this as a major prospect. She has funded about 3.2 million dollars along with other investors in a company named FrontRow. It is an online learning platform that has proven to be influential in the digital days. This EdTech consists of learning concepts that are taught by several celebrities in various fields of music, cricket, and comedy. 

Now that we are well aware of the fact that Deepika Padukone has significant insight into all the prospective investments along with Kanchan. He is the one who proved to be a significant assistance to her and her endorsements in investing. 

However, there are other celebrities in Bollywood too, who did not invest in startups for growth in the economy directly. But they are however involved in several startups by becoming the parent companies. Let us have a glance at the actresses and Bollywood celebrities who invested in the recent startups and gained positive returns.

Bollywood actresses’ major investments

  1. Shilpa Shetty

Bollywood Actress- Indian celebrities who invest in startups

Shilpa Shetty is an extremely significant celebrity investor in India. She took the risk and entered the business sector which was said to be male-dominated. She then announced her first real estate company named “Groupco Developers”.  She was assisted by her friend and first-generation entrepreneur Hem Tejuja in this journey. The major objective of this company was to establish housing projects in collaboration with the landowners throughout the country.

  1. Madhuri Dixit

Bollywood Actress- Indian celebrities who invest in startups

Next in the line is the most prominent celebrity Madhuri Dixit. She is not only an actress but a producer, television personality, music artist, and now also an investor. She started her journey of investment in 2014 where she met Lee and an entrepreneur Vishal Gondal. 

She along with the assistance of Vishal Gondal established the company GOQii. The role of the company is to develop and produce wearable electronics to match the present generation of technology. Dr. Shriram Nene, the husband of Madhuri Dixit, is the Chief Medical Officer with this company itself.

  1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Backs Healthcare Startup Possible

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is already a well-known Indian actress, Miss World, and also an influential investor. She is among the ones who had quite a prominent and extraordinary career in acting. She then decided to invest in a startup where she was backed by her mother. 

She initially invested a sum of rupees 5 million in a startup called Amber. Is a company that is efficient enough to monitor the air quality by considering the data and information from 100 censuses all over the city of Bengaluru. However, this does not stand as the first and foremost investment of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in clean technology.

  1. Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood Actress- Indian celebrities who invest in startups

Priyanka Chopra, well known in both Bollywood and Hollywood, has also been awarded the Padma Shri for acting skills. She was highlighted in the news for quite a long time when she announced her endorsement in an online dating app named Bumble. This is one of the dating apps that had significant development within 5-6 months from the entry into the Indian market. The major feature of this app is that when both the partners have signaled interest in each other it is only the female who can begin the conversation.

  1. Katrina Kaif

Startups That Are Funded By Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is yet another charming personality in Bollywood. She is famous for her cuteness and charming looks that she carries with style. This style is somewhat also related to her investment in a beauty lineup called Kay Beauty. This is her cosmetic brand which has cosmetics ranging from Rs. 249 Rs. 799. All her products can be bought online and offline in Nykaa stores which initially started with merely forty-eight pieces of eye and lip cosmetics. 

This brand has now gained significance and value in the cosmetic sector with categorization into three major types: Kolor, Kover, and Kare. Kolor signifies the colored cosmetics related to eyes and lips, Kover represents nails while Kare represents the face products along with the nourishment ingredients involved.

  1. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma, Who Created 'Paatal Lok' and 'Bulbul', Revealed this about Casting Herself | Latest & Breaking News, India News, Political, Sports- Since independence

Last but not least Anushka Sharma has also been a part of investing sector since the age of 25. She started her own production company when she was 25 in Bollywood. She along with her husband Virat Kohli made an investment of about 2.5 crores in an Insurtech startup named Digit Insurance, which is located in Bengaluru. An approximate 3.3 lakh equity shares were then assigned to Anushka Sharma along with Virat Kohli based upon the filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

There are several other celebrities who are presently investing or have invested in various companies in businesses amongst which the above-mentioned were only a few. These celebrities have established their name and become the reason for additional investments in companies and brands.

All of these celebrities have proved that they are not only the queens in Bollywood but can very well handle the business sector. They have immense knowledge and a keen interest in a similar field because they have been investing in startups for a very long time. They have successfully spread their glamor in the Bollywood industry along with the investment sector. The companies are said to have greater influence and attraction if prominent celebrities become a part.



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