Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Gwalior 2022

Top 10 Most Reputed Startups In Gwalior 2022

Startups: Madhya Pradesh ranks second after Gujarat as a famous state for industrial development. Its economy is based mainly on agriculture. Rice, cotton, rapeseed, mustard, rapeseed, soybeans, grain, sugarcane, wheat, soybean, and gram are the primary crops of Madhya Pradesh.

Diamonds and copper are among the state’s most abundant resources. Additionally, coal, coalbed methane, manganese, and dolomite are all significant mineral deposits of the state. Tourism is also growing in the state. Diamonds and copper are the most abundant metals in their form. Apart from coalbed methane, ash, manganese, and dolomite, other mineral deposits in the state include coalbed methane, coalbed methane, and pyrites. The tourism industry is also growing in the state.

With its central location and shared borders with six states, Madhya Pradesh offers excellent advantages for prospective investors, including its considerable mineral resources. Because it has a mineral-rich terrain, asbestos, ceramics, and cement manufacturing industries have immense potential.

Madhya Pradesh also boasts the only diamond mine in India. Consequently, cutting and polishing diamonds has the potential to become one of the most important industries here, driving the growth of jewelry making. Madhya Pradesh has been some of the lowest consumers of fertilizer per hectare of all the states in India. Soybeans, gram, oilseeds, pulses, linseeds, and maize are produced in the state in great quantities. 

A quarter of the population is employed in agriculture, which accounts for most of the State’s economy. There are about 56 percent Kharif crops and 44 percent rabi crops in the State. Kharif crops include about 56% of the area under cultivation. According to the Indian Bureau of Statistics, Madhya Pradesh is the country’s third-largest producer of food grains (14.10 million metric tons).

Auto component players dominate sixty percent of Madhya Pradesh’s automotive industry. Madhya Pradesh’s auto component industry is worth $306 million. Pithampur, in north-central Rajasthan, has been developed into a 5,000-hectare industrial hub, which is ready to assist companies interested in setting up manufacturing operations.

Various textile products are famous in Madhya Pradesh, including the Chanderi and Maheshwari Sarees. But, a beautiful reflection of Madhya Pradesh’s culture and tradition, handicrafts are some of the State’s most popular products.

There may have been changed in the raw materials implemented through the years and the purpose of the products manufactured. Still, the detailed history of the textile industry in the State continues to contribute greatly to its highly unique handicraft industry.

According to World Bank data, Madhya Pradesh produces the third most cement in the country. The country is rich in minerals that can be used to make cement and have the necessary experience and knowledge pool to operate cement plants. 

Many large cement manufacturing groups are operating in Madhya Pradesh, including Vikram cement, Birla Corporation, Prism cement, Maihar cements, Diamond cement, and ACC cement.

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Because of its geographical location in the country’s center, Madhya Pradesh is known as the Heart of India. Countless monuments exquisitely carved temples, stupas, forts, and palaces spread around the State. In addition, it has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. From historic medieval cities to wildlife sanctuaries and pilgrim centers, Madhya Pradesh is home to various tourist attractions.

Monuments, carved temples, archaeological sites, stupas, palaces, forts, and so on are among the things that are included within. Several places are famous for their historical monuments, such as Gwalior, Datia, Mandu, Indore, Chanderi, Orchha, Jabalpur, Raisen, Vidisha Udaygiri, Sanchi, Bhimbetika, and Bhopal.

There are no diamond mines in any other Indian state but Madhya Pradesh. As a result, diamond cutting and polishing have become a major industry in this region, causing the jewelry manufacturing sector to grow.

This country’s proven diamond reserves amount to 604,000 carats or 99 percent of all diamonds in India. It is the country’s only diamond producer. Several hydroelectric projects have been developed jointly with neighboring states in Madhya Pradesh because of the State’s abundant hydroelectric power potential.

Several thermal stations are also located within Madhya Pradesh, contributing to the state’s power supply. This company, Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Co. Ltd (MPPGCL), is largely a coal-fired plant. MPPGCL is the only company owned by the Government of Madhya Pradesh that generates electricity in the state. The firm is the successor to the former Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board (MPSEB).

According to the governor, a total of 7.999 tonnes of electronic waste is produced in Madhya Pradesh annually. The state ranks 7th nationwide in waste generation, he noted. Since Madhya Pradesh does not have a recycling unit, we are considering sending the electronic waste to Maharashtra or other states. Have you ever thought about starting a small business in Gwalior?

