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Is It Worth Upgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 11?

Is It Worth Upgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 11?

In terms of design, Windows 11 has significantly changed from Windows 10. While the two operating systems differ on the outside, they are very similar on the inside. Here, we compare Windows 11 and 10 so you can decide: Is it worth upgrading? This comparison will help you decide if Windows 11 is worth updating. To help you decide about upgrading to Windows 11, let’s compare Windows 11 with Windows 10. Our full Windows 11 review will go into more detail.

Upgrading To Windows 11

All that stands in the way are the system requirements for Windows 11. To use TPM 2.0, you’ll need an Intel or AMD processor and support for TPM 2.0. Reviewers have been relatively positive about Windows 11, including ours, so we recommend trying it out. After updating, you have ten days to downgrade to Windows 10.

Is It Worth Upgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 11?

If you want to downgrade, you must perform a clean install (erase all your data). Some Windows 10 features are removed in Windows 11. In addition to removing the Math Input panel and the sync of wallpaper, you can no longer sync your desktop wallpaper. You can check out Microsoft’s complete list if you’re worried.


Performance-minded users will love Windows 11. During a YouTube video, Microsoft discussed Windows 11’s performance optimizations and benefits. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 uses memory management to prioritize the app windows running in the screen’s foreground.

Sleeping tabs are claimed to save 32% in memory and 37% in CPU usage. Since its launch, Microsoft has also improved its performance. Solid-state drives (SSDs) were boosted in February by an update for Windows 11. Updating to Windows 11 will make your PC more responsive, with apps loading faster and waking from sleep easier. There is just a slight speed difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11.


It’s not a common issue; Windows 10 has also had it for some time, but it’s still noteworthy. Windows 11 has a great way to track bugs, but we just covered a few issues. In the Feedback Hub, Windows users can report new bugs. All of the Windows 11 bugs that aren’t possible to cover in one post can be viewed by sorting by New or Top. You can find Windows 11 feedback in the app on your Windows 10 PC if you’re interested in seeing what’s happening there.

Start Menu And Taskbar

Windows 11 and Windows 10 differ greatly in their Start Menus and taskbars. Microsoft centred the Taskbar and Start Menu on Windows 11. The bottom of the screen shows your most frequented documents, followed by a static list of apps. Windows 11 doesn’t support Live Tiles, something that might sound familiar.

Is It Worth Upgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 11?

Windows 10 provides the best start menu for viewing information at a glance. The timeline has even been removed from Windows. It has been replaced by the sync capability available in Microsoft Edge in Windows 11. Virtual Desktops replace Windows Timeline.


Gaming enthusiasts will love Windows 11. Windowed gaming has been optimized with recent Windows 11 features such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage. DirectStorage, for instance, is also available on Windows 10. Windows 11 is better for gamers now that Microsoft has addressed some performance bugs since gaming is a big focus. There’s no doubt that Windows 11 is proving popular among PC gamers.

Multitasking And External Monitor Support

Microsoft is not backporting its multitasking improvements to Windows 10. Windows 11 provides the latest productivity enhancements. The Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11 helps you organize and save your windows on the Taskbar to enhance multitasking and system performance.

As Snap Layouts have evolved since launch, Microsoft has added even more functionality. External monitors are also mentioned. If you disconnect from a monitor and then plug it back in, Windows 1Is It Worth Upgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 11?1 will remember the state of your windows on your external monitor. A major problem with Windows 10 has finally been addressed in Windows 11.

Tablet Mode

As an alternative to a full-screen Start Menu, Windows 10 has a tablet mode. The feature has been removed from Windows 11. As you switch to a tablet, Windows 11 behaves like an iPad. Whenever you touch the windows, it responds. The Windows Ink Workspace also has new options, such as gestures for opening and closing windows. For many, Windows 10’s tablet mode was confusing.

The Microsoft Store

The Amazon Appstore is supported in Windows 11’s app store. The Windows Subsystem for Android isn’t included in Windows 10 because it depends on Windows 11. Downloading Windows apps is still possible on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. UWP applications and Progressive Web Apps are included.

Support And Update Cycle

Windows 11 has a single annual update instead of a semi-annual update cadence. macOS does the same thing. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will be supported through 2025 and will receive updates yearly. November 2022 is the scheduled release date for the next update.

Is It Worth Upgrading From Windows 10 To Windows 11?

To experience the latest and greatest version of Windows, you must install Windows 11. You might also want to update to Windows 11 if you want the most secure version of Windows. Microsoft has discussed how Windows 11 is safe due to TPM 2.0 requirements and Secure Boot.

Is Windows 11 Worth It?

The majority of people will find Windows 11 worthwhile. New features, improvements to performance, and design changes are all included. Windows 10 is usually more popular because it’s the latest OS in the Windows line. Upgrades to Windows 11 aren’t too risky either. With some planning, the uninstallation of Windows 11 can be made as easy as possible. Our complete, in-depth Windows 11 review can help you decide if this is the right platform for you.

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