Top 10 Most Promising Customer Support Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising Customer Support Companies in India 2022

The term customer support is used for the act of providing customer service which tends to prioritize the customers with their specific problems and provide a service related to that. It is a team of people who offer their assistance to customers all around the globe whenever they face any kind of trouble or issue with any company’s particular product or any kind of service. One of the basic agendas for this service is to make sure that the problems of the people are solved whenever they seek help from customer support.

Customer support service varies from business to business because it completely depends on the kind of your business that you are operating or the industry along with the kind of customers that are attached to your organization. One term that could be used to make it simple, is being helpful to those who are in need.

Apart from helping the individuals, the customer support team also makes sure is changing the user’s experience regarding their services or products. The head of the Member success at the organization of Trust & Will has also said that the role of customer support is to provide the individuals with the assistance of changing their experiences. It is the basic role of the agent of the customer support team to advocate for the help that is needed by many people.

Helping people is not only just a good shape but it also helps in shaping the future of any company regarding their products and helping in their marketing strategy. The customer support section is considered to be the core of any company that is called to be a customer-centric organization all over India.

These organizations dealing with customer support service try to build their trust among people through their dedication, honesty, and expectation. They tend to carry on their task internally by collecting their data regarding their problem. The basic idea is to take all the important information and knowledge that easily supports the operations done by the customer support.

They make the interaction better by communicating to the individuals regarding their issues and even go by the act of asking several questions from them and answering the questions with the best kind of solutions which someway empowers the customers for making their decision. There could be different kinds of problems for different individuals so customer support has the solutions according to all the problems.

Customer Service vs Customer Support

Although both of the terms do deal with the aspect of helping the customers, therefore it’s a little hard for making a difference between customer support and customer service. The term customer service is called an umbrella, which is used for all the kinds of interactions that enhance the overall customer experience and also tries to improve the relationship with the concerned company.

It is considered just one type of interaction. Most business organizations provide customer service, but not all of them require the need of customer support. If we take an example, there is a restaurant that gives customer service when you are seated in their restaurant, when you order your food or pay the bill. The waiter working at the restaurant is not going to help you to eat your food.

The basic difference that we can make out between customer support and customer service is that customer support has a team that helps you in fixing any kind of technical issue that you face with any company, or with any product or service that you buy from any company whereas the customer service helps to build better and good relationships and also helps at the same time in establishing a true kind of partnership in the long run for the customer as well as for the other party. Customer support is referred in the terms of how customer service is referred in the terms of why.

The addition of the term “why” in the process of the support helps in improving the experiences of the customers and on the other hand, helps the agents of the team to grow better. Therefore, when it comes to the services, both of the terms happen to be a little different from each other. Enlisted below can give you the information for choosing the best kind of customer support in time of your need.

1.  MattsenKumar LLC

MattsenKumar LLC on Twitter: "They say, "all lasting business is built on friendship" and we agree! #TEAMMK celebrated this spirit of friendship in fun ways with colourful wrist bands and photobooth poses

This is the one place that has been known to be a very fast-growing business process involved with the action of outsourcing and providing the customers with the best kind of experiences. This was founded by the well-known industry veterans Mike Mattsen and Aarati Kumar and this company have their delivery centers based in the city of Gurugram and Jaipur. It was founded in the year 2010, and in the current situation the company operates with over 2000 employees across the 3 different locations working with the mindset of giving the excellent kind of outsourcing services to individuals and the leading players across the country.

The company helps their clients from diverse industries, helping the people with their exceptional kind of customer support by using their outsourcing solutions. They have multiple kinds of services like contact center outsourcing, their office management, e-commerce outsourcing technology for better interaction along with the analytics of speech. The company has its core agenda in delivering exceptional kind of quality services to their clients which are done with their ultimate focus on their data security. It deals with good services at a reasonable price.

You can easily go through their company descriptions, former clients working with them, along notable projects. The customer has been driving out their great reviews and highly recommended to others seeking help.

2. Helpware

Helpware | LinkedIn

This company was founded in the year 2015, and it is known to be a company that is taking up all the modern approaches in the best of the outsourcing industry. The company has been created to change the perceptions of many users in terms of what is outsourcing and how does it work. The company has been building with great cultures in their office and has been providing their customers with the benefit that could be used for the long turn. They have been working with amazing cultures in all of their offices located in different places. With the help of Helpware, it has been giving the best kind of feedback to its customers.