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Story of Young Entrepreneur in Gwalior

Youths have mostly been criticized for being exposed to the negative aspects of social media and digital technology. Still, thanks to the digital revolution, an increasing number are succeeding in new and innovative ways. Jatin Tiwari, who is also among this young generation that is expanding their horizons beyond books and pushing their limits at a young age, is one of them.

A 17-year-old already running his own business, Jatin has a good understanding of business. Originally from Madhya Pradesh, Jatin came from the historical city of Gwalior, which boasts a few great politicians.

He has been an intelligent and focused child interested in digital platforms and social media from an early age. Some seniors and teachers introduced him to digital marketing, and he explored it further.

Big cities dominate digital technology, but smaller ones are lagging. He was stunned by how digital technology is helping grow brands and businesses. With this opportunity, he will support the growth and development of small businesses in his city by using digital marketing. In addition to learning website design, social media marketing, SEO, and other tools and technology in the digital marketing arena from reading online and taking short courses, he has also taken short courses.

Makingers is his new venture that launched after the pandemic hit the country, and most companies shifted their focus toward the digital market rather than the traditional markets. MAKER’s mission is to make digital marketing accessible to small businesses and startups that are not in a position to explore it on their own.

Makingers’ tailor-made and result-driven solutions have been accepted by many startups in Gwalior and nearby areas. As an independent contractor, he works on a simple plan of providing quality work at an unbeatable price. Besides setting an example for others who want to take a different path, Jacob sets a standard for others with their passion and willingness to take risks.

Gwalior Small Business Ideas

This list consists of business ideas for women that will give them an assured return on investment, something that every small business owner seeks.


  1. Computer Training Center

The school system in Gwalior is highly regulated and uniformly divided into tiers for all age groups. The schools and institutions of Gwalior have received international acclaim. The literacy rate in the state is rising. A computer training institution is a beautiful business concept for aspiring tech-savvy individuals in Gwalior.

  1. Etching on Glass with a Customized Design

The glass business in Gwalior is growing. From the comfort of her own home, any woman can start a personalized glass etching business. Glass etching is also a fun and profitable hobby. Personalized glass etching services include gifts, honors, and decor items for corporate and individual customers.

Glass is the state’s principal raw material, making it an ideal business opportunity for women. The business plan is essential for starting a glass etching business. You can apply your glass-etching skills to a variety of markets. It isn’t easy to distinguish the differences and pick the fields that will pay you the most.

Having a business plan is beneficial for many purposes, from securing funding to assessing the success of your project to managing the growth and viability of your business.

  • You can select one of the products.
  • Establish the target audience and consumer segment.
  • You should clearly define your marketing strategy.
  1. Woodworking

Traditionally, woodworking has been one of the most prevalent businesses in Gwalior. Woodcrafts produced locally are also quite popular. The typical woodcraft and tribal areas of Gwalior are filled with carved wooden figures of animals and people of various sizes. To create functional and decorative pieces, kidar, teak, dhudhi, shisham, sal, and bamboo are crafted from locally sourced woods.

The woodworking business in Gwalior would be an excellent choice for a housewife looking for a small business. Would you like to start a woodworking business at home for ladies enthusiastic about woodworking? With a small investment, women interested in woodworking can create a home business. It only requires specialized equipment and raw materials like timber. 

Making artistic and functional objects out of wood is the process of woodworking. Starting your own woodworking company means choosing the right items for sale. You can also sell at craft fairs or from home. You can also consign your items at a furniture store, nearby gift store, department store, or online marketplace.

  1. Consultation on Outdoor Advertising

Advertising through outdoor media is part of the outdoor ad consultancy’s job description. The beauty of outdoor advertisements is that they provide multimedia messaging with visually appealing and exclusive ways of communicating.

Artists are inundated with inspiration by outdoor ads, which are attractive, dynamic, and offer an unparalleled range of possibilities. One of the consultant’s challenges is designing an advertisement that encapsulates people’s attention in a split second. This can also be considered a side business for girls. The content must be interesting to consume and engage.

Those interested in developing an outdoor advertising consultancy company can do so from the comfort of their homes. It has provided an immense opportunity for anyone interested in starting a business.

