Elon Musk has invited Twitter developers for a meeting: Report

Twitter developers are invited to travel in for a meeting at Elon Musk’s request. Report

Elon Musk asked all remaining Twitter software developers to report to the 10th floor of the San Francisco office by early afternoon on Friday, according to an email obtained by Reuters.

The millionaire said, “If possible, I would prefer it if you could fly to SF to be present in person.” in the following email. Additionally, he declared that he would stay in the business offices until midnight before leaving and returning on Saturday.

He instructed the engineers to show up there on Friday at 2:00 PM (22:00 GMT). After Elon Musk gave them until Thursday to agree to work “long hours at high intensity,” it appeared that hundreds of Twitter employees had made the difficult decision to leave the struggling social media company. The letters were distributed the following day.

Elon Musk informs twitter staff

The exodus exacerbates the flurry of change and commotion that Musk’s first three weeks as Twitter’s owner have seen. During that time, the company’s staff had already been cut by more than half, to about 3,700 people, as a result of layoffs and other departures.

Two people claim that Twitter warned employees on Thursday that the company would close its headquarters and limit credential access until Monday. Reuters did not immediately confirm the reopening of the headquarters. Around Friday midday, two more sources who were in the know said to Reuters that the company had not yet banned access to its systems for employees who had declined Musk’s offer.

One of those insiders also mentioned that Twitter intended to save costs by closing one of its three main US data centres, which is situated at the SMF1 facility close to Sacramento.

While the changes were being made, rating agency Moody’s downgraded Twitter’s B1 credit rating, stating that there was “insufficient or otherwise inadequate information to justify the maintenance of the rating.” CNN said that a White House representative responded, saying that Americans should know how Twitter was protecting their data.


Elon Musk’s instructions

Musk gave his employees instructions to submit him a summary of their program’s “achievements” over the preceding six months on Friday, “along with up to 10 screenshots of the most important lines of code.”

“Short, technical interviews will be done so that I may learn more about the Twitter tech stack,” Musk wrote in one of the emails. In an earlier statement this week, Musk claimed that certain Tesla personnel were evaluating Twitter’s engineering teams “voluntarily” and “after hours.”

The only people who would be excused, he added, were those who physically could not go to the company’s headquarters or who had a family emergency. Additionally, he pledged to make an effort to video chat with remote colleagues.

In his first email to Twitter personnel this month, Musk said: “We are also changing Twitter regulations such that remote work is no longer allowed unless you have a particular exception.” The managers will send me the exclusions lists for review and approval.

Musk wrote late on Thursday that he was unconcerned about resignations since “the best people are staying” on Twitter. Employees of Twitter departed after Musk’s “extremely aggressive” demand.

Twitter is laying off employees as a result of Elon Musk’s warning to be “extremely hardcore” at work or resign. Some employees made their exit announcements on Twitter on Thursday in response to Musk’s email to coworkers urging them to commit to working “long hours at high intensity.”

Elon Musk plans

Musk stated in the internal memo that was made public by numerous media outlets that “only extraordinary performance will constitute a passing grade” and that “we will need to work extremely hard moving forward to create a ground-breaking Twitter 2.0 and succeed in a world that is becoming more and more cutthroat.”

Andrea Horst, a former employee, tweeted, “I may be #special, but gosh darn it, I’m just not #hardcore.”

Horst and a large number of other outgoing staff members posted about their choice on social media using the hashtag #lovewhereyouworked.

The most recent departures occur at a time when the company’s employment is only a small portion of what it generally is because the Tesla CEO fired more than half of its 7,500 employees, even if it is unknown how many staff members left as a result of Musk’s ultimatum.

“RIPTwitter” and the names of other social media sites like Mastodon were among the phrases that were trending on Twitter in the US as the departures were announced.

Musk, who also controls Tesla and SpaceX, paid $44 billion for Twitter late last month and since then has implemented significant changes at the company that have sparked controversy.

A wave of impostor accounts, including phoney profiles of former US President Donald Trump and NBA star LeBron James, appeared as a result of Musk’s decision to disregard the platform’s verification procedures. Twitter had to halt a new $7.99 membership service last week as a result.

Due to the upheaval at the social media juggernaut, major corporations like General Motors, Audi, General Mills, and United Airlines have paused their advertising in order better to grasp the platform’s moderation and anti-misinformation guidelines. Musk stated earlier this week that he had “too much work” after buying Twitter and questioned whether most people would want to be him.

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