Guide to Guest Posting Your Content with Proper Strategy

Guest posting is the prime or the most crucial way to raise traffic to your site and the business that you are conducting. Guest posting on a particular niche helps to build a reliable brand name and recognition from everywhere. A lot of marketers choose to guest posting because it is easy to get through, and at the same time, it can help them to build their brand name from scratch.

  • Guest posting devotes around 47% of your SEO so that your site can be ranked, and your brand name is reached out to the ordinary public.

However, there are times when bloggers find it hard to submit a proper guest post on a particular niche that they have preferred to write on. And most of the time, the type of blogs that they get will get rejected by the host blogger. With the help of this article, you will understand the types of guest posting ideas that can get accepted instantly after you post them onto the guest posting sites.

Type of guest posts which gets accepted instantly

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Here are some of the various types of guest posts which will get taken the minute immediately after you post them.

Blogs related to arts

Art blogs will instantly accept your guest post because they are creative in nature, and a lot of hosting websites out there are always looking for original guest posters. Art blogs like articles related to crafts and style can get a lot of recognition on their hosting. You can write a brief description of the topic that you are supposed to cover. After you have written, make sure to incorporate the name of your business in such a way that you are not doing any brand promotion. You should ask the hosting site for the other details.

Small blogs related to business

This is the original form of the guest post, which gets accepted immediately. This is because, with the advent of the digital world, everyone is looking for clients from all around. This is why host bloggers will instantly accept your guest post if you write articles that are based on the small business niches. You can build your blog with the incorporated keywords so that you can draw in a mass number of traffic towards it. Plus, you can even link your site’s name in between within normal relevancy.

Photography based guest posting

If you are writing a guest posting for a photography based blog, then it is undoubtedly to get accepted instantly. Photography is a mainstream line for the media, and on average, around 60% of the people are drawn towards the blogs which are dedicated to this said line. If you run a photography business, then you need clients from all around. You can guest post on different hosting sites and choose to build your brand name for the company that you are running. Photography blogs are always intended to include a lot of high traffic so that it can be good enough for your business/.

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Finance related guest posting

Articles that are related to finance like credit cards, savings, loans, and other assessments are quick to get accepted as guest posting. Finance related articles are always ranked higher in Search Engine optimization because they contain a lot of research work. Plus these type of articles is meant for the mainstream audience as well. Use your knowledge and pick the trendiest of the finance-related topic, which is happening now in the market. If you write something related to housing loans or personal loans, then they will get accepted immediately by the hosting site.

Travel related guest posting

Traveling counts about 78% of the tight Indian reign, and this is why traveling blogs are always so in demand. If you write a guest post related to traveling, then don’t worry about the acceptance because they will get accepted immediately after you post them on the intended site. Plus, if you run a travel company, then it will become essential for you to guest post to increase your brand name and business reputation. Around the whole of the internet, there are more than 30+ of the travel-related sites which accept guest posting from other bloggers.

Gaming guest posting

Gaming blogs have the recognition too, and as the times are changing, the mind-set of the people is also changing. If you want to play a game, then the first thing you will do is get the information about the game from the internet. So if you are guest posting on the gaming niche, then they are bound to be accepted by the hosting site. Gaming is becoming a prime source in our lives, and for the millennial, they are some a trend that will eventually last longer. You can even write short descriptions about sure Android and IOS games that you please and guest post onto a site. So that your website can get the recognition or you as an author.

Health blogs for guest posting

Coming to the last type of guest posts that get accepted immediately, health blogs are generally as relevant as the other ones which are started on to this list. According to a recent survey it has been conducted by saying that around 45% of the people are always looking for health-related blogs on the internet so that they can get a preview and overview of whatever is happening in their lives. Health-related blogs are essential, and they can even help you to shape your writing skills. Since most of these blogs are written on technical tones, you can practice for the better so that you can become a professional blogger.

