Python 3.11 amplifying performance with faster CPython!

The Python programming language delivers new amazing versions once a year, along with a feature-locked beta release in the previous half of the year, and the concluding release comes up at the end of the year.

The feature finalized set for Python 3.11 has been finalized just now only, with a beta version reachable for testing. Developers are inspired to try their hands on this latest non-production code, both of which to ensure that it works well with your programs and to get an overview of whether the code you are working on will get advantage from its performance enrichments.

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To know its performance better and understand it deeply, first, you need to know all about Python 3.11. To know more, click here.

Faster CPython

According to the news, the performance advancements are accomplished only by gaining the advantage of Faster CPython – a Microsoft-funded, smartly developed project.

Faster CPython has the default interpreter known as ‘CPython’. This interpreter adopts just-in-time compiler technology and finds out the code that can be advantageous from this special and smart solution. This grants instructions in executed code objects to be framed with a new instruction. The new instruction is executed faster. This, after all, makes all of Python run faster.

As we came to know that CPython is quite well with instructions, but you will be amazed to know that it helps in memory usage as well in a very decent manner. Not like other programming languages which use a system allocator, it makes use of its own memory. So this is the reason it makes fewer calls to the system allocator. But to improve efficiency, the System allocator is called a number of times in one move.

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Qualities in Python 3.11

5 New features in Python 3.11 that makes it the coolest new release in 2022 | by Prakhar Rathi | Apr, 2022 | Level Up Coding

A reference implementation- CPython

The most widely used implementation of Python is CPython which is why it is the reference implementation. So we can say that whether it be written in C or Python, CPython is the default to be used.

When we compare it with 3.10, it clearly says that 3.11 is much faster and more optimized. According to the performance benchmark suite, it shows that CPython 3.11 is actually 1.22x faster than CPython 3.10 and is also compiled with GCC Ubuntu Linux.

The speed-up can reach 10-60% fast, and the documentation says that with Python 3.11, the developers target faster runtime and faster startup.

1. A Self Type

Earlier, when we used self class type, then it required obtuse and verbose annotations as essential typing, but self helps you to annotate the return value as only Self, its just Self. Analysis tools also help you in getting some important and predictable solutions for the required methods.

2. String Literal defined by Annotation

Type annotations in earlier times had no other way to tell the variable needed to become a string literal which means the string defined in the source code. But now we have a literal string which is a new typing annotation, so we don’t have any issue like that now. Also, by this new annotation, we can easily come to know by the linters whether it is a string defined in the source or a completely fresh string made up of source-defined strings.

3. Speed of Python 3.11

The only feature programmers wanted was speed, so here we go. We have Python 3.11, which came with many advancements and improvements just like any new version. Since we know the type of object changes very frequently, so the interpreter is now trying to analyze running codes and replace them with type-specific ones. For integers, float, and strings, the binary operations are replaced with specialized versions.

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4. Type Hinting Feature

One can easily handle large codebases with type hinting features of Python and also new interesting features added to each new version of Python. So Python 3.11 came up with several new additional capabilities of type- hinting.

Python 3.11 Gaining popularity- Why?

The one factor which was not possible in Python is not only present but also more efficient in Python 3.11, which is recursive calls in this are not tail-optimized and also the stack frames of the function call in Python 3.11 are more effectively designed and used relatively less memory so by this we can say that Python function calls require fewer efforts in Python 3.11.

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As I have told you earlier in the article, Python 3.11 is running approx 1.25 times faster than earlier version 3.10. And you know the best thing is that these all features came for free. Developers can stay relaxed as for these all features, one does not need to make any changes in python codes and still can get these amazing speed and performance benefits.

Faster CPython, a funded project by Microsoft, is having Python 3.11 as of this first release benefit, and also the members of this project are Guido van Rossum (Python Inventor) and Eric Snow, and Mark Shannon (Tech lead), who are amazing software developers too.

There will be one event called EuroPython also going to set up for the changes which can help speed up, and this event is to be held in Dublin in July centres. In this event, Shannon will be going to tell all about PEP 659 (Python Enhancement Proposal), which includes an “adaptive specializing interpreter” in Python 3.11.

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According to research, performance can be increased by any specialization in the interpreter. Still, Shannon explained that it is being done with JIT( just in time) compiler as there is one technique called specialization.

The interpreter finds out the code that can gain profit from specialization. Also, suppose any instruction in the code object gets executed multiple times. In that case, that instruction will become specialized by getting replaced with new instruction that has the ability to execute faster for that particular operation.


The above article includes all about Faster CPython and also the popularity reasons along with some of the amazing features that I found quite cool in Python 3.11. As the research and progress continuously move forward, we can say that there are going to be many cool features that can continuously make Python even more intuitive and user-friendly. 

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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