Even as your company grows, you may want to provide consulting services. Outdoor advertising training is all about educating businesses on advertising their products.

  1. Production of Livestock Feed

Gwalior is a state that produces livestock. Dairy, hatchery, poultry, and goat farming are the most widespread in the state. In addition, the state government is adopting several plans to improve livestock efficiency while retaining self-sufficiency. These include using new technologies to reduce expenses and increase income for livestock producers and provide prompt service to livestock producers.

As a result, high-quality livestock feed is in short supply in the state. You can start a livestock feed-producing firm with a modest investment. Before manufacturing animal feed, you must first conduct a market analysis. It would be best if you first calculated demand before deciding which service to provide. This industry demands meticulous planning and asset management. 

Anyone can start this business with a small amount of money. It is regarded as one of the most profitable production options due to the enormous profit margin. Please make the most of the opportunity because it is the greatest business to start in Gwalior.

  1. Manufacturing of Jeans

Madhya Pradesh currently exports textiles worth Rs. 1200 crore from the giant economy. It has 51 textile units. By integrating mills and garment units into integrated market models in the next five years, MP can generate a combined contribution of Rs.10000 crores to the textile industry. However, to successfully manufacture jeans or denim, you need knowledge of garment design and emerging trends.

With adequate preparation and significant capital expenditure, clothing production on a limited scale is possible. Whether wearing jeans or casual or relaxed clothing, jeans are always an excellent choice for men, women, and children. A small-scale denim production business in Gwalior is one of the state’s most viable small business ideas. In addition, the state government offers various incentives and initiatives to clothing and fabric manufacturing units.

  1. Making Nail Polish

Madhya Pradesh is rich in mineral resources. Therefore, establishing a chemical industry is among the most lucrative home-based businesses for women in Madhya Pradesh. Nail polish is also a very popular cosmetic in suburban and rural areas despite its multimillion-dollar industry. Consumer demand for nail polish has increased exponentially in metropolitan areas and suburban and rural areas.

One of the business ideas in Gwalior for women, this venture entails a modest capital outlay and can be started by anyone with experience in the beauty and fashion industries.

How to Start a Nail Polish Manufacturing Business: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Conduct market research 
  • Develop a business plan for nail polish manufacturing 
  • Form an organization 
  • Obtain licenses and permits 
  • Secure financing and insurance for your company 
  • Obtain raw materials for nail polish manufacturing 
  • Maintain consistency in pricing 
  • Where to sell items made with nail polish 
  • Promote the nail polish company
  1. Manufacturing of Papad

Compared with other food businesses, papad manufacturing is highly profitable, mainly due to the low initial investment. Few nations in Asia enjoy papad as an appetizer, although it is popular mainly in India. It comes in a wafer-thin form. Different kinds of pulses and spices are used in other regions according to their taste, although certain types are more widely available.

The papad-making market is often regarded as a symbol of empowerment for women. Still, it is one of the best business ideas in Gwalior due to the increased demand for the product and accessibility of machinery. Moreover, the consumption of papads is high during festive seasons since they are consumed throughout the year in households and hotels. As a result, local brands dominate the industry compared to other food items, reducing rivalry.

  1. Swaayatt Robots

Provider of AI-driven self-driving technologies for on- and off-road vehicles

They provide self-driving technology powered by artificial intelligence for on and off-road vehicles. The company states that its motion planning algorithms, decision frameworks, and perception technologies can deal with complicated traffic conditions on Indian highways.

A company working on self-driving level-5 technology is working on autonomous trucks, tractors, campus vehicles, and industrial vehicles. As a demonstration of the technology’s potential, it will be driven independently at 100 km/h on Indian roads.

Its research is primarily concerned with reinforcement learning and diverse mathematical and computer science theory fields. The majority of the research focuses on decision-making and motion planning.

Two previous exhibitions of the system were held in India:

  1. Dynamic traffic scenarios which are stochastically complex and hostile;
  2. The circumstances of the environment are not structured. The company focuses its leading research and development efforts on enabling autonomous driving without using high-definition or high-fidelity maps.

In 2016, the company began taking autonomous and algorithmic driving displays using their Mahindra Bolero car. On Indian roads in 2017 and 2018, it demonstrated the capability of independent driving.

Sanjeev Sharma founds Swaayatt Robots. He started studying automatic navigation of new environments as an undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee in 2009.

