10 Most Important Questions Every Nationalist Should ask The Ruling Party Of India. 

10 Most Important Questions Every Nationalist Should ask The Ruling Party Of India. 

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has been the ruling party in India for eight years now. With its emergence in 2014 as the only party getting record-breaking votes, there was Modi Fever all across India. The party and its propaganda were hyped to such an extent that it seemed like there were going to be some revolutionary developments in the country. Even the most backward areas were echoing in praise of Modi and still are while, ironically, they don’t have any idea why he matters. 

Among all of his achievements, the biggest one was Andha Bhakts (blind believers) of the BJP. Let us look at why such people are the termites of our society. 

  1. During the pandemic, the prime minister declared after the first wave that India successfully fought the virus, and it is now over. A few days later, the second wave badly hit the country, and it does not need to be mentioned here what effect it had on the citizens. Modi did not order the vaccines on time, and at the peak of the second wave, there was a shortage of vaccines, hospital beds and oxygen cylinders. 

Several people died owing to the careless management of the government. The victims’ families were promised financial aid, but most of them are still waiting for it to be availed. 

Instead of raising a helping hand, the ruling party focused on filling its lockers with money sucked from the pockets of the common person by drastically increasing commodity prices. 

bjp rushes with candidate selection for ahmedabad-east

2. Even though our country is the Democratic Republic, it hides most of the data that should be available to every citizen of the country. The worst part is that it does not only hide the data. It tampers with the tally documents and misrepresents its performance in front of the media. 


3. How can anyone forget the mass protest by the country’s farmers and the death of seven hundred farmers due to the delayed and careless actions by the government. 


On 3 October 2021, an SUV owned by BJP MLA Ajay Mishra ran over a peaceful protest by the farmers opposing the farm bill. Instead of taking strict actions against this incident, the party tried to suppress it and fully protected the MLA and his son, who was behind the wheels. 


4. In the starting phase of the pandemic, Narendra Modi appeared in the media and asked the citizens to clap in praise of the COVID warriors. After this nonsensical act, news came that the doctors and the medical students were brutally beaten while protesting against the NEET UGC result. 


5. Narendra Modi recently claimed that about 1.5 crore jobs are created every year in India. This is a straightforward lie as India is facing the highest rate of unemployment. For instance, there were sixty-three thousand vacancies in Group D of railway and eighty-two lakh people had applied for it where most of them had P.Hd.


6. In a country where the right to speech is fundamental, people raising their voices against political actions, are being suppressed and thrashed. The CM of Uttar Pradesh even made a comment that if anyone questions his actions they would have to face the consequences. This raises a question. Are we moving towards dictatorship? 


7. Several schemes have been passed by the government for the welfare of women and children. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Ujjwala, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, etc. These did prove to be a boon for the women and children in many reasons, but soon, these schemes started failing. For instance, in the Ujjwala scheme, the gas cylinders provided to poor women soon emptied and they did not have the resources or money to get them refilled. 

Besides, no efficient work has been done towards the safety of women and children. Rape cases are still high across the country. The culprits quickly get away with their crimes. Infact, there are many rapists and criminals on the list of MLAs in the ruling party. 


8. Jammu and Kashmir continue to boil ever since the abridgement of article 370. China is still taking over the lands of our country while the Chowkidar continues to sleep. 


9. The government has been privatising most of the public assets, siphoning the pockets of the common person by increasing the price of fuel, breaking a record of 90 years. Yet the GDP has constantly been falling, and the NPA is rising. India ranked 116 on the Global Hunger Index. 

pegasus updated guide: how it infects phones, what it does, how to detect and get rid of it - technology news

10. When the citizens need a way out of inflation, the COVID crisis and political riots, the government has been snooping into our personal information through Pegasus. 


Coming back to why BJP supporters stay blind towards all this. These so-called Nationalists should ask the following ten questions from the ruling party. 

Ten questions every authentic Indian should ask the ruling party of India

  1. Despite the lowest crude oil prices in the international market, why do the petrol and diesel prices in India keep increasing? 

Currently, the price of crude oil per barrel is ₹7798. Each barrel has approximately 7799 litres of crude oil. If we do the math, 


So each litre should cost nearly ₹50 to the government. 

The petrol price in Uttar Pradesh today is ₹106 per litre. 

How can the  government even expect the middle and the lower class people to pay such high prices for such an essential commodity as petrol? 

