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North Korea’s crypto theft breaks records for the most stolen assets in 2022: UN Reports

The report from good sources in the United Nations has shown that North Korea stole a high amount of cryptocurrency in the previous year. It has further revealed that a high value of the cryptocurrency has been stolen by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the last year.

According to a cyber security firm, the cryptocurrency assets account for 630 million USD and vary to 1 billion USD. Most of the cyberattacks were carried out by the groups handled by North Korea’s primary intelligence agency, Reconnaissance General Bureau. The teams involved in the cryptocurrency theft include Lazarus Group, Kimsuky, and Andareil.

The teams continued to target victims illegally to yield revenue and gain information valuable to the DPRK, including various weapon programs.

The groups installed malware in the systems through various methods like phishing. They made initial contacts with the targets on LinkedIn, and when the trust was established, they used to deliver malicious payloads through WhatsApp.

Cryptocurrency theft: North Korea

In addition, the FBI has interconnected North Korea to the cryptocurrency thefts accounting for 100 million USD in the Horizon bridge. The latter is a platform that allows crypto assets to be traded within the harmony blockchain and other networks.

North Korea’s crypto theft hacking to fuel Kim Jong un’s malicious activities:

It has been predicted that the thefts were conducted to support North Korea’s ballistic missiles and the creation of weapons for mass destruction programs.

Chainalysis, a block-chain based analysis firm, has stated that the North Korean-based hackers have stolen cryptocurrency worth 1.4 billion Euros in 2022. The value has quadrupled the total cryptocurrency assets stolen by the nation in 2021.

The North-Korean-based firm accounted for 44 percent of the cryptocurrency thefts in the last year and has named it as the biggest year in crypto hacking.

North Korea has faced heavy sanctions worldwide for the creation of mass destruction programs and has shifted to other methods to fund its notorious motives.

North Korea has been restricted from conducting nuclear tests and ballistic missile releases by the Security Council since 2006.

But, the nation has continued with the illegal imports of refined petroleum and exports of coal, defying the sanctions. The reports from legitimate sources have cited that they have initiated an investigation into North Korea for the export of arms.

Hypersonic missile testing in North Korea

North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests, and the country is gearing up for the seventh one this year. They are accelerating the nuclear weapon generation programs under Kim Jong Un. Pyongyang has released many ballistic and other missiles despite the country’s shrinking economy.

Chainalysis stated that North Korea’s total exports accounted for 148 million USD of goods. It implies that crypto thefts yield a central portion of the nuclear arsenal.

Experts have stated that hackers steal crypto through brokers in China and Non-fungible tokens.
The reports have indicated that decentralized finance protocols have resulted in 82 percent of cryptocurrency theft in 2022.

Defi users know what will happen to their funds when they utilize them because of the smart contract codes that control these protocols, which are accessible to the public by default. But, transparency has become an attractive platform for hackers as they can scan the codes for vulnerabilities at the correct time to steal the cryptocurrencies.

The chief executive officer at blockchain security firm Halborn, David Schwed has stated that the DeFi users prioritize growth, and thus, they use their funds to enhance security rather than directing it to the generation of rewards. This initiative is used to attract users.

Mr. Schwed has further asserted that the application can gain insights from a financial institution to make it more secure. They can stimulate different hacking situations to design and improvise their protocols or design mechanisms that will help to pause or end a transaction when suspicious activity is visualized in the user’s account.

The North Korean hackers directed their stealings mainly from foreign aerospace and defense companies. They use sophisticated measures to gain access to the digital networks in cyber finance and steal potentially important information, including the weapon programs of a nation.

North Korea has denied the allegations regarding hacking or any cyber attacks. Various sanctions monitor for South Korea has stated that the North Korean hackers stole crypto assets worth 630 million USD in 2022, and it has resulted in their cyber assets accounting for more than 1 billion USD.

North Korean hackers have stolen thousands of millions of dollars from international accounts. As a result, the U.S. sanctions have resulted in the freeze of assets of the Lazarus group to prevent crypto theft.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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