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South Africa Bans The Use of The AstraZeneca Vaccine; The Serum Institute of India Has Refunded South Africa For 5 Million Doses Of Coronavirus Vaccine! Research Says The Coronavirus Vaccine Has Also The Greatest Side Effects!

The Serum Institute of India (SII) has refunded 5 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to South Africa. In fact, South Africa has decided not to use the vaccine. According to the information received, the move was taken after the vaccine was found to be less effective against the South African variant.

South Africa's mass screening helps stem the coronavirus tide | Financial  Times

On the other hand, the one million doses of the SII (Serum Institute of India) that have been provided to South Africa have been sold to other African Union countries.

At a TV media briefing on Thursday, South Africa’s Health Minister Zweli Mkhize confirmed that the Serum Institute of India has refunded our remaining 5,00,000 doses of medicine in full, and the money has also been credited to our bank account.

During the event, Mkhize said: “I want to clarify the decision not to take the vaccine. This vaccine is less effective in the South African variant, so it is wasteful to continue taking it. On the other hand, he said that South Africans are very worried about this.

Vaccines will now be wasted, but what we want to point out is that all AstraZeneca vaccines have been provided to other countries/regions. Mkhiz said that the 100,000 doses we received earlier have been sold to the African Union Forum and distributed to many African countries that are now able to use these vaccines.

Research Says This Coronavirus Vaccine of South Africa Has Also The Greatest Side Effects

Besides this, an early study found that one of the three currently approved COVID-19 vaccines seems to have more side effects.

COVID-19: South Africa identifies new coronavirus variant causing surge in  infections

According to a research report published in JAMA this week, in order to promote the rapid evaluation of coronavirus vaccines, by 2020, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has established v-safe, which is a tool for collecting near real-time information and new active surveillance system comes from data from recipients of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States.

The data showed that the respondents, in particular, got more side effects from a vaccine. Read on to find out one of the vaccines and remember that these side effects are completely normal and should not prevent you from being vaccinated.

Respondents Said That The Moderna Vaccine Has More Side Effects

According to this research, people who received the Moderna vaccine said that they experienced more side effects compared to people who took the vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech.

The results are based on V-Safe, a text message-based program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is designed to track the side effects of vaccinators.

In the first week after each vaccination, participants in the study will be prompted to fill out a daily survey about their symptoms. For information on side effects, read the next paragraph.

Side Effects Include Injection Site Reactions And Fatigue

Among 3.6 million people who received the coronavirus vaccine for the first time before February 21, and also participated in V-Safe and checked at least once, about 70% of them reported reactions at the injection site, such as swelling or pain. About half of people have systemic reactions, such as chills or fatigue.

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Compared with people taking Pfizer formulation, people taking the Moderna vaccine are more likely to have side effects: 73% of people report injection site reactions, compared with 65% of people taking Pfizer doses.

Nearly 51% of Moderna vaccine recipients have systemic symptoms, compared with 48% of those receiving Pfizer vaccine.

Especially After The Second Shot Of Moderna, More People Have Side Effects

The side effect gap widens with the expansion of the second shot. Approximately 82% of second-time Moderna injections reported pain at the injection site, compared to 69% of Pfizer injections. Overall, 74% of people said they would have side effects after taking Moderna injections, and 64% had received the Pfizer vaccine.

There Have Been Some Reports Of The “Moderna Arm” Case

Moderna vaccination is usually associated with a side effect called the “COVID arm” (or “Moderna arm”), in which the vaccine recipients will develop a rash about a week or more after the injection.

According to research published this week in the American Journal of Dermatology, these delayed skin reactions (which may occur 1 to 8 days after the injection) are not dangerous and will not prevent the recipient from receiving a safe second injection.

The “COVID arm” or “Moderna arm” is different from a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine, such as an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), which is a potentially life-threatening airway swelling.

This usually happens within a few minutes after the injection, which is why the CDC recommends that everyone wait 15 to 30 minutes after the vaccination before leaving the injection site.

But the subsequent rashes do not indicate a serious problem. Dr. Esther Freeman, Director of Global Hygiene Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, in the USA said: ‘For people whose rash starts four hours or more after vaccination, zero percent of them continue allergic reaction or any other serious reaction occurred’. Zero is a good number.

She added: ‘People are relieved to get a second dose of vaccine’.

Why Does This Happen?

Experts say that the side effects associated with the coronavirus vaccine are a good sign- that your immune system is “activating” to fight the invading virus. As for why one formulation has more side effects than another, it is still unclear.


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