2. Despite the increasing petrol and diesel prices, lowering interest rates in banks, fixed deposits, import duties, the GST, why has the Indian loan increased? 

Currently, the interest rate in India is twelve per cent. It is a result of poor financial management by the finance minister and the slow performance of the rupee against the dollar. Due to the carelessness of our leader, all of the citizens of our country have been enduring high inflation. Instead of giving aid to the poor class, the government has been increasing the price of all the assets drastically. Where is all the money sucked up by the government going? 

3. 10 things the ruling party has done in the last eight years, which has increased the standard of living, family income of Indians. 

The Bhartiya Janta Party has finished its tenure of eight years now. Narendra Modi keeps claiming how the standard of living of the citizens has improved. According to a survey, 41.6% of the population of the country, which is approximately 540 million, has been pushed down to below the poverty line. The basic needs such as food, water and shelter cost ₹15000-₹20000. It is a point to ponder how the Best leader of India can make such false claims. 

4. Despite a setback due to COVID in the entire country, where more than 40% of people have shifted from middle to lower middle class, what business strategies are being used by Adani and Ambani that they have gathered almost ten times the wealth compared to their treasury eight years before? 

BJP always excites and highly advertises its schemes. But there is one scheme that is never brought up in public. It is “4 saal mein paise double yojana”. From 2014 to 2019, the net worth of Mukesh Ambani doubled from $23 million to $55 million. 

When Mukesh Ambani launched Jio in 2016, PM Narendra Modi appeared in the advertisements wearing clothes which were the colour of the Jio logo. 

Even the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India helped Jio grow drastically by putting fines and sanctions on the rest of the telecom services. The chairman of TRAI, RS Sharma, got reappointed for another two years. What should this be called if corruption is not a modest word? 

5. Where are those 100 smart cities??

On 25 June 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a mission to create 100 smart cities in the country. Seven years later, the Smart cities are nowhere to be seen. 

The Indian Cabinet had approved a sum of ₹98,000 crores (US$13 billion) for the development of smart cities. However, only 1,119 of the 1,794 projects have been completed in the first phase and only ₹18,408 crore has been spent of the total budget. 

protesting farmers stop bjp supporters from heading to pm modi's ferozepur rally | cities news,the indian express

6. Where are those two crore jobs? 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared that there would be two crore jobs every year. It has been six years since the declaration so there should have been twelve crore jobs by now. The truth is, the unemployment rate in India is the highest in thirty years, peaking up at 7.11%. It ranks twenty in the list of highest unemployment rate countries. Even the poor neighbours Sri Lanka and Pakistan are doing better than India in the case of the unemployment rate. 

7. Why is it that every time the ruling party loses an election in any state, the riots happen? 

Everyone is aware that every time BJP loses elections, communal violence and riots are initiated. Be it the Amravati riot, Bengal riot, Maharashtra riot or Karnataka riot. BJP has always tried to instigate the citizens in the name of religion. Initiating riots proves advantageous because it makes a feeling of hatred among the citizens towards the winning party. It is such dirty politics that might one day create civil war in the name of communism in our country. In fact, between 2009 to 2018, two hundred ninety-eight people have been victims of communal violence. 

8. Despite the record collection, why are income tax and GST so high in India? 

The government collects income tax and GST to cover the expenses of infrastructure development, give a free supply of income to the poor class and carry out other such operations in the favour of its citizens. However, despite the record collection this year, the government still imposed high income tax rates and GST on the citizens. This has worsened the already bad case of inflation in our country. People belonging to the upper-middle class have been pushed down to the lower middle class. There is no trace of development as had been promised by the Modi Government. Poor people are only getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer. 

9. Why was the PM care fund not put under RTI despite its registration address as PMO and its trustees as Home Minister and Finance Minister? 

Even though the PM cares fund is addressed to PMO and is, therefore, a public authority, there is a loophole. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that since it is a fund, it does not come under the definition of documents that can be availed of through RTI. This is a tactic to keep the citizens from knowing what is happening to the money that they pay as taxes and GST. 

10. Why had the government been snooping into the personal information of the citizens through Pegasus? 

Pegasus is spyware developed by Israeli NSO which can be used to spy on iOS as well as Android devices. According to a report by the New York Times, PM Modi had purchased a subscription of Pegasus for three hundred crores, which was the tax money collected by the citizens of India. Although the Indian Supreme Court ordered an inquiry into the spyware scam, there hasn’t so far been any ruling on it. The government is corrupt enough to get away with any crime. 

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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