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Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Jabalpur 2022

Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Jabalpur 2022

Jabalpur Incubation Center (JIC) will organize a two-day workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Startups” from January 3 to 4, 2022, to connect students with the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem.

Under the supervision of Karmvir Sharma, District Collector, and Nidhi Singh Rajput, Chief Executive Officer, Jabalpur Smart City Limited, this workshop will take place on the campus of St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur. The Autonomous Institute and Jabalpur Incubation Center ED Cell will assist with the workshop.

Students will have the opportunity to build a foundation of knowledge about the startup ecosystem on the first day of the workshop, followed by speeches covering the city’s startup ecosystem from four young entrepreneurs. Students will present their ideas for a startup and learn about startup pitches and funding on the second day of the workshop.

Startup opportunities are plentiful in Jabalpur, which is currently transforming into a smart city. As such, the Jabalpur Incubation Center actively encourages young researchers and engineers to create sustainable solutions that will help develop the economy.

Jabalpur Incubation Center (JIC) is a privately-owned company operated by the Madhya Pradesh State Government, which was created to foster entrepreneurship and startups among the population of Jabalpur.

The Jomezyo Innovation Center enables startups to benefit from Co-Working Space, High-Speed Internet, Mentorship, Fund Raising, Networking, and Office Supply, along with raising capital of 129 lakhs through the incubation of 43 startups, including Omezyo Ecom, Recooty, Adverto, and Homeguruji.

  1. My Business Growth Card

Digitalization has been going on in India for a long time, but Jio’s launch in 2016 gave it a boost. As the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified over the last one and a half years, the digital disruption has worsened.

We realized that moving businesses online was a possibility because of the pandemic. However, growing a business online, especially for smaller enterprises, is not easy.

This problem is being addressed by the MBG card based in Jabalpur. With its B2B SaaS product, the company was founded in 2020 by Abhinavv Dubeyy and Prakash Bajantri.

With over 20 features, the company offers clients fully functional websites, android apps, and automated marketing tools.

Abhinavv explains to Inventiva that he worked at FabHotels before starting his own business. His work took him to some smaller cities and towns.

Small businesses, especially, he realized, did not have enough visibility and discovery to get traction.

In his hometown, Jabalpur, he gives an example, stating that there is a photographer with almost every order. As many other photographers also exist, they don’t get business since it’s not being discovered.”

In over 100 different business categories, the startup claims to have acquired more than 5,400 customers today. In addition, MBG Card has received over 600 new customers since last month, according to Abhinavv.


Creating a Digital India in Bharat

A co-founder of the company points out that many businesses, particularly small-sized ones, use traditional marketing and branding methods, which are not working to help them grow.

My connection with Prakash led to a conversation about hospitality business challenges. 

The pandemic hit, and we realized hotels needed new ways to grow. Then we figured we couldn’t deliver groceries to people’s homes in smaller cities. In addition to the fact that many businesses can provide products, they are not discovered because they are not listed online,” Abhinavv explains.

MBG launched a smart digital business card, replacing traditional business cards, to solve this problem. By creating this smart digital card, businesses can make these cards available to clients via an open platform online.

” Besides the fact that offline cards may not contain much information about the business, traditional visiting cards may be prone to get misplaced. The digital card may contain contact details, but it will not contain any information about the company’s unique selling proposition, so that’s why we began with the digital card,” he says.

With it, small businesses can now transform themselves into digital to grow their revenues and acquire customers. It also maintains their online reputations and helps them develop and retain customers.

Abhinavv clarifies the platform’s target audience by explaining that the focus is on empowering small businesses but that any company — including hotels, freelancers, and Kirana stores — that wants to go online can make use of the service.

MBG Card provides a mobile application that businesses can download. They may create their website and digital cards in minutes after logging in and utilizing the application. Companies can use the app’s marketing functions as well.

“We start with the first draught, which takes less than five minutes. After that, businesses can use the app to update their information. The application is simple, and companies may change their platform’s content and photos without any technological knowledge. They only need to download the app, log in, and update and the changes will appear in the front end. In addition, CRM, SMS marketing, and other services will be automated, according to Abhinavv.

Various templates are available to meet the demands of firms in multiple industries. 

In terms of data security, co-founder Prakash adds that all content submitted on the platform is encrypted for protection. The firm uses AWS security capabilities to keep the forum safe.

