Delhi’s Vaccine Agony : Moderna And Pfizer Denied To Sell The Vaccines Directly To Delhi

India’s vaccination crisis is getting serious as the vaccines have been exhausted in several states, and the central government doesn’t seem to be bothered about it much.

Surprisingly the BJP ruled states are not facing as many disparities as the non-BJP ruled states. The reason behind this remains the same, i.e., the central government’s cunning play in halting them. The feud between AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and BJP is getting heated, and the blame game continues. At last, the public has to suffer, as they witnessed a petrifying second wave. Nevertheless, PM Modi has kept a mum, frozen and indolent not caring much to assist the citizens.

thane woman claims she got 3 vaccine doses in 15 mins; probe ordered | mumbai news

Several states have started to invite global tenders for their vaccine supply since the India-made vaccines are producing at very slow rates and the uncertainty regarding their supply is still prevalent. The central government blames the states for not managing the vaccination drive properly, whereas the state government is busy blaming the central government for not providing them with enough stocks. Delhi’s vaccine quota for June has been reduced to 8 lakhs, which implies that it would take 30 months to vaccinate the entire adult population of Delhi if the government keeps supplying them at such low rates.

Arvind Kejriwal: Pfizer and Moderna refused to sell vaccines directly to us

As the vaccination drive is halted in Delhi for 18-44 age groups due to the ongoing vaccine crisis, Arvind Kejriwal stood up for the citizens of Delhi to arrange them via global tender. On Monday, Arvind Kejriwal, CM of Delhi, claimed, that Moderna and Pfizer (the USA-made vaccines) have refused to sell the vaccines directly to us and has said that they will directly deal with the government of India for COVID-19 vaccines.

CM Kejriwal has appealed to the central government to provide them with new stocks to speed up the vaccination drive in the national capital. “Vaccines for 18-44 age groups has exhausted, resulting in the centers to be closed for youth,” he mentioned.

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On Sunday, it was reported that a US-based pharmaceutical and biotech company had thwarted Punjab’s efforts to get COVID-19, saying it did not supply directly to the provinces, and would only work with the Indian government.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Nunal Officer for Vaccination of the Punjab government Vikas Garg said, “They have written to us that as part of their policy, they are not looking directly at the provinces or NGOs. They only work with the Government of India. “This came after the federal government suspended the first and second phase of the campaign due to a lack of vaccinations.

The situation remains the same in Mumbai as well, wherein BMC has invited global tenders for their supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

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