Day Since 1,200 Twitter Workers Quit, Elon Musk Issues an Engineers’ Call to Action

Day Since 1,200 Twitter Workers Quit, Elon Musk Issues an Engineers’ Call to Action

In New Delhi: The meetings, according to Musk, will be brief and have the purpose of “helping me grasp the Twitter tech stack.” A day after a sizable number of Twitter employees decided to quit; owner Elon Musk sent an SOS to the staff: “Anyone who writes software, try to report to the upper floors at 2 PM today.” Musk pushed software engineers via email to attend the Twitter facilities in person by flying to San Francisco.

Twitter Closes All Office Buildings as Hundreds of Employees Resign – Rolling StoneOnly those who are genuinely unable to go to the East Bay or who are experiencing personal or family problems will be excused from attending, according to Bloomberg.

The founder of Twitter asked the developers to submit up to 10 photos of the most important lines of code from the past six months, as well as a bullet-point description of their coding accomplishments.

The letter came hours after Twitter evacuated its offices in response to Musk’s suggestion that they accept a “callous” work atmosphere. As per Musk, the workers had the choice of working a lot of overtime or losing their jobs.

At least 1,200 employees reportedly left their jobs, per the New York Times, raising questions about who should always seem to have access to company property.

Elon Musk To Employees: Do 'Extremely Hardcore' Work Or Leave Twitter

Musk, the wealthiest man, has come under fire for making big changes to the online social company he purchased late last month for $44 billion. His attempts to reorganize Twitter have been beset by confusion and setbacks, in addition to sacking 50% of the company’s 7,500 employees, removing a task policy, and imposing excessive hours. The letter came hours after Twitter evacuated its offices in response to Musk’s suggestion that they accept a “callous” work atmosphere. As per Musk, the workers had the choice of working a lot of overtime or losing their jobs.

According to Bloomberg, only those who are medically unable to go to the Bay Area or have familial crises will be spared from attending. Elon Musk asked the developers to submit up to 10 pictures of the most crucial lines of code and a bulleted list of outstanding coding accomplishments from the previous six months. Musk claims that the quick trips will aid his “understanding of the Twitter technology stack.”

The letter came hours after Musk’s threat to create a “challenging” workplace prompted a mass evacuation at Twitter and forced the closure of its facilities. According to Musk, the staff could work extraordinarily long hours or be fired.

Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover: Microblogging platform starts sacking employees in India - BusinessToday

In addition to letting go of a work-from-home policy, enforcing excessive hours, and firing half of the firm’s 7,500 employees, his efforts to restructure Instagram have been beset by ambiguity and failure.

Regarding SOS

According to Bloomberg, Musk said that those who physically cannot go to the east bay or have any family crises would be exempted from attending. He also asked the software workers to fly to San Francisco. The technicians were then instructed to send a bulleted list of their achievements from the previous six months. The company’s work climate is being changed by Elon Musk, who is making it extremely difficult.

Twitter employees head for the exits after Elon Musk's 'extremely hardcore' work ultimatum | Business |

He recently published a regulation stating that Twitter employees were not allowed to work remotely and were required to visit the office to accomplish their duties physically. Half of the company’s employees have already been let go, and many more have gone due to Musk’s management style. “Anyone eligible for office ought to run.

However, remaining at home is acceptable if it is logistically impossible or they have urgent personal concerns, he wrote on November 13.

Musk also addressed the passage in which it was implied that the Twitter founder himself had approved WFH. Musk said that the other businesses he controls, Tesla and SpaceX, had similar rules: “Working remotely is likewise allowed if their manager facts relating for quality.”

Elon Musk Can't Tweet His Way Out Of This - Tech Industry

Before the deadline on Thursday, two Twitter employees informed CNN that they intended to reject the deadline due to the toxic work environment the billionaire, in their opinion, has created. The email from Musk “felt like a kick in the stomach so that no matter what you felt about deciding to remain or desiring to go, you were compelled to decide and feel like you’re up against the binary cycle to make the correct choice for you and your family,” another Twitter worker told CNN on Wednesday, adding that they were still debating the issue.

“Those decisions are little more than 24 hours,” the individual continued.

On Wednesday, Musk addressed the workforce, stating that his objective is to create “Twitter 2.0” and that those who choose to remain will be expected to put in “long hours at high intensity,” presumably agreeing to Musk’s demand that Twitter staff members, who have been primarily working remotely, return to the office.

One employee reported that as of midday on Thursday, it was still unclear whose remote-work exemptions would be given if employees decided to stay.

Twitter-Musk News Timeline: Musk Summons Engineers as Worries of Twitter Crash Grows - CNET

According to the text of the email acquired by CNN from the Twitter contractor who requested anonymity, Musk sent an email to staff later on Thursday in an apparent effort to clarify his stance on remote work. This was amid management’s apparent scramble to prevent losing too many employees due to the request.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, any supervisor who fraudulently asserts that someone reports to them is doing outstanding work or that a specific function is critical, whether distant or not, will be fired from the firm, Musk wrote in a follow-up email 20 minutes later.

After firing over 3,700 employees, or about half of Twitter’s workforce, earlier this month, including many contract workers, Musk decided to offer an ultimatum. Additionally, he disbanded the board members and ousted the company’s top executives. Further, Musk recently let go of some workers who had criticized him on Twitter or company Slack forums.

I don't want to be CEO of Twitter or any company: Elon Musk

One of the staff members who intended to refuse the summons remarked, but wished to remain unnamed so as not to jeopardize the severance package, “I don’t want to stick around just to produce a product that’s being polluted from inside out.”

Everybody has a price to some extent, and despite the economy, this severance allows me some peace of mind to look for a healthy place shortly. According to one employee, management is “scrambling” to persuade talent to stay since they appear concerned with the number of employees preparing to leave. A request for information from Twitter, which cut most of its public affairs team, was not immediately answered.

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