Coronavirus Lockdown: What Would Have Been The Condition Of The Country If There Was Absolutely No Lockdown In India?

Coronavirus, the virus which originated from China has now its grip over more than 200 countries in the world. The virus was first identified in Wuhan, in China and now this has become a global pandemic and worldwide lockdown. The number of coronavirus cases has reached 2,088,636 and the death toll all over the world, because of this life-threatening virus has reached 134,754. Every country affected by COVID-19 is finding solutions to fight the coronavirus, as this virus is not only killing the people worldwide but also it is killing the economy of the world. 

India is one of the countries which is drastically affected by this virus, the first case in India was found in 30th January 2020, and gradually the positive confirmed cases in the country in march was over 500. As said before every country is trying to find a cure for the COVID-19, but till now, no such cure or vaccine has been discovered. Social distancing and cleanliness is the only method by which this infection can be prevented from spreading.

What was the lockdown situation in India after the first case was found?

The very first positive case of coronavirus was discovered around 30th January in Kerala, and after that also the behaviour of government and citizens towards the spread of the virus was very careless and ignorant. Even after noting the conditions in China and Italy that how badly this virus has affected the health and the system of the country, the Indian government and people did not take it seriously. There were hardly any safety measures or instructions given to the public. 

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When was the first lockdown announced in the country?

coronavirus outbreak: not china, not italy – india's lockdown is the most drastic in the world

After the rise in the number of coronavirus cases in India in mid-march, when finally the government and the people realised that this virus has to be taken seriously and it is very necessary to prevent its spread. On the 24th of March, the government of India announced the first lockdown when the confirmed cases in the country reached 564. All the states and union territories moved to a complete lockdown mode for 21 days, only the movement of the essential services and essential commodities, working of doctors, police, and government officials were allowed. 

People of India are the breakers of chain:

Even after the complete lockdown of 21 days was imposed in every part of the country, the behaviour of Indian people didn’t change towards the rules, here in India we all are known as the rule-breakers, or the breakers of the chain, there is a proper list of events and activities done by people that have violated the 21 days lockdown. 

  1. On the very first day of the lockdown over 9,000 vehicles were seized, as some of the people went outside for work, outing or meetings.
  2. After a few days, 1.7 lakh migrant workers started moving towards Anand-Vihar bus station. This incident gave birth to a lot of chaos at the place, and almost crooked the decisions of the authorities.
  3. The very famous and known Tablighi Jamaat Markaz, where over 2100 people were gathered at the Nizamuddin. After this incident, the spread of coronavirus in India has almost become un-stoppable. What happened is not at all acceptable because when the whole world is suffering due to the outbreak of coronavirus these people didn’t even care about their own lives.
  4. 1800 Hindu participated in a religious event in Haridwar. Yes! Why not because religion comes first even before life. 
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These events are the highlights of how the people violated the rules and regulations of the 21 days lockdown. Even after so much of strictness and regulations placed by the government officials in every part of the country, one or the other incidents like these were taking place. And the spread of the infection in mere 23 days reached over 10,000 and the death toll in the country reached 400+, ranking India at the position of 18th country that is severely affected by COVID-19.

What would be the situation of the country if the lockdown was lifted or there was no lockdown imposed?

covid-19: total lockdown in india unlikely in near future, here's why

As we all know that India is the second most populated country in the world with a population of around 135.26 crores, handling such a big population in the times of global crisis like this is not at all a game that one play with their left hand. Noting the stubborn behaviour of the Indian people towards their religion, living habits, etc. and changing or restricting their routines daily is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Now imagine how massively this infection could have been spread and affected the population in the country if there would not have been any lockdown imposed. Almost every kid, elder, the youngster would have become the prey to the infection. As mentioned above till now cleanliness and social distancing is the only solution or methods that are useful in controlling the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

Taking about the cleanliness in India, it is ranked among the bottom five countries on the environment performance index. And India is the only county to organise a cleanliness drive, have you ever heard of swachh US Abhiyan or lets clean the UK or something like that. Even the poorer countries than India like Nepal, Bhutan, and Africa, etc. are much cleaner and well sanitised than India because people there are more cooperative and sensible. 

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india's path to 10 mn covid-19 cases

Talking about the social distancing, without lockdown maintaining social distance and management of crowd in India is next to impossible, as it is the second most populated country. People here live in a crowd, work in a crowd, eat in a crowd, also we sometimes breathe in-crowd. Public transport like buses, metro trains or even local trains is fully crowed at the office timings. Dharavi in Mumbai is considered to be the largest slum in Asia and is the most crowded and compact places in India.

Even in India the social events like marriages or birthday parties also contains a good amount of population as a marriage in a country without a guest list of less than 1000 people is considered as small as a mustard seed.

Thus, without lockdown, the situation of India would have become worst, and the total number of cases would have been crossed 2 lakh by now if the government wouldn’t have imposed a national wide lockdown and adopted containment measures Because even after the national wide lockdown in the country every day 1,035 new cases are being registered.

it is a humble request to all the people in the country to be safe and stay at home because this is a war that we all have to fight together by not holding weapons or running outside on the streets, but by staying inside our home and by not violating the guidelines and rules of the lockdown because violation and non-cooperation will ultimately harm us.

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