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Google Has Finally Unveiled its Latest Line-up of Pixel Smartphones. Google will be Launched its Pixel 4A in India Soon! Here all You need to know about Specification of Google Pixel 4a!

On Monday, Tech giant Google announced it will launch its most advanced Pixel 4a smartphone in the Indian market in October this year.

Google proclaimed its latest line of Pixel smartphones – including the Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 5. Of all the three phones, Google has stated that only the Pixel 4a will be launched in India but it will not vaunt and boost 5G connectivity. Essentially Google is repeating its 2019 strategy, in which it did not decide to launch its flagship product Pixel 4 in India but relying on the cheaper Pixel 3a for the Indian market.

The Pixel 4a phone has a 5.81-inch full HD OLED display, but its edge-to-edge features and quality make it compact and snugger than Pixel phones previously introduced in India. Google professes to have a very high-quality panel that holds a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 16.1-bit colors, and HDR content supporter.

Google Pixel 4a

In terms of computing power and skills, Pixel 4a phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730.1G chipsets which can be seen on mid-range and higher mid-range phones such as Vivo X50 and Poco X2. It also has 128GB of UFS 2.10 storage and 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM. It’s also a 3,140mAh battery, which is incredible, but Google relies on its software optimization to provide all-day battery longevity. It also supports 18.1-watt high-speed charging.

For many years, the foremost calling card for google Pixel phones has been Google’s computing camera technology. On Pixel 3a phone, Google can offer sublime Pixel 3 cameras in phones with mediocre hardware at a lower price.

The formula for Pixel 4a is roughly the same. It has a 12.20-megapixel unique camera system linked with optical image stabilization. By 2020 standards, this may sound a bit old or archaic, but the Pixel 4 was one of the best camera phones in 2019, and Google is expected to achieve the same performance.

The only thing that Pixel 4a phone drops are the telephoto lenses that capture portrait photos and optical zoom. On this phone, Google is forming or piggybacking on its operating software to make the job done to the best of its ability. Zoom is accomplished through its super-high zoom technology while portraiture shots are performed computationally by using a dual autofocus system.

For selfies, there is also an 8-megapixels camera on the front that has a fairly attractive wide-field view with 84-degrees. Google also equipped these phones with Titan M chips, which doubled the security.

Pixel 4a has been rumored for a long time and leaked on the Internet for several months. It was supposed to launch around April, but Google executives claimed that they had to readjust the launch plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Google hasn’t unveiled the details of the Pixel 4a 5G phone but announced that it will launch later this year. On Pixel 5, Google strives to get the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and iPhone 12 series, which will be announced later in the week.

Pixel 3a phone is launched by google in India with a starting price of Rs 39,990 while the US price of this google phone is $399

Considering that the Pixel 4a starts at $349.3, it can be expected that the price of the Pixel 4a phone in India will be lower. That being announced, due to the launch of smartphones such as OnePlus Nord, whose hardware is somewhat better, but the price is cheaper, and Apple‘s new iPhone SE is also priced at around Rs 42,990, so in emerging markets such as Indian markets, smartphones will face more fierce competition everywhere.

Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 will be available only in the United Kingdom, Ireland, US, Canada, France, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, and Japan with prices starting at USD 499.

We strongly committed to our modern google Pixel phones and look forward to producing future Pixel devices to several countries, the company added.



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