Lacking Motivation For Work from Home? Don’t Worry Since We Have Got You Covered

Let’s just say, you are a procrastinator, and being on the internet with this kind of attitude has gained you some tremendous popularity. However, can a person stay the same for the rest of his/her life? If this question ever bothers you, then believe it or not, but you do want a change. 

Dealing with stress, anxiety, and laziness all at the same time can be very tiring and might lead to tension plummeting. However, to put yourself out in the field and face the extreme, certain steps are to be taken accordingly. To provide a full-fledged guide to life-changers, this article serves as a complete motivation package. Some techniques inculcate a smarter mental approach while some involve physical vigor.

Here are 5 surprising tips to increase motivation immediately:-

1) Concentrate on a few:

Considering human anatomy, many a time, a human body fails to decide what is important and what is not. While facing this problem, a human mind skips the golden rule of focusing upon one thing at a time. We start catering to so many things at once that ultimately a halt becomes necessary. How to tackle this? Well, start listing the important tasks on the bucket list and set the top priorities. This will help a person not only in organizing, but will also focus on the subjects that require the topmost attention. 

When a person starts focusing on one thing at a time, the thoughts like, ‘hey I can do this’ will start originating deep down. As a result, an individual would not even notice, but day after day, he/she will experience progress. What happens next?

Well, the bucket list is all ticked right and now, this calls for a celebration. So do not forget to cheer up!

2) Confidence has a class:

You did what you always wanted to do and now its time to ease up a bit. However, would all this be worth it if an achiever like you left it midway? Relaxing is important but holding things off isn’t. People always praise the positive qualities that are attained after struggling and are not natural. Never fail to show people what you have become. Strike a pose that cheers up the new you! Instead of overthinking in a particularly hard situation, try making yourself confident. 

The body language is the physical image perceived by the people looking at a person. Therefore, attain a posture that strikes as high-level confidence instead of a weaker state. This would not only increase an individual’s testosterone but would also help in reducing stress and anxiety. Remember, to enter a room with such confidence that your whole presence demands attention instead of craving for it. This might seem a bit weird to the people surrounding, but what good comes while comforting others at someone’s cost?

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3) Maintain the Physical Self:

While it becomes superlative to focus on the mental state, an individual should never miss out on his/her personality. Whenever, a person gets stuck in a particular situation or a set of situations that demand outcomes, the best solution is to exercise. Go out in the field, sweat the body, let the blood heat up, and focus on heartbeats. This will activate the brain in no time. A person would not only feel the energy inside but would be rich with several solutions in hand. 

This will seem like a tricky business to deal with. But for the laziness-filled-cylinders, this can become their enriching way towards success.

4) Dopamine matters!

During the time of stress and anxiety, try eating chocolate, or some preferred confectionaries. Body Science has shown verified results in the past on the existence of chocolate. Eating chocolate is not only pocket-friendly but also shows a positive change when comes to contact with the brain. It is a storehouse for both serotonin and phenylethylamine, which releases calmness and stimulation within the body.

It releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter, that formulates good feelings in the body. It usually happens when we have something we crave for. This can be one of the best ways to gain instant motivation. According to various scientific studies, dopamine is also known for antidepressant effects. Mainly, this occurs because the brain reacts to neurons by spreading cherishable feelings.

5) Throw away the Negative You:

According to one of the best motivational leader, Tony Robbins, the worst enemy between an individual and his success is his story. This story assumes the role of a comforting partner and never lets a person move. This way not only a person hinders his progress but also fails to realize his/her mental dormant state. The best way to overcome this challenge is to journalize daily. By using this technique, it would become easier to track all the tasks undertaken. At the same time, put out all the bothering elements on a piece of paper. 

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This will keep a person’s mind clear of all notions. As a result, the human mind will always be ready to take on a fresh start now and then. This would detach a person from past failures and would result in presenting a wholesome picture of the future. It might seem like a task full of boredom, but it entails prestigious results. Keep reiterating to oneself about the importance of one’s life and how it could prosper thereafter. 

From time to time, try changing the domestic surrounding, this will keep the mind active and blooming. According to psychological studies, it is said watching some greenery in the times of stress can change the whole mood. This could be the best technique to face the negative you and hit him hard in the face. 


The above mentioned can be the best techniques a person can use to gain motivation. However, the human mind is very complex and differs from one situation to another. These techniques might do wonders for one person, while the other would face tremendous difficulties.  Therefore, it is advised to know one’s nature and then function accordingly. Apart from these, try taking deep breaths, read good self-development books, do mirror exercises, etc. It should be noted that these techniques are directed towards gaining confidence, motivation, and inspiration. I hope they help your inner YOU to come out and face the REAL YOU.



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