MBG Card had to work on the ground to educate the public about the product in the beginning, according to Abhinavv, and the product gradually gained popularity owing to word of mouth. In addition, the firm has referral and franchise programs in place to reach out to its clients.

“We began in Jabalpur, and soon we began receiving inquiries from Mumbai and Haridwar.” We had already reached over 100 cities in less than six months. We currently have a presence in Pune,” he adds.

Business and more

According to Abhinavv, the company made Rs 3.5 million (Rs 35 lakh) in revenue in a single year. He describes MBG Card’s business model as a B2B SaaS model, in which client organizations purchase annual subscription packages ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 15,000 per year.

Hotel WOW, Tamanna Hotels, Zippy Laundromat, Bombay Restaurant, Tito’s Night Club, and many others are the startup’s clients.

According to the co-founder, the bootstrapped business is currently considering raising seed funding.

Other major participants in this area, according to Abhinavv, include Just Dial, Dukaan App, Google My Business, and DotPe.

Abhinavv says they aim to digitalize a lakh businesses by the end of this year with a million by the next three years.

Legal Name My Business Growth Card
Industries B2B SaaS product
Founder Abhinavv Dubeyy and Prakash Bajantri
Founded Date 2020
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired
  1. Anywhere

Startups can manage everything remotely with ‘Anywhere’ from Jabalpur. Anywhere provides startups with an easy way to manage their tasks, conceived by three friends from Jabalpur during a pandemic.

Supreet Tare and his two friends observed a major shift in working styles during the Covid-19 outbreak that saw many people start working from home. Three members of this trio have worked in the IT industry for many years, understanding the huge potential in this field. The result is Anywhere.

A work platform that brings together teams and manages all their work simultaneously, anywhere. Individual sections can adapt the platform to their business processes. The platform enables teams to manage all their work, projects, content, files, calendars, events, and wikis in one place.

With a spreadsheet-like design, it’s easy to use and flexible to suit all departments. For example, remote teams must share files when working on a project, so Anywhere Files allows you to take care of all the files in one place for a common task.

‘Anywhere Connect’ provides a means for team members to chat, share information, and strengthen relationships. With teams increasingly working remotely, ‘Anywhere Connect’ allows informal discussion between members. All three tools combine to make the ideal tool for groups of all sizes.

It restores productivity and eliminates the need to juggle various tools & services to complete the work. The free version of ‘Anywhere’ supports teams of up to 100 users, while the paid version has premium features. It is available to selected Indian startups.

The solution can be designed and built Anywhere if a startup identifies the difficulties it is facing. As well, the Anywhere team provides 24*7 or 365-day support to businesses. This software is flexible enough to adapt to existing processes and does not require training.

All teams are on the same platform, so using ‘Anywhere’ saves time and money. In addition, it eliminates the need to use multiple tools. Asana, Jira,, Confluence, Typeform, Calandly, Trello & ToDo have been replaced by Stream. To sum it up, Stream saves over 8 hours per week per person. Startups based in India are welcome to apply for ‘Anywhere.’

The company’s waitlist is open to Startups & Organizations looking for a high-quality project management tool. So sign up for today and show your interest.

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Legal Name Anywhere
Industries Project management tool
Founder Ralph van Slooten, Dean Noëll Klop
Founded Date 01 May 2015
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired
  1. HomeGuruji

In the early stages of its development, Jabalpur Startups supports a startup called HomeGuruji. As an aggregator, it provides 1:1 classes to students, with the majority based in central India. This company is backed by a Pune Angel Investor, Girjesh Vyas, with seed funding of Rs. 25 lakhs.

As Madhya Pradesh startups have emerged on the startup map of the country, they are slowly becoming more visible. Girjesh Vyas is an angel investor who raised Rs 25 Lakhs in seed funding from Home Guruji, a startup based in Jabalpur and mentored by Incubation Masters. Home Guruji works as an aggregator and provides 1:1 classes to students from Central India.

Incubation Masters and Hyderabad Angles worked together to facilitate funding for the project.

Most of India’s most popular and widely utilized learning apps are now geared toward English-medium pupils. Although some of these applications have some content in Hindi, their primary focus and attention are on English language learners. Many students study indigenous languages in India, with Hindi medium pupils being the most numerous. According to research published by DNA India in December 2016, roughly 49% of all pupils in India attend Hindi medium schools.

