Top 10 Most Promising AdTech Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising AdTech Companies in India 2022

Emerging technologies have always been encouraging more developments and advancements involving the critical kind of analysis. All of this process is somewhere engaged with the procedure of the AdTech Companies in India. 

Ad Tech is used as a short term for the term “advertising technology”, which is the kind of umbrella term for the number of software and the different types of tools that help in the process of the agencies and the target of the brands, delivery, and last come the analyzing the digital advertising efforts. Just like advertising is the business of making advertisements, AdTech uses different techniques to make advertisements quicker, faster, and more efficiently.

The advertising industry is built on technology. Advertising campaigns helps in the integration of marketing technology every step of the way. This whole process of the ad tech is known to play a crucial role from the initial designing stages to the last phase of development.

top 10 emerging indian ad tech startups you should know about

A new number of customers are going online and using more of the operations on the online platform. The whole concept of advertising technology has been in excellent use for quite some time. But with the results it has been giving in the recent years, the importance of the whole company has been increased.

All the kinds of businesses running in the country should have partnerships with the AdTech companies because digital advertising and the efforts put in always make a far better and more stunning result for their target audience. The whole operation of Advertising technology or Ad Tech refers to the software, its programs and the number of tools used in the digital process of making the advertising successful.

Ad Tech software always targets, delivers, and analyses the data to succeed in digital marketing. It includes the entire process needed in the ad campaign. Even if it is about selecting the topic of any ad and selecting the target audience, it is also considered part of Ad-tech.

Does AdTech Cost Money or Make Money?

Technology has acquired multiple places in the 21st-century workplace, and this century has become the ever-growing digital age. Most of the consumers are spending more and more every day. The technology of this process is considered the best way for bringing better monetization that increases the traffic at the same time.

top 5 best ad tech companies in india 2022

 Many companies have experienced the benefit of Ad Tech as it can quickly transform the companies into giving a lot of profits to their customers. This technology also makes the number of companies come under good competition. The technique of the advertising technology is known to be something significant as it can be called the money-generating by their nature.

Every part involved with the ad tech technologies can take any cut and come away with numbers of profit, but nothing is so sure about this aspect. It is not something portrayed without any before implementation.

It is almost considered costly to start the process but requires the most extensive technical skills, and it requires a considerable amount of data and computing techniques. One of the primary reasons for the success of the Ad tech companies is how they distribute their responsibilities very clearly.

It demands a balance between the roles of the majorly involved people in the business. Advertisements and known to be called the middle man. Then comes the publishers, who are called the owners of the pace for the number of ads and SSPs are the middle man between the roles of publishers and the ad exchange.

Then the last comes the Ad Exchange, referred to as the meditator between the advertisers and publishers. This unit of the ad tech company uses both the DPSs and the SSPs to communicate with all the different parties involved. The goal is to connect the advertisers with the publishers.

Below are some of the topmost AdTech companies in India that have provided many benefits and given a very effective kind of performance.

1.  InMobi

inmobi | indian mobile advertising tech company | company profile

It is called to be a very famous global mobile and network company that has been known for their services and have been working very efficiently. It is called to be a network company that has been offering their service of making the personalized kind of mobile along with the website ad campaigns through the various targeted data and their analytics.

 The company has been offering data analytics, which is always based on the consumers’ lifestyle, social connection, demography, and general behaviour. Miip launched the company of InMobi to connect all the consumers and merchants, and it has even had made some partnerships with some well-known companies.

For example, it has partnered with Tapjoy. The company to monetize the inventory of Tapjoy in India. It makes partnerships with companies to help them with the strategic planning and profit simultaneously.

The company has interacted with over 169 countries and has received more than 200 billion ad requests every month. It has made an impression on 23 billion of the ads among other companies and people.

It has substantial investments from the investors like the Softbank Group, Capital Partner and Tennenbaum Capital. When it comes to the technologies involved in the advertisements, the InMobi has been using the most advanced ones.

2. ADZ Junction

top 5 best ad tech companies in india 2022

 The ultimate platform for delivering the best solutions for all the major emerging kinds of digital marketing agencies has the aspects of designing, social, editing, search marketing and video advertising. The company was built on the ideas of Ashok Nain who supported the basis of this company for the purpose of real-time bidding, the rich kind of media, the different kind of media advertising and various other advanced technologies and developments.

The company makes very strategic kinds of plans to deal with all the problems related to their clients and it is especially done to get the quality traffic generation. The company offers excellent services and has been providing the services like marketing, content search marketing, digital strategy, development and many other advanced techniques.

