Pushpa : 10 Most Important Lessons to be Learnt from the movie.  

10 Most Important Lessons to be Learnt from the movie Pushpa. 

The 2021 blockbuster, Pushpa has now become one of the most loved Indian Telugu film with a box office collection of more that 400 crores. While the action scenes and dialogues like “Jhukega nahin main!” are still being recalled widely, its songs became a trend not just in India but even in the foreign nations where the fans are doing the signature steps of Srivalli song on TikTok.  

Before diving into what this film has to offer, let’s first see it’s plot and backstory.  


The writer and director of the movie is Sukumar while it was produced by Mythri Movie Makers associated by Muttamsetty Media.  

The film depicts how a coolie rises from the rock bottom to a shining star by becoming the boss of a syndicate which manages smuggling of red sandalwood, a rare wood that grows only in the Sheshachalam Hills in Andhra Pradesh. Starring Allu Arjun as the  protagonist, Pushpa: The Rise is the first part of the two part movie. Other actors starring in the movie are Fahad Faasil in his debut role and Rashmika Mandana as the female protagonist, while Sunil, Rao Ramesh, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Ajay, Dhananjaya and Ajay Ghosh play supporting roles.  


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The movie is set in the 1930s in a village of Andhra Pradesh. Pushpa Raj, the protagonist is a coolie working as a daily wage worker for a group which smuggles red sanadlwood from the Seshachalam Hills of the Chittoor district. With his excellent conning tricks, he successfully manages to smuggle sanadalwood several times escaping the DSP Govindappa, and gains the trust of his employer Konda Reddy, and becomes his partner. 

Soon Konda Reddy entrusts Pushpa with the responsibility of taking care of 200 tonnes of red sandalwood which belongs to the merciless syndicate boss, Mangalam Srinu. Pushpa successfully carries out his responsibility and lifts his position in his group. However he soon develops rivalry with Mangalam Srinu and this results in the death of Konda Reddy as well Monglisee, Srinu’s brother-in-law.  

The nuisance is quitened by MLA Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu who appoints Pushpa as the new boss of the syndicate.  

While the audience, all pumped up with adrenalin sees Pushpa risen at the top, a climax with the entry of a new ‘villain’ in the form of a ruthless police officer Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat puts the audience back in anxiety.  

The latter seems to have put Pushpa under his thumb by thrashing his ego, but in the final scenes, Pushpa brutally disgraces the officer and becomes the audience’s hero again.  

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Srivalli doesn’t have much role in the movie except for putting down all the morals of feminism apart from being the hero’s love interest.  

Top 10 most important life lessons to be learnt from the movie Pushpa- 

Crime & Criminals grow under the safe-shade of the police and the government in India.  

The movie Pushpa was all about a Syndicate of red sandalwood smugglers and the run for the throne. Although the protagonist has been depicted as a hero, he actually was a criminal involved in illegal activities ranging from theft to murder. In all this, the police as well as the MLA was involved to  have a share for themselves profited from the smuggled woods.

The movie doesn’t fail to show the reality of the Indian administration. It’s impossible for criminals in our country to be able to stay or thrive without the aid of police as well as the MPs and MLAs. Policemen like Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat are a reality. If they want, they can aid any goon to reach the topmost category of the societal hierarchy. 


Corruption is now a part of our country and bribery is here to stay forever.  

Pushpa used several tactics to reach the top of the syndicate. But the most important one was, bribery. The movie shows in a very effective manner that the officials are hungry dogs and money is the juiciest bone. Pushpa got the favour of almost all the policemen and other officials by bribing them more than what the others had so far offered him.  

When he offered 1 crore rupees to  Bhanwar Singh, the latter seemed to be unlike the corrupt officials at first. But later it became clear that he too hungrily accepted the bribe.  

This is a sad reality. Greed is not the however the only reason why corruption exists.  The other one is, need. Government doesn’t pay enough to it’s employees. This too leads them to seek immoral paths to acquire wealth.  

Corruption has now gone so deeply into the roots of us Indians that even if someone tries to stay honest, he/she gets tormented by the rotten government system of India.


Encounters are mostly staged by the police across India.  

“Naam ki hai tera? “ says Bhanwar Singh to the guy who was too fat for the latter to able to sit comfortably, and then shoots him dead. On being asked by the media, he tells that the guy wasn’t even there. This whole episode right here is the main reason why common man doesn’t trust police.  

There was a case in Lucknow on 10 July 2020 where a history sheeter, Vikas Dubey, was being taken by the police in a Scorpio when all of a sudden the car tripped Vikas Dubey died. Many sources confirm that the whole thing was staged but there is no official proof.  