Nikhil Bhatnagar, the founder of HomeGuruji, and his team came up with this idea during COVID, where students from Hindi and English medium can find tutors and notes in the platform, the number of students studying in the local language, and the need for modern learning solutions in their local language determines how will implement modern solutions.  HomeGuruji is now a community of over 400+ educators, including teachers from IITs, Nits, Delhi University, and Jaipur University, who educate students 1:1 online at low pricing.

According to the corporate statement, the funds will improve the startup’s software, coach tools, and content, allowing for higher-quality instruction. The journey of HomeGuruji, which was founded in 2020 by Nikhil Bhatnagar and his crew, has been inspiring to many. For example, during COVID, the team assisted over 1000 kids and added ten new students every day. The EdTech startup teaches children from 6 to 18 years old all subjects from classes 1 to 12 in an engaging, small classroom of 3-5 children and 1:1 classes. For students, they’ve also established a free video-based doubt-solving portal.

As part of its expanding range of services, HomeGuruji also provides information-heavy subjects with interactive learning and practice based on machine learning and natural language processing, along with a segment of competitive exams that is heavily focused on concepts.

This is an inspiring story about the founder of HomeGuruji. During his college days, Nikhil Bhatnagar began teaching students at home and soon realized that many people were willing to teach even while enrolled in college. 

During this process, he also discovered that it is not the same for every student when it comes to taking in information, so each student needs individualized attention. Some may comprehend the concepts quickly, while others may take longer to grasp them. So, he built a digital platform to provide 1:1 tuition to the students and leveraged the infrastructure to develop a digital tuition service during COVID.

Besides helping parents find the right tutor for their child, HomeGuruji is also helping many young people share their knowledge and earn a higher amount of money, and they can do all of this by sitting in the comfort of their own homes.

For Quality Education, there is no need to leave your home. With HomeGuruji, we are no longer only a curriculum-based provider of educators, and we are now bringing the child’s holistic development to the forefront.

Students at this school are not only taught school subjects but are also encouraged to become better citizens. We intend for Education to be for everyone and provide equal opportunities. Our company helps the poor students in their studies and focuses on the students who live in small schools without adequate resources and do not have the chance to learn well. Their special Mathematics classes are now being offered in different cities and states and abroad.

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Legal Name HomeGuruji
Industries Development
Founder Nikhil Bhatnagar
Founded Date 2018
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired
  1. Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Pvt. Ltd.

This unlisted private company was established on 17 March 2022 by Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Private Limited. Ten authorized share capitals and a total paid-up capital of INR 1.00 lac. The company is classified as a private limited company located in Madhya Pradesh.

According to the company’s latest filing, Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Private Limited is active. However, the company has not yet submitted its first full-year financial statements to the registrar, so we cannot obtain information concerning its last annual general meeting.

Kishore Kumar Samdariya and Pawan Samdariya are the directors of Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Private Limited. Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Private Limited has been assigned the following corporate identification number (CIN): U36999MP2022PTC059967. HOTEL SAMDARIYA INN RUSSAL CHOWK JABALPUR Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, is where Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Private Limited is registered.

Legal Name Samdariya Abhushan (Rewa) Pvt. Ltd.
Industries Manufacture of furniture; manufacturing N.E.C.
Founder Samdariya Abhushan
Founded Date 17 March 2022
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired
  1. Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

A Private Company incorporated with MCA on 16-03-2022, Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, has its CIN as U51909MP2022PTC059959. 

Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited belong to the Private Company Classification. Therefore, the company is not a government company. There are 100000 authorized shares and 100000 paid-up shares in this company. It is registered with the Registrar of Companies(ROC), RoC-Gwalior.

Director DEEPAK BHARDWAJ and Director VIPUL KUMAR PATWA are the company owners/key management personnel. The registration number of Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is 59959, and the company’s Corporate Identification Number(CIN) is U51909MP2022PTC059959 provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

MCA records indicate that Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited primarily carries out the following activities: (Wholesale trade and commission trade, except motors) Other wholesale n.e.c.

634 Samdariya Green City Madhotal Jabalpur MP 482002 IN is the registered office address for Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.

Madhya Pradesh is the registered office state for Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.

Among the district code numbers of Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is Jabalpur.

Its PIN code is 482002. Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is registered in India under the Companies Act.

Moreover, Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited’s paid-up capital is $100000 and the authorized share capital of $100000.

In the Company category of Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, the company is categorized as a Company limited by shares.