The company readily helps their clients gain quality services and targets the audience with the most attractive deals. It has made their total of 100 clients from the different kinds of segments of the other industries. One of the best advertising technologies can be attained with this company.

3. Aristoma

seo services raipur | seo services, raipur, adwords

It is known to be a very famous for delivering the most engaging and innovative services of the best digital marketing to the different companies. It makes it easy for other companies to connect with them and earn profits from them. The main objective of the aim of the company is to make the most creative, advanced and well-suited kind of content for businesses and make them hold a firm place in the industry world and hire the most skilled category of professionals. It has been giving out the best kind of outcomes or results.

 It puts forward an extraordinary kind of implementation of the whole program, resulting in the most comprehensive type of results gained to their customers and employees. It takes into account the industrial ecosystem operations and works according to that. Their primary services include SEO, the marketing of the different brands, social media marketing and planning, designing, management, and other solutions needed in the marketing area.

It has made a very impressive of their client’s portfolio including the companies like the Diesel, Goldbricks and CREDAI. The most significant part of this company is that the company endeavours to have received a total of 100 per cent of the growth rate. The company was founded in the year 2015 and has been made with the hard work of Kumar Nishanth.

4. EMAIC Technologies

top 5 best ad tech companies in india 2022

Want the combination of innovation and technology? Then, EMAIC is the answer to this question as this company is made to serve the number of businesses by reaching their desired target audience and making the best kind of profit. One of the critical services applied in this company includes the Paid marketing, content development and web designing and development.

The company has been rated to be the top company in Ad-tech agencies and has been acclaimed appreciation globally. One of the most outstanding features of the company is the service provided in the project delivery very right on time, with the most premium quality of the service, customized products

and services with the great pricing mentioned. EMAIL is called to be the game-changer in the ad tech industries and is very well-known for creating advanced technologies levels of the digital footprints. It has more than of their 1200 clients with a project number of 2900across the 30+ plus countries around the globe. The company’s founding year is 2017, with their principal founder known by the name Divya Gandora, placing their headquarters in the city of Jaipur.

5. 135 Tech Labs

top 5 best ad tech companies in india 2022

A company founded in 2012, with their headquarters in the city of Hyderabad and known to be a pretty famous company or organization that has been delivering their services in the in-app advertising platform. It has been offering an outstanding level of rewards along with its services. Their services and rewards are one point of attracting a lot of other companies.  

The company works on the Hangout, an in-app advertising channel that has been helping the different kinds of app developers easily monetize the applications and various companies to do the successful engagement of more users found in the target companies. The rewards and the number of offers given at the company 135 Tech Labs are shown on the third-party application.

One of the other ways to win the rewards or offers from different companies is to visit and also log into in the Hangouts application and their website with one of the famous investors such as the TLabs. It gives the most statistical data on the different retention rates and demographics. The company has an exceptional client portfolio, including the CCD, Pizza Hut, and

6. DiGiVigyan Marketing

digivigyan marketing | yourstoryIt is called a dynamic platform giving the full-time service in the digital marketing agency that offers their clients with the different solutions through different marketing verticals. It deals with all the digital services and the digital display advertising. Founded by Amit Verma, the company has been giving out their best kind of performance with the best customer satisfaction.

They work with their marketing verticals like search engine optimization, website management, search and display advertising, native advertising, online reputation, Amazon marketing services and the social media marketing. With so many services, it has been one company to be called as all-in-one platform for the advertising technologies.

DiGiVigyan offers a world-class level of digital advertising solutions to the various businesses to achieve the best kind of digital marketing goals. The company has been giving their services like creating the landing pages with attractive similar copies of the ads and the other sources of optimization to meet the marketing needs.

 It undertakes in mind in different social media platforms and caters to them their best services, and it has already worked with some of the most renowned ad agencies like the M&C Saatchi Dentsu. It is now working towards better levels of improvement and planning to go-to-digital marketing agency worldwide. With their services, they have many other challenging aspects that come in the way, but the company achieves all the difficulties with their hard work.

7. Do Your Thng

do your thng (@doyourthng_) / twitter

This company deals with the categories of social influencers, the marketing platforms for various influencers. It’s called a leading influencer company with the marketing agency and deal with their shared kind of economy for the purpose of digital assets. The company serves as a platform to create space for the different brands to connect with the company and help them with the whole process.

 It connects with the largest team of micro, nano and some of the most mega influencers. DYT is an online community that gives the different content creators an opening in the market and even connects the brands to their influencers depending on the fact of their campaigns. Through the application, the company’s active users easily promote the brand and find a very safe and secure marketplace to discover the right kind of influencers at the right time for any of their specific products.