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These are two examples of staged encounters. One may say that it’s a good thing for the bad doers but the police mostly misuse it. The victim is mostly innocent. So again, the movie Pushpa blatantly shows the mercilessness of the torch bearers of justice.  


Media prefers covering senseless news because that’s where the money is.  

how allu arjun & rashmika mandanna starrer 'pushpa' features a problematic & misogynistic romantic track

The Indian Media is, no doubt, corrupt. But why is it so?  

The movie being a super duper hit is your answer. The movie is filled with senseless action scenes and vulgarity and has nothing to offer in the sense of morality or advocacy. Yet, the audience went mad each time Pushpa said, “Jhukega nahin main!” 

This is where the problem lies. When a media house produces something genuinely good and meaningful which might prove to be a gem for the society, the public barely likes it. Because good is garbage right?  

Also, the popularity of movies like Pushpa brings in money. Everyone wants to earn. Then why would media want to fall behind? 


Women are seen as mere sex objects in India.  

Pushpa had fallen in love with a girl named Srivalli. Although she showed no interest in him, he kept stalking her. Seeing Pushpa sad, his sidekick offers Srivalli money in exchange of kissing Pushpa. And the audience claps and the clappers are the same people who are currently clapping in bhajans for the auspicious Hindu festival of Navaratri.  

There was a goon named Jolly Reddy who was famous for raping any woman he wanted and that too everyday. Even the officials knew about it but they did nothing. In reality, this is not false in any way. In fact such people proudly claim themselves to be a play boy and are praised for it too. Women indeed have become a sex object in our country and no one has anything to do about it.  

the pushpa effect: goldmine telefilms head manish shah decodes the rise and success of dubbed south films-entertainment news , firstpost


Feminism is still an alien word in many parts of our country.  

  When Pushpa goes go Srivalli’s house to get engaged, his half brother tries to break the tie by declaring him to be an illegal child of his father. This incites a fight and Pushpa’s mother gets hit. Srivalli was a witness to all this but she does nothing about it. Later on, when Jolly Reddy threatens Srivalli to spend a night with him to save her father, Srivalli asks Pushpa to fight for her by challenging his masculinity. At that very moment, all the whole idea of feminism must have committed suicide. 

Feminism means equality for all. Using feminine instincts to entice men to take up risks is not just against feminism but against humanity too. 

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Criminals are mostly pets of the Ministers of Indian government itself.  

The movie shows that the MLA was respected by all the criminals in the movies. Infact, Pushpa was appointed as the boss of the syndicate by the MLA himself. Besides, when Bhanwar Singh arrives, he pressurizes Pushpa to accept his dominance. 

This is true for India. Even the biggest of the criminals are associated with the officials and without them, they would be nothing but a thief in the eyes of law.  

No one wonder why there are so many MPs and MLAs with a history of criminal offences!  


Vulgar item numbers like Oo Anatava are widely loved and no one cares that children are being exposed to nudity.  

Today is an era of trends. People, mostly youth are madly running after trends to gain popularity and the stupid public is feeding them with views, likes and followers, uplifting the nonsensical stuff. The item number Oo Antava to became a trend and went viral on Instagram, TikTok and other such apps. There is no age boundation for it’s viewers and the nudity and vulgarity in the song is being fed to shape-able minds. This can create a long term impact on them and give them false ideas of human anatomy.  


Children above 13 years of age are easily captivated by the obnoxious and ostentatious scenes.  

The film was certified as UA which means children above 13 years of age can watch this movie. It’s a question to be pondered over whether whose idea it was to  let young teens be exposed to bloodshed, crime, nudity and sex scenes. Banning porn is not going to work good if the Indian film industry keeps serving such content for the teenagers of our country.  

Yes, the children loved the movie and they played a major role in increasing its TRP by enacting it’s famous dialogues like “Pushpa naam sunke flower samjhe kya… fire hai main!”. But how can anyone justify allowing kids to have false ideas like objectifying women or thinking that stalking women is heroic for mere promotion of the movie?  


Rape and harassment of women has been taken for granted  by the not just the media houses but the Indian public too.  

Everyone, including the police officials knew about Jolly Reddy being a nymphomaniac and a rapist. But no one did anything about. Infact even Pushpa remained silent until Srivalli agreed to marry him.  

This is a heart-breaking reality of the Indian society. Rape has become an everyday matter in our country. No one does anything about it unless it’s for their own daughter, sister, mother etc.  

Rapes in India won’t stop unless we all stop being selfish and start acting was responsible citizens that we ought to.

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