It is a complete team and family, and it makes the user see the difference of what it means to be partnering with their team. Helpware builds their customized teams according to the needs of their customers and also has their back-office management for multiple industry-related works. The company works on a completely global scale delivering their services and working with a complete tailor custom team. Because of so much experience, the company has been building up the best kind of overview among individuals and it has grown to a great level over the years of working.

It deals with catering to the clients of the startups and has now been evolving with different clients and with their partnerships in different programs. The team at Helpware works with great dedication, attentiveness, and hard work and sees the problems of the people from their end.

3. Unity Communications

Device communications in Unity 3D | by Vishnu Sivan | Nerd For Tech | MediumWant the best customer support? Then, Unity Communications is the one name that could be best considered for this job. Founded in the year 2009, it is a company that mainly provides its cloud consulting along with its IT strategy. The company works with a complete of their 28 employees and has been giving best service to their customers. The company works with the mid-market and all the small-scale businesses in the process of telecommunication along with their business services and navigation and GIS industries for the same. Over time they have made a good number of customers like the MSPs, Wireless Watchdogs and RingCentral.

Unity Communications provide customers a kind of customer support for all the wireless kind of companies. Their different clients need a partner and then they come to the center of Unity Communications for their long-term and trusted partnership. The company provides troubleshooting, outsourcing, voicemail, and ordering services to their client’s customers. If a company joins this company, it ensures that it makes that particular company hold a better experience and overview in the minds of the customers coming to that company.

It works very smoothly with their clients which makes it easy for the clients to continue their partnership with the company and gather more years of trust and belongingness. Many companies around the globe who hire their services have rated this company best because this center helps the company in reducing the mistakes that are made by the customers and improves them making the image of the company.

4. Global Response

Global Response Careers

The overall rating of this company is very well when compared with other companies dealing with the same act of providing customer support. When it comes to the quality, scheduling, cost, and service of NPS then the company has presented a good rating in all of the services. It is called a contact center company that was established in the year 1974. The team consists of more than 450 employees and offers their services in contacts, communications, inbound processing, and order processing. The team of this company supports their customers through the use of chat support and email response along with social media support.

The company has also made some well-known clients like Lacoste, MoMa, and Crate&Barrel. The name Global response has provided their best kind of technological billing services and offers for the kind of life science companies. The company works on a basis of making or attending 100 calls per day, further processes the orders. The complete work of the company has increased the overall processing efficiency which is again beneficial for the company and the customers seeking their help.

The companies that have already worked for them have been giving the best kind of reviews and they mark the company as the one who works as a strategic partner for them and looks for the overall success of the business.

5. Go4Customer

Opting for Outbound Telemarketing Companies | Go4customer

It is known as a company with the process of outsourcing along with their contact center that is located in Noida. The company has its other offices in other cities of India also and has been working with their dedication since 2004. Because of such a huge expansion of the company, it has been able to serve people across the globe. The team behind Go4Customer has around 200 of their experts who have been providing voice call or non-voice call and their back-office services for years.

It has already worked with different industries which include aspects like information technology, information on consumer products, and financial services too. They have made some well-known clients like the BSNL, Hudson, and TIMEX. The company provides all kinds of call center services and has made more and more customers over time.

The workflow of the company is very well managed to keep in mind the requirements of the people coming to their company for help. Their overall rating is considered very good among other companies and individuals. Go4Customer is one platform for solving all kinds of concerns that the individuals have.

6. Ansafone

Ansafone Contact Centers Welcomes Ben Martorano, new VP of Operations, to the Leadership Team

It is known as a voice services providers company, founded in the year 1970 and works with a team of 250 employees. Looking at their time, it is known that the company has been providing their services in customer support for years and have very dedicated and hardworking customer support representatives working for them. The company offers their representatives for different government sub-contractors and their clients always fetch the best reviews from their services.

It presents the utmost kind of quality in their services and believes more in fetching the best kind of reviews to help with the image of their company. The company helps in the growth of the businesses by telling them the points of improvement and the points of addition. It is considered to be one platform for all kinds of help with their trustful connections and their support.

The outsourcing service of this company is regarded as very easy and efficient for individuals. The team works in a complete strategy of making the complete portfolio of their client’s problems along with the solutions. The clients can easily submit to the team their preferences, with a short interview on a phone call according to the convenience of the clients.