The company operates on a broker-based model where a small percentage of the total spending is charged to maintain the overall platform. Their phenomenal kind of fundraising gives a very affable kind of work culture that has made the company, DYT, one of the fastest-growing companies among the ad tech companies.

8. Globale Media

globale media | linkedin

The platform of Globale Media gives the most integrated kind of marketing platform that helps maximise the number of businesses. Also, it maximises the company’s revenues by bringing in the most direct advertisers and showing the most suited and relevant ads that best fit the users of the audience using the different banners, videos, social and the native kind of ads.

The company has been specializing in the practice of digital marketing, which includes all the major application types verticals, including the gaming, e-commerce, education, entertainment, lifestyles and the utilization of others like the CPI, CPM and CPA and the cost of the different models. The various publishers can easily access the full feed that is available in the campaigns and the real-time tracking and the process of automation to the number of devices with the company’s programmatic global application.

It has been exceeding with over 500+ direct publishers and around 1000+ of the live campaigns working over the 120 countries. The media of the Globale company has developed an entire marketing program majorly for the mobile age. Global has been sincerely providing “transparency on inflation level and not just on the click level”. The company is always pitching for their recently launched product keyword search traffic where the company’s revenues raise up to 3x from quarter-on-quarter. It has been aiming to be in India’s top ad tech companies in the coming years.

9. mCanvas

mcanvas (@mcanvas_media) / twitterThe company has been successfully dealing with the fields of mobile advertising, video interactive ads and programmatic advertising. The company is called the subsidiary of Affinity, and it is the brainchild founded by Vishal Rajput, from the vision and inception to give the significant revenues generation and the scalability.

mCanvas is a platform for the purpose of storytelling mobile ad platform that makes the process work using the phone sensors to create the compelling and most interactive kind of brand narratives. With the more advanced techniques, the company is evolving more and more and slowly becoming the fastest leading Indian company that has addressed the big critical issues of the mobile marketing world like the poor viewability, lack of storytelling and the accidental clicks.

This mobile advertising platform uses four different kinds of advertisements formats: Spotlight, Stickers, Scrollers and Streambox. The company has lately integrated with the Adobe advertising cloud-based company to enable advertisers to buy the best experimental rich media interactive videos and content.

10. Streamlyn

choose the best digital marketing courses with placement assistance-2022

Founded by Naveen Kumar and Raja Chakraborty, dealing with the categories of programmatic advertising and brand safety along with the verification. It works for both publishers and ad buyers to make the selling and buying of the ad space, respectively. It works like an agency as well as a supply-side platform. With time it’s been changing their ad tech techniques and methods, like their one-stop advertising solution provider for the companies, a complete publisher focused media agency that connects the advertisers keeping in kind the target audience through the right publisher.

“The aim was to help online publishers, particularly small and medium-sized ones, grow their revenue and the audience.” Said by the founder, Naveen Kumar. Streamlyn has an in-house server for the ads and different algorithms to help analyze the even optimizing the complete monetization just by depending on the solutions.

 It has been giving its best kind of products like the BidsXchange, known to be a very smarty advertising portal concerned for deploying the machine learning for all the small and medium0size businesses that easily allows them to upload the number of ads and select the desired publisher. Another of additional revenue source for the publishers includes in-image advertising. It generates the best content in the regional languages and is known as the best optimization partner for most vernacular publishers.

the start-up nation's hottest new sectors for india: ad and media-tech

Benefits of AdTech Companies

When it comes to the workings and operations of the ad tech companies, our country, India, has been able to present the great categories and counting of the number of companies. The top-rated companies offer the best digital marketing and content development. The aspect of tech has plenty of their principal parts, which provides countless opportunities for the agencies to start their journey and manages them apart.

These companies also bring the necessary trusted advertising technology, their solutions and one all-in-one platform to get the most out of these companies. One of the significant aspects of working for the agencies and their clients is that it can’t get away from people’s notice. The ad tech companies have connected many brands across the country with the most suitable advertising channels.

It has permitted the process of retargeting to enjoy the growing awareness and popularity. These companies represent a total of 90% of all the costs involved in the process of advertising. It proved to be the connecting dots between the ad agencies and the popular tech companies.

It brings some of the very much favoured services like the customization, the publisher’s expectations, the new coming trends and the relationship built in the company. Several businesses can use advertising technology to improve their building operations. This ad technology helps get away with the time-consuming work and increases the return on the investment procedures by generating the expected revenue. This kind of added revenue can free up the company resources for the purpose of digital marketing and make the company of ad tech to be one of the best.




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