Guest posting in a new way

Guest posting in a new approach will help you to define your career as a professional blogger. Guest posters can earn a lot if they are practically following these niches mentioned above as their posts. We all know that guest posting is not that easy, but once you get the idea, you can try out the essential feature all by yourself. Becoming a pro in blogging is not a problem. You have to properly form your sentences and make sure that your guest post stands out better from the others. If you have a better and a well-formatted article, then the host blogger will put your blog to their site. The more indicative you are towards your blogger, the better results you will yield for your future as a professional. So it is advised to perfectly go for the best and take your pace slowly so that you can build your brand name in an integrated way. 

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When you are talking about SEO, then you might also be talking about strong SEO because SEO always requires good content to rank. The guest posting comes with a lot of intent for you, and especially it can help you to list your SEO as well. And there are some excellent ways to extend your content’s reach with the help of SEO by contributing to the high-end sites. 

What is the means of SEO by guest posting?

3 ways guest posting can help grow your online audience

Guest posting sites in the outside of which is presented online will help you to expand your horizon and stretch it far. It is a way that can help you to engage with your audience and the ones which are readily interested in your brand. So if you want to post somewhere or in other sites, then it can seamlessly increase the score of your SEO and in a proper way as well.

How can guest posting help you to increase your SEO?

6 must-know strategies for mastering guest posting

Here are some ways through which guest posting can work for your SEO.

The idea is to network better

Helps with the domain authority and even the research options are better here. If you are an expert in this market, then you have to know one thing. There are some sites where you are posting your blogs, but if your pitch or even your submission is irrelevant, then it won’t matter. It entirely depends on the idea of your presentation and where you are pitting it up. You cannot submit a cooking recipe in a beauty products related site. SEO with guest posting only works when your article is relevant, and at the same time, you have the right tags to the name as well. If your essay does not match the details of the site, then your item will rank down.

Help the audience to know better and too smart learning

The guidelines which are provided for the guest posts and even the backlinks will work for you. The link metrics which are shown with the help of the sites where the topics are taken in helps your article to rank into the top ones. There are follow and even no-follow format even with the internal as well as the external backlinks. The following links which you present in your articles or the guest posting blogs add more juice, and this way, the readers, will get more info on the same matter.

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Guest posting even has the on-page SEO optimization. There are two types of SEO that work here, the on and the off-page. Guest posting is very different from writing the primary kind of content. Here are some of the examples.

  • There are title tags that are included in your guest posts. The main thing for SEO is the title tag here. If you have an optimized title tag with the optimized length and character, then it will work for you.
  • Now use the headings. There are H1, H2 headings used for the SEO part. If you want your post to rank among the best, then the headings will work for you in all intent.
  • Content on the page is the third thing for the optimization of SEO. If you have content on your page, then it will work for you in every single way since the content is the primary key here.

What are the natural benefits of guest posting?

how to use guest posting to effectively boost your seo

Guest posting helps you to naturally build your SEO ranking. Since guest posting is relatable for a lot of sites and management, it is the main thing which can give you a decent amount of brand exposure. In the world of SEO, there is a lot of power that is given over for content.

By getting the public or the readers to enjoy the leading online platform which trusts and engages with them, you are building the right name for your brand. It is a type of marketing that can help you to yield a lot of results. These are the link building sites for you that can channel your brand and take it to the next level. It is far more effective because it creates an optimized content for you to check out.

How effective is this?

free guest posting sites list 2019 - guest blogging sites for high traffic..

Guest posting into sites which has the domain authority can be a fantastic thing for you. This is because these sites work for you since they already have a core audience. Especially if you are implementing the idea of SEO here, then you are inducing your audience as well the pre-existing list that you had.

Guest posting serves the best for your SEO since it helps you to work for the best with the keywords included inside them along with the backlinks, the Meta tags, and even the Meta titles. SEO is the critical factor that can help you to rank into the internet market so always give priority to it.

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