Real-Time Productive Activities to do to have a Proper Mind-set

There are many times when you want to accomplish everything that is pending on your list but you just can’t simply because of multiple reasons and other routines that require your attention. Achieving a productive mindset requires a hell lot of hard work which is not something that can be achieved in seconds, one needs to bring a change in himself and in the way one carries out his or her daily routines. It will make a lot of difference if you will be regular and make specific changes in your lifestyle. Here are some activities that will help you to increase productivity and have a proper mindset.

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It is said that yoga can change your life, and it is somewhat true. Use is not only to keep you healthy, but it is useful for many other things like losing weight, removing stress, and being much more positive. One of the things that exercise does is that it also increases your productivity. According to statistics, it is said that there is a 70% increase in one’s productivity when one exercises regularly. It gives an entirely different outlook to the person who uses it. Here are some of the exercises listed below:

  • Cycling

According to transport charity, the average workers take 4.5 sick days each, and people who cycle take only 2.4 days. This means it reduces the sick days for a person and puts out a healthy approach for the people. It is also a great way to kill time and a good daily routine. Well, if you are facing any issue with finding the right kind of the cycle for yourself, maybe you can do a search on the internet and see which period is best for the exercise and see which brings the best features. In case you are not in for all these fancy looking cycles with features, a normal one is also great for the exercises. If the internet is not able to help you and you’re low on the price for a cycle, just hit the gym and use their cycle.

  • Running

Running is an excellent exercise for anyone who is having a low day. Running is good for not only stress removal but also to lose weight. Running makes a lot of difference id added into one’s daily routine. It is said that a person who runs stays 33% out of stress at tensed situations, which is an excellent benefit for a lot of people. Proper running comes with practice and is not something that requires money. It would help if you had some clothes and shoes, and you’re good to go. Just wear knee cabs, for a few days can be much more painful.

  • Meditation Exercise
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Meditation exercises or breathing exercises are the best to avoid any kind of stress, and all you have to do it nothing but concentrate on your breathing. It also focuses on one’s concentration.  It is said that breathing exercises can increase your focus ability up to 12%, than people who don’t perform these exercises. Meditation is a great way to remain calm and focus. It is a great technique to achieve what is required for a productive mindset.

  • Quick Naps

This is quite an important point to focus on. And one might not understand the importance of this pointer unless you have experienced it. It is said that quick naps up to 10-20 minutes can increase a person’s productivity to work and increase the brain span of an individual. Sometimes a person’s mind might be going through some blockage. Therefore it becomes a kind of essential to remove those blockages, and this turns out to be one of the best methods to do so. However, if one is planning to take a long nap to say 30-60 minutes, it can result negatively. A more extended rest can make you more and lazy and less productive, which can lead you just to YAWN!

Getting more involved in the conversation

It is said that employees that talk in their companies with different people tend to have more and more present in their work and are much more active. It is said that talking with others is again as it puts in a lot of knowledge about the work and people you are working with.

Communication in any form can be a massive gain for a lot of people. According to a survey, it is said that employees that use phones to communicate for work are said to have a 52% increase in their productivity and also 12% gain in their communicating skills that help them to be a better spokesperson. Communicating has been a great exercise to increase the productivity of a person and in one’s mind.

According to surveys, it is also said that having any face to face communication can lead to an increase in productivity up to 94%, which can be in person or through any video call. It is a great way to improve one’s way of talking with others. The fascinating conversation gives you better speaking and social skills. Make sure you do it right.

  • “The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but few decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.” ~ Nolan Bushnell


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Listening to music is a high activity to increase the productivity of a person. Music is a great help to reduce stress and increase productivity. It also brings some fun to the table while working. If you are someone who is a music lover and have been facing a lot of problems while working well, we got you covered. Try this hack.

Music is fantastic medicine for people also having a bad day. You can use many apps that will be helpful like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, and if you are someone who enjoys videos as well, then what is better than YouTube? Use all these apps to help you in your wrong time, and when you feel like you are not being productive enough. 

It is often suggested to listen to good and fast music than sad and slow ones because, according to researches, it is said that a quick tune makes the person listening to it faster as well in his or her work and much more productive. The song has a lot to contribute to the person, and fast music is said to motivate the person better.

‘ In a survey by Robert Half, 71% of people have responded that listening to music increases their productivity while working. It is something that is quite a useful thing. It is free to help people who feel lazy to work, it freshens up a person’s mood and his ability to work, and that is great. So put on your headphones and put in some goofy beats to your playlist.

Work Environment

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A work environment plays an essential role in a person’s life. If you are someone who does everything in bed and are a lazy bird, well, you will have to change some of your habits, mate. The best way to do is to improve some of your habits like Sleeping on time and getting up on time. From there, leave your bed and start going to work. A more active routine will be helpful to you. It is better that you work at moderate room temperature.  

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You might be confused about what is here to do with room temperature? Well, there is a study by CareerBuilder states that it often makes employees quite uncomfortable if the room temperature is too cold and can decrease the productivity of a person up to 53%, so make sure your room temperature isn’t much cold and is comfortable.

It is suggested that there are on average, there are 85% of employees that are not interested in work and which can result in up to $7 trillion loss in productivity. This is kind of sad news, so make sure the work environment is comfortable for you.

Work More and earn better for the future

10 ways to improve team efficiency and productivity

Well, working more will gradually increase your productivity, and there is no doubt about it. It would work out if you were a little motivated and a few more proactive about the work that you do. Having flexible working hours can increase productivity.

According to Condeco reports, 64% of employees to perform better once they have flexible working hours and are much more active at work according to their own comfort time. At the same time, it is beautiful if you want to bring the action back home because it is said to increase productivity. A home is a place that can give you a comfort zone that you desire. At work, you might have to think about others as well.

According to Fundera, 86% of the employees are much more productive when they are at home. Work requires a lot of work from computers and the Internet, but you should avoid your screens as much as you can because, according to Remote Collaborative Worker Survey, 77% of Employees feel that they perform the best when off-screen.

Well, you know everything that you need to know to be more productive, drop everything, and start contributing by following up with some of these simple methods.

  • “The winners in life constantly think in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do.” ~ Dennis Waitley

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