The applications of deep learning, computer vision, SLAM, and visual odometry in his research span a wide range of theoretical computer science. They applied mathematics, including deep learning, computer vision, and computer vision used to autonomous driving since 2014.

He has been featured in multiple national and international media outlets for his work with Swaayatt Robots. This company pursues autonomous driving in challenging environments like IndiRaising $3 million in a single fundraising round. Swaayatt Robots has announced an investment round for Seed was closed on July 18, 2021.

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Company Overview

Legal Name

Swaayatt Robots Pvt. Ltd.


Automotive,Autonomous Vehicles Transportation


Sanjeev Sharma

Founded Date

May 21, 2015

Total Funding Amount



Startup Reseau, NSRCEL, and 1 Other Investor

  1. Easy Retail For You(ER4U)

Retail POS software provider, Easy Retail for You (er4u) complies with GST in India. TBI Technologies created this application to help Indian merchants achieve a 30% increase in sales and become intelligent retailers. By enhancing the process, Er4u saves retailers time and energy.

This is used in retail stores to bill and manage inventory. This package includes inventory management, billing, and barcoding software solution for retail organizations and modules for returns, purchases, sales, salaries, exchange, costs, and reporting.

In turn, Kala Niketan, Sahra, and National Stores pay INR 15000 for the software. The company’s customers include Sahra, Kala Niketan, and National Stores. The founders of the SaaS industry are Abhinav Saxena and Sohil Bansal.

As part of ER4U’s unique platform, merchants can manage store sales (as well as purchases, inventory, sales, accounts, HRM, CRM, and invoicing) and sales through e-commerce channels. Currently, 90 percent of the retail market in India is struggling with e-commerce sites with inventory management, competing, and cleaning their old inventories.

Local and national competitors are fighting for their business to make matters worse. Instead, these businesses would focus on recruiting these merchants to existing e-commerce platforms Few businesses would be concerned about shopkeepers’ inventory and management issues daily.

Easy Retail For You (ER4U) is a late-stage company that uses a user-friendly platform to help merchants manage their store sales (including purchases, CRM, inventory, sales, HRM, and accounting) and e-commerce channel sales.

In September 2016, ER4U announced that it had over 50 customers with a combined income of INR 9 lakh, with consumers using the platform to conduct more than INR 10 crore in transactions.

It hopes to expand to 12 cities in 18 months, bridging the gap between e-commerce and a significant portion of the country’s retail market outlets. Abhinav Saxena and Sohil Bansal founded Easy Retail for You (ER4U) in 2015. Where their lack of industry knowledge would cause them to perish.

According to estimates, India’s retail business will reach $1 trillion by 2020, or about $600 billion. As of 2016, India has 15 million retail stores, 30% of which are Urban Shopkeepers, and 10% are organized. It means there are 4,5 billion dollars in direct market size. Our eight years of running a family business as a retailer made us aware of the pain points faced by retailers.”

Further investigation revealed that they opposed modern technologies, which was the root of their old business style. In addition, their infrastructure or business management was limited, so they didn’t scale up. Despite their efforts to move to e-commerce or install the necessary software, Sohil says that they were still far from utilizing the resources to their full potential.

Imagine the consequences of a poorly planned Supply Chain management system that caused billions of rupees worth of stock to lose its value. Disorganized retail dominates 90% of the retail sector; getting it organized is another thing altogether. So the first thing that caught our attention was that,” says Abhinav.

Company Overview


Easy retail for You aka ER4U


Internet of things, Retail technology and Software


Abhinav Saxena and Sohil Bansal

Founded date


Operating Status


Company Stage



RELEX, Lightspeed, Bazaarvoice, CallidusCloud, SPS Commerce etc.

  1. CloudTrains Technologies

CloudTrains is a global technology partner with a reputation for providing great IT solutions. 15000+ enterprises have trusted us with mobile apps and web-based product solutions. We have served over 10 million users worldwide since our launch in 2015. CloudTrains is a startup that caters to startups, small businesses, and large corporations. CloudTrains enables startups and enterprises to work more efficiently.

CloudTrains is a mobile app and online development firm with a top-notch team of data scientists, app and web developers, designers, engineers, creative artists, and brand strategists. Gwalior is where it all began. CloudTrains is headquartered in Gwalior, with a development center in Pune and offices in Florida, the United States, London, the United Kingdom, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. CloudTrains has more than six years of experience in the IT industry. We have an in-house team of 80 creative designers and developers who you can trust.

