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Study reveals that Semen quality of Covid patients is affected.

With the excitement of the new year, we had forgotten about Covid’s presence in our life. To remind you, we are now in the third year of living with the deadly new Coronavirus. Whereas previously, this disease was mainly associated with the human respiratory system, it appears that the fatal virus is on the point of causing even greater harm to human life. According to recent studies, when men are diagnosed or treated with Covid, their semen quality suffers. This study was conducted by the AIIMS of Delhi, Patna, and Andhra’s Mangalagari.

Details of the research.

The study revolves around the concept of semen analysis, which is also known as the sperm count test. The respondents of the study were 30 men who are aged starting from a teenager of 19 to middle age of 43. These are all patients who were admitted to AIIMS Patna, during the COVID pandemic from October 2020 to April 2021. 

The first analysis of the Semen was conducted just after they got infected, and the second sample of Semen was collected after 2.5 months. 

Covid infection may impact semen quality in men

The analysis disclosed that the Semen quality of these people was low, even though SARS-CoV-2 was not present during the first sampling. Even after analyzing the second sample after 2.5 months, the quality of Semen in these people was not up to the mark, and could not reach the optimum level. 

When the first time the Semen sample was collected, 12 out of 30 men, or 40 % of respondents showed low Sperm Count, accounting for less than 39 million per ejaculation. The Semen volume was discovered to be less than 1.5 mL in 33% of respondents, which accounts for 10 men in a total people of 30, in the first sampling. After having a gap of 2.5 months, when the sampling of Semen was done again, 3 Men, or 10 % of respondents showed low sperm count. 

The correct ratio of Semen volume is considered good.

The Semen volume that is considered good in normal should be ranging from 1.5 to 5 mL per ejaculation. 

What is Semen?

Semen is defined as the fluid that contains Sperm when the body attains ejaculation. 

Why the quality of Semen is important?

The quality of Semen is important as Semen analysis put focuses on three major factors, namely, the number of Sperm, the shape of Sperm, and the movement of the Sperm ( also called Sperm Mobility). All these three parameters are important in defining any kind of fertility issue in people. 

Does COVID-19 Affect Male Fertility by affecting the semen quality

The findings of the study.

After the first sampling findings were made out, the thickness of the seminal fluid, which is also known as viscosity, was affected in 26 men, or 87 % of the respondents. The vitality or the number of live sperm was affected in 29 men, accounting for 97 % of the group. And the total mobility of the sperm or the number of moving sperm was affected in 74 % of the particular population, accounting for 22 men in the group. All these parameters were not improved even after the second time the sampling was done. 

The study led by Dr. Satish P Dipankar, suggests putting light on the theory of Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART). The research mentions that ART and sperm-banking facilities should make efforts to assess the Semen of men who suffered from Covid-19, along with excluding men with a positive history of SARS-CoV-2, until their Semen quality returns to normal and healthy. 

The study further adds that though the deadly coronavirus is not present in Semen now, it may still degrade the healthy quality of sperm due to a plethora of corresponding factors. These factors can be considered as the increased overproduction of reactive oxidative stress, that occurred at the time of infection, and a spike in the levels of leukocytes in the body that includes the seminal plasma as well. 

High-grade fever, which was one of the top contributors to covid-19 infection, may have disrupted the blood-testis barrier, which in turn can expose the sperm cells and testicular tissues to circulating cytokines and other inflammatory mediators produced in the body during infection. This situation may create a state of systematic inflammatory and immune response against the accessory glands and the seminiferous epithelium, which further, may contribute to low semen quality. 

semen quality in men affected by coronavirus

The last line. 

Covid-19 started by tampering with the lungs and affecting the respiratory tract of the human body. But with time, it was discovered that the novel Coronavirus is contributing in one way or other to damage other functions of the body as well. The reproductive function involving the concern of male fertility has been a reason for study among various researchers across the globe. 

This is just one area of study, or this deadly coronavirus wants to harm more the human race! Only time will tell how this Virus Saga is going to play with the human race in the future. 

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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