Diesel price reduced in Delhi! A sigh of relief in this economic suffering going on…

In this era of massive economic depression where the world is suffering like anything. And at this very suffering age, the Indian Government astound its citizens with the spike of diesel prices. But there is always a light of hope and the Delhi Government has proved to be so. It has been decided by Delhi Government that VAT i.e. Value Added Tax will be reduced on the diesel that will result in cutting the prices of diesel in the Capital city of Delhi.

Today Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that Delhi has been able to control the suffering of the coronavirus to an extent. Then he pointed out the other damage caused by the coronavirus which needs to be fixed, the economic depression. Further, he mentioned the cabinet meeting which was held earlier today. He threw light about the discussion held in the meeting and accepted that the prices of diesel were really high till now. He pointed out the high diesel price was about Rs. 82 till now but today the cabinet hs decided to reduce the VAT on it from 30% to 16.75% and this is indeed a huge amount.

There was a constant rise in the prices of diesel lately and it was at its most expensive avatar in the national capital. For a fact, diesel was costlier than petrol in recent days. All of it took place because the city’s government was increasing the VAT on diesel very sharply. There was a repeated revision of diesel prices in July. the approx increase of price since the 7th of June sums up to Rs12.55 per liter. Before the 7th of June, there was no revision of petrol and diesel prices done by the oil companies for almost 82 days. And before this daily revision began, petrol was sold for Rs.71.26 per liter and diesel at Rs. 69.39 per liter.   

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This was indeed a great challenge that got accepted. This reduction of VAT on diesel will conclude by a difference of Rs. 8.36. Hence the diesel which was 82 rupees per liter yesterday will be now available at 73.64 rupees per liter. (one needs to remember that rates carry from state to state because it is depended on the incidence of VAT or local sales tax)

He proved how considerate leader he is when he mentioned that people from different scores were complaining about the high diesel rate and he has finally taken a step forward regarding the same. He believes that this decision will help Delhi’s economy to get the push it needed.  

He mentions that from the past one week, they are working on for the development of capital’s wealth management. For instance, this Monday the CM announced a job portal where the employers and job aspirants can meet as a healthy platform. The portal is getting a great response. So far, over 7577 companies or job providers have registered themselves into the portal and provided 2,44,784 opportunities. Over 3,22,865 people have applied for jobs. 

Lastly, he asked everyone including citizens, industrialists, and more to join in for a cause of developing and reconstructing the economy of the capital city. 

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