Trapit Tiwari is the founder and CEO of CloudTrains Technologies, founded in Gwalior, a Tier III city in Madhya Pradesh, in 2015. The company has also worked with technology leaders like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

Mahindra Auto Parts, HCL, and DENA Bank are a few brands we provide comprehensive IT support. It is our passion to listen to new ideas and make them successful. You can contact us via [email protected] if you have a specific one in mind.

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Company Overview


CloudTrains Technologies


Business oriented solutions


Tripti Tiwari

Founded date

Nov 26, 2018

Operating Status


Company Stage




4. Ondoor

Provider of fruits & vegetables, grocery staples, branded foods, and many others

In addition to fruits and vegetables, Ondoor offers branded food products, grocery staples, and many other items. Android and iOS apps are available for Ondoor. It was established on December 15, 2014, as a Private company called On Door, Concepts Private Limited.

Non-government members run an independent company registered in Gwalior’s Registrar of Companies. A non-specialized retail establishment, it has an authorized share capital of Rs. 30,000,000 and approved share capital of Rs. 20,250,580. On Door Concepts, Private Limited delivers food and household supplies right to consumers’ doors.

Our philosophy at Ondoor is to provide value to our clients and establish long-term relationships. The bulk buying process utilized by Ondoor, state-of-the-art storage and handling, and unparalleled logistics gives customers a distinct price advantage and quality advantage. The foundation of a profitable business is consumer trust, according to Ondoor. Therefore, we provide the best quality components at the fairest, most competitive, and most affordable prices and unbeatable convenience – time and money saved.

Ondoor has always been innovative throughout its history and focused on creating value for its customers, employees, and customers. Located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, ON DOOR CONCEPTS PRIVATE LIMITED is in the Other Specialty Trade Contractors business. A total of 56 people work across the many offices of ON DOOR CONCEPTS PRIVATE LIMITED. We are the parent company of two companies in the ON DOOR CONCEPTS PRIVATE LIMITED corporate family.

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Company Overview

Legal Name



Other Specialty Trade Contractors,  Specialty Food Stores,  Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers,  Warehousing and Storage,  Other Support Activities for Transportation


Pramod Ramdas Ingle, Narendra Singh Bapna

Founded Date


Total Funding Amount



Duane Park, Anicut Capital, Sumer Sethi, Universal Trustees Private Limited, Avtar Singh Monga, and one other


  1. Synram Technolab

SynRam Technolab is a technology consulting organization located in India with Gwalior headquarters specializing in cloud solutions, digital marketing, and website design and development. They offer a wide range of IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses, including site design, development, mobile application development, and online marketing. They have almost 120 apps in their portfolio, covering practically every platform.

Their developers are well-versed in Swift, XCode, Android Studio, Java, Eclipse, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and other programming languages.

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  1. CollegeKhabri

This Edtech company was founded by Arshi Khan. Online admissions, career counseling, scholarship options, and career coaching are the main focuses of CollegeKhabri.

CollegeKhabri is a well-organized website that provides information on institutions and their courses. This content will be reviewed by parents, children, and educators, who will select the best option for them.

Finding the ideal institution for students, instructors, and parents is always a problem. Choosing from many high-quality educational institutions can be daunting, but CollegeKhabri has made it easier for them.

Collegekhabri is a creator and operator of a web-based career and education counseling platform. The company’s online platform offers a wide range of educational courses, colleges, and universities in India and abroad and the most up-to-date and detailed information about colleges, careers, courses, Placement, Fees, and other education-related topics allowing students to make better career choices.

Her education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, where she established CollegeKhabri. The CollegeKhabri is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and is a serving institution in the state. Among the scholarships it offers is the “KHABRI.” scholarship, worth 1 lakh rupees. In addition to HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery, Collegekhabri uses 27 technologies. 

Collegekhabri’s website is actively utilizing 33 technologies, according to BuiltWith. In addition to Google Font API, Google Analytics, and Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon. Collegekhabri received an unknown contribution from Vijal Dixit on March 13, 2020.

see the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name

Dirasa Pvt Ltd.


