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ALERT: A Sure Sign That You Have Been Infected With The New Version Of Coronavirus! Is The New Version of the Virus More Transmissible?

New Version Of Coronavirus:It has been confirmed this week that a new type of coronavirus has spread from Europe to the United States, and may spread to neighboring countries in the future, and is more infectious than the first. Now, the question that many of us have in mind is: How do we know we are infected by it? Experts believe that the answer is both complex and simple.

According to research data published in the medical journal, the only major difference between the old coronavirus and the new coronavirus is that the new version of the coronavirus is more likely to infect people.

However, there is no difference when it comes to symptoms and their severity. All symptoms (including shortness of breath, dry cough, headache, fever, and fatigue) remained the same. According to specialists, if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you are actually infected with the new version of coronavirus.

Now It is the Dominant Form coronavirus

Erica Ollmann Saphire, a professor at the La Jolla Institute of Immunology and the Coronavirus Immunotherapy Consortium, who is engaged in a study, said: This is the predominant form of infection in humans. It is now the new version of the deadly virus.


Saphire emphasizes that the new version of the virus that researchers call G614 is a “fitter and deadly virus”, but it doesn’t look worse at first glance.

Bette Korber, a theoretical biologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and colleagues wrote in the report that: Our global tracking data reveals that the G614 variant in Spike spreads faster than the D614 variant. We think this means that the virus may be more infectious. Interestingly, we found no evidence that G614 has an effect on the severity of the disease.

 A Sure Sign That You Have Been Infected With The New Version Of Coronavirus! Is The New Version of the Virus More Transmissible?


Researchers allege that it has almost entirely replaced the original strain. The mutation influences the spike proteid, the structure that the virus utilizes to enter the cells it contaminates. Now, researchers are trying to investigate whether this new strain can be controlled by a vaccine or not.

The New Version of the Virus is Now More Transmissible


Scientists dissected more than 4700 genetic sequences of the coronavirus. They discovered that it has undergone numerous mutations, one of which-a small chemical change in amino acid G614-may makes it more easily spread from one person to another.

The virus does not seem to evolve to become more lethal or cause more severe coronavirus cases, but virus mutations often attract the attention of health officials.

A virologist, David Morens at the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States read the report and said it strongly suggests that the virus has changed and can be spread more easily from one person to another. He further remarked: This may influence our ability to control it. 

Three to Nine Times More Contagious.

Researchers believe that COVID-19 is mutating and can be evolving to become more contagious. Researchers insist that the new version reproduces extremely faster in the uppermost respiratory tract, making it 3 to 9 times more contagious. However, the symptoms and severity of both remain unchanged.

‘Evolve or death’ also applies to Viruses:Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


All viruses will evolve and mutate to survive, no matter what modern drugs throws at them. These include other types of coronaviruses, such as those that cause the seasonal flu and common cold. The latter often mutate, so that a new flu vaccine must be developed every year to deal with the latest mutations. Morens told: That may be what is in store with the COVID-19.

He said: Although we don’t know yet, in terms of the likelihood of this coronavirus, when the level of immunity of our population gets high enough, this COVID-19 disease will find a way to circumvent our immunity. If this happens, we will be in the same situation as with the flu. We will have to chase the virus, and when it mutates, we will have to patch our vaccine.


Although these findings indicate that this mutated form of the coronavirus infection spreads more easily than the original form, the study authors propose the same prevention method. Korber said in a statement: Whether the final result is subsequently confirmed or not, it emphasizes the value of an already considerable idea such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

COVID-19 Digital Press Kit | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC

As for yourself, do everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease in the first place:  if you think you have the coronavirus, get tested; Wear a face mask when around people you cannot get along with; wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds, social gathering, bars, and house parties, practice social distancing; only run essential errands, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and monitor your health periodically.

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