The company’s last Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on N/A, and its latest financial results were released on N/A.

The business status of Dare and Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is Active.

Legal Name Dare And Vision Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
Industries Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
Founder deepak Bhardwaj, Vipul Kumar Patwa
Founded Date  NA
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired


  1. Recooty

Recooty’s co-founder and CEO are Hardik Vishwakarma. Hardik is from the Madhya Pradesh city of Jabalpur. Hardik earned his in CSE from Jabalpur’s Gyan Ganga College of Technology. Hardik is a numbers nerd who is more concerned with traction and business.

Recooty is a cutting-edge recruiting platform that makes it simple to find, engage, and employ top people.

Recooty is a platform that allows all employers to post positions, review and shortlist applicants, arrange interviews, and recruit employees all in one spot.

“Challenges force us to step outside of our comfort zones, compelling us to act or make decisions that might make or break us.”

During the interview, the team mentioned that hiring people was a struggle for the company. Finding the proper personnel was a major effort for its HR staff, given their previous startup experience. The company tried out a few HR systems but found them too sophisticated for a small or medium business and too expensive for all startups.

The team spoke with over 100 entrepreneurs and recruiting managers to learn about the biggest challenges they face, which turned out to be the complexity and time it takes to hire people.

The team examined the issue and decided to create Recooty, a simple and effective solution that cut the time and cost per hire by more than 70%. Recooty has launched a year ago and is now used by over 4000 companies worldwide., Facebook Jobs, Google Jobs, Zip Recruiter, Jora, Adzuna, and many other job sites have recently joined the company. Reecoty is Facebook’s first job partner in India and one of the top ten worldwide.

In the past few years, the company has significantly grown due to “The 50% rule”. A growth rate of 30-40% is observed every month at the company, which flourished so well in no time. Recooty envisions becoming a platform where anyone can search for jobs worldwide.

See the source image

Legal Name Recooty
Industries Modern recruiting software
Founder Avdhesh Solanki, Hardik Vishwakarma, Darshna Bais
Founded Date 14 May 2018
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired
  1. Ardent Knowledge & Research Services Private Limited

Companies that provide B2B services hold significant importance in our lives. Ardent Knowledge & Research Services Private Limited provides this service. Friendly local users give this organization a 5 out of 5 stars. The organization is located in Madhya Pradesh at the following address: Besides Narmada Nursery School, Plot No. 57 & 58, National Highway 7, State Bank Colony, Jabalpur, 482002.

Legal Name Ardent Knowledge & Research Services Private Limited
Industries B2B services
Founder Atmanand Dubey
Founded Date NA
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired

The secretarial and legal services provided by Udyog Buddy are suitable for small business startups and established companies alike. As individuals, we are faced with demonstrating this aspect of our existence daily through entrepreneurship on the platform. Business planning, compliance, advisory services, and compliance consulting constitute the firm’s unique offering. We offer incorporation, government filings and registrations, and annual submissions with end-to-end management support, saving you time and allowing you to avoid costly mistakes in managing your business. In addition, there are company secretaries, chartered accountants, and lawyers who are knowledgeable about business functions.

Industries Secretarial and legal services
Founder Tanya Jain & Gaurav Jain
Founded Date 17th March, 2021
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired
  1. Jitsan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Founded in 2005, Jisan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is headquartered in MADHYA PRADESH. According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA), Jitsan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited has been registered with the company identification number (CIN) U24290MP2022PTC059939 and company registration number 059939 dated 14-MAR-2022.

Throughout India, it is aspiring to provide chemical products and manufacturing services. As of July 2009, Jitsan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited had an authorized share capital of Rs.1000000 and a paid-up capital of Rs. 200000.

According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the company’s last Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held, and its previous balance sheet was filed.

Sanjay Kumar and Ajit Kumar serve as directors of Jitsan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. is the Email address registered in JITSAN PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED, and its mailing address is C/O-Harendra Panday, Ayushi Dhara colony plot no.36, Segda, p.s.-Tilwara, Andhiy Jabalpur Jabalpur mp 482003.

Jitsan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is currently listed as NOT AVAILABLE FOR EFILING on Companies House.

Legal Name Jisan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
Industries Pharmaceuticals
Founder Sanjay Kumar and Ajit Kumar
Founded Date 2005
Total Funding Amount  NA
Investors  Acquired


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