Educational and training service; Educational Software


Arshi Khan, Rothar Jelis

Founded date

Nov 2016

Operating Status


Company Stage


Total Funding

Amount undisclosed


Vishal Dixit


CollegeDekho, Quero,, Collegedunia, GetMyUni 

  1. Markstein Technology

With more than a decade of experience in delivering mobility solutions, Markstein was founded in 2009. The company offers customers globally high-quality, cost-effective IT services that are dependable. PHP, .NET, Java, Perl, MySQL, Oracle, and several other technologies are some of the technologies the team has expertise in. If you want to present your business idea to them and get a quote, you can Skype with them or call their phone number directly.

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  1. Gold Setu

Jewelry retailers can access an integrated SaaS platform that automates their workflows and helps them digitally engage with their customers. The venue for alternative investments in gold and gold markets online. Gold assets can be purchased and sold online using this platform. 

Assets can be purchased as gifts, who can track pricing lists, and who can access insights and trends about the market. With Gold Setu, jewelry stores can automate operations and connect with consumers digitally using a mobile-first SaaS platform.

In 2021, Gold Setu Private Limited will be 11 months and 19 days old — or 11 months and 19 days old. A registered office of the company is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The company is currently operating. 

According to the MCA, this is an unlisted company with a paid-up capital of Rs 1.30 lakh and authorized capital of Rs 11.00 lakh. A board of directors for the organization consists of two members. Now that Anuj Sachdev and Vikas Verma are directors, they will work together.

Company Overview

Legal Name



Jewelry Retailers, SaaS


Anuj Sachdev and Vikas Verma

Founded Date

19- march-2021

Total Funding Amount



Anjali Bansal, Kunal Bahl, Kunal Shah, Rohit Bansal, Revant Bhate, Suhail Sameer, iseed, Titan Capital, Village Global, Better capital and others


  1. Gaurish Technologies

Gaurish Technologies offers a broad range of services, including design and engineering and full management support for community-based projects. They began by developing custom social software solutions and are now among the top IT companies in India for providing intuitive and trustworthy IT services. Their professional team creates highly functional software solutions with a broad set of skills and comprehensive knowledge. Throughout the project, we show the utmost attention.

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  1. OnnWay

This company specialized in transport and logistics and was founded by Rahul Rajput. With, vehicle suppliers can easily connect with loaders. In addition, the company helps identify pricing, optimize routes, offer on-demand delivery, and track transit times to address some of the most pressing concerns.

With, you can connect with a loader or vehicle provider and trade goods online. Our team is currently focusing on identifying price, route optimization, on-demand fast delivery and addressing some of the most pressing concerns.

Onnway’s unmatched technological platform helps it match the right Supplier with the right Loader at price due to its unrivaled technology platform. Furthermore, who could use a single, logical, and simple platform to manage all client shipments? Onnway allows users around India ahead of time or by calling. You can keep track of the progress of your shipment every mile.

By bonding only the suitable carrier with the right fleet, the company assures consumers that only the best leaders work on their loads. Onnway’s unrivaled technology platform, you can customize onnway to send you articles, emails, and more based on your source, address, etc. A private company established on February 5, 2021, Onnway Solutions Private Limited.

Company registration occurs with the Registrar of Companies in Gwalior. Its authorized share capital and paid-up capital are in Rs. 100,000. Under this program, supported. The director of Onnway Solutions Private Limited is Rahul Rajput, and the company’s director is Akhilesh Rajput.

see the source image

Company Overview

Legal Name



Logistics, FMCG, Mobility / Transportation


Rahul Rajput   

Founded date


Operating Status


Company Stage



Roadie, Backpack, Triplogic, Nimber, Envyl etc


  1. Can women in Gwalior start small businesses?

Ans. Several industries influence the state’s poultry/hatchery, sawmills, including building materials, cement industries, retail businesses, and food production.

  1. Gwalior is an great place to start a business because of its business-friendly environment.

Ans. We can start a business in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. There are countless options in the state, from mining to textiles to woodworking. In addition to attracting tourists it also helps to grow revenue.

  1. Does operating a Gwalior business generate a good amount of revenue?

Ans. The city of Gwalior gives resources a business will need. In Gwalior, there are three factors for manufacturing. Textiles, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and construction are significant industries in this sector. Additionally, there are local factories and handicrafts. Finally, historically and historically-minded tourists flock to Gwalior every year.

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