How the deaf community is preserving Auslan language?

Many people in the deaf community have been asked one thing and that is, ‘From where did the sign language come from?’ Auslan teachers have said that this is an often question from their students. Unmasking the origin of the Auslan language with the signs and interpretations, the deaf community have used this for a long time now.

So, how did this happen? The deaf people were always asked to create home signs systems which could help them to communicate with their hearing family. Coming back, the Auslan language have originated from the Australian Deaf community. It is like a language in forms of Chinese, English, French, except in forms of speaking, those are interpreted as hand-symbols.

Is Auslan its own language?

Yes, Auslan can be said that it has its own language and interpretations. Some people have garnered the fact that auslan is not a real language. It has been taught with the help of video remote interpreting and many other facilities to a community varied from different corners of the world.

Auslan has its own grammar, vocabulary and signs with probably meanings which makes it its own language and a real one. So, Auslan is the same with its own interpreted rules.

Is this sign language universal?

No, Auslan is only limited and unique to Australia. There is no focus on American Sign Language, British sign Language, Chinese Sign Language or etc. Like many other dialects we speak from one corner of the world to the other, sign language differs to the same. Auslan is used in Australia and is a dialect for the deaf community based there. Based onto the culture, influence, richness of the tradition that the land depicts, the sign languages are determined of that place accordingly.

How has the deaf community preserved the use of Auslan?

Deaf people have used this sign language and been still using it in Britain for many centuries now. One of the earliest book which was written on the deaf’s sign language interpreted the use of Auslan.

While you are in Australia, this sign language can be used to overcome the language barrier within the deaf community. it is a good school to have since you never know when you end up needing one. What is more than you can be completely bilingual. With the knowledge of the BSL and even the Auslan Sign Language, you will have a way to master and socialise better with people.

According to the recent cultural embodiments, it has been said that Auslan is for everybody. Auslan could be accepted as a second language for hearing children which can potentially help to create a surge of opportunities.

It is important for everyone belonging to the deaf community to strengthen their knowledge on these matters. Most schools for the specially disabled children are mandating the study of the Auslan Sign Language as a proper way for children to learn better and have smarter sense.


Auslan is used by thousands of people in Australia alone.

With the deaf community bringing this language to recognition, it will sooner be a mandatory sign language to be taught at schools. Auslan is already deeply rooted in the Australian deaf community. With many teachers playing the role of interpreters, it has become easier for students to learn these languages at their own pace.

The best way to learn something is to mix with people who already have the knowledge. This is why most teachers are encouraging their young participants to use the interpretation of the Auslan language which can help them to be better and stay one step ahead of their course.

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