7. Simply Contact

News Archives - Simply Contact

It is an outstanding kind of outsourcing company in customer support. It was founded in the year 2015, working with full-fledged team members around 400, and provides the most efficient kind of services. The Simply Contact company serves the mid-market and all the different sizes of the business. it looks in various industries at the time of serving their services and offers the best level of hospitality and leisure at their company office. Simply Contact is with the handling of both the inbound and outbound kinds of calls from different cosmetics and beauty brands too.

The basic goal of this company is to offer their best customer satisfaction and help in increasing both the sales along with their number of customers. The team ensures the continuous monitoring of the work providing the easy workflow of the whole action and the analytics processes.

They have made some clients like the Bolt, Wizz Air, and the Yves Rocher. The company offers customer support, business process outsourcing, data entry services, technical support, telemarketing, and the support of the back office. The company holds its expertise in the fields of telecommunication, travel, finance, banking, e-commerce, and the retail industries.

8. Invensis

About Invensis Technologies

It is called to be a BPO, IT, and company for customer support services based in the city of Bengaluru. the company was founded in the year 2000 and has been giving their expertise in certain fields related to the customers. The team of this company has more than 350 employees and has been offering non-voice, bpo, and back-office support. They have made clients like Sprint, Web2Carz, and Wyndham. It is known to be a marketing firm that works with the ideals of handling more numbers of inbound calls to their customers and it has also hired employees to answer the phone calls, processes the order, and provide the solutions according to the problems.

The company has already helped many business ventures to improve or increase their efficiency by 37% and those companies have appreciated the customer services that were given to them. It helps the companies in portraying a better image in the market to customers by helping them with the mistakes by reducing them.

The management of the company is considered up to the mark with the quality work given by their employees. Invensis have helped many companies in just turning the whole picture of the companies and helped to be the best version of themselves.

9. GCS Agents

Contact Center Workforce Optimization & Management - Global Contact Services

The overall rating for this company is considered very well and it is called to be a contact center, founded in the year 2001. The team with employees of more than 300 specializes in some of their areas like voice services, consulting, inbound and outbound calls. The company has made the majority of its clients belonging from the mid-market area across different industries. The consulting of the company is considered very secure and done under expert supervision. It provides analytics for the energy database servers of the companies because of which it greatly improves the security of the client services along with the communication.

The work is done in much less time as compared to other companies and even the money that is spent. Companies have reviewed that the data security and the communications outside of their external database are very well made and managed. There is a method of careful selection when it comes to the problems of their customers. The agents of their team are with the right personality when it comes to pleasing the customers with their support and communication.

It has the most effective kind of training of all the team members so that while helping the customers they provide the best-suited solutions and try to fetch the best kind of feedback from them. The management of the company is complete process driven with the smart use of the technology and the soft skills needed in building the best kind of interaction with the customers.

10. SupportYourApp

How We Created Our Own CRM System - SupportYourApp

SupportYourApp is the one place considered for all kinds of customer support, founded in the year 2010. It is a team of more than 400 employees offering their non-voice phone calls and other services involved in supporting their customers. It has also other services like voice calls and to optimize their level of communication with their customers, they have support in all forms like email, on chat, and calls. It is a customer support company offering multilingual, technological, and enhanced kinds of customer services. They have their services going on for 24×7 in approx. 31 languages.

Their services include the call center, data annotation, staff augmentation, customer success and sales, technical support, and customer support services. The team of this company has around 900 of their professionals and has already made 150 of their clients from different companies.

The company has a certified service provider and it is driven by in-house and cloud-based software. This also helps many size businesses to grow their status and hence improves the marketing processes and involves better opportunities. Customer support gives a new image to the business and transforms the experiences of the people.

Reasons why customer support is important for your business

The whole act of customer support is important for every kind of business because basically, customer support has a team of agents that works for the reason of helping the business in resolving the issues of the customers that come to the company. The customer support team is the one that sees the issues very quickly and solves them very effectively. All of the issues depend on the kind of business you are running and the kind of customers that come to your center. It is a team, that helps multiple families to create their customized wills and their plans. Therefore is it considered a key for driving the businesses and different products experience.

The agents of the customer support help in making a better decision that completely revolves around the customers and the team becomes the front line when it comes to communication. The agents also add new features and advise the companies to make their products and services better. Making new changes on daily basis and updating the marketing side of the business. customer support is the one team that becomes the voice of the customers.

They help from both sides, the side of the business and the side of the customers, and try to meet both of them. They help the customers in meeting their expectations from any particular company. The customer support helps in elevating the voice Without their support it will become difficult for the companies to work efficiently and easily.






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