Best 10 Animation Companies In India In 2021

Computer-generated imagery is one of the easiest available sources of creating animation in the modern world today. Animations are moving images created to give a lively look to the pictures otherwise immovable. While animated pictures are in trend these days, the companies creating them are also in a completely new global demand. 

Following are the leading animation companies in India in 2021. 

Top 10 Animation Companies that Hire Freshers | Shiksha

1. Digitoonz 

Digitoonz which stands for Digital cartoons is one of the leading animation structures in India established in Noida, India. The company specialises in 2D, TV series in flash and CGI for TV. It also specialises in broadcast and feature films and game design and development. Established in 2009, it has also been creating its own IP for child-focused content. 

2. Prayan Animation  

Centred in Kerala, Prayan Animation has succeeded in providing its specialised services in 2D, 3D, digital production and infographics. It has also been working in the field of comic books and children’s book illustrations. It provides aid in conceptual design, architectural visualizations, game content and technological techniques and production. 

3. Visual Connections 

The company has been operating since 2013 and has always assured its clients to tell what they want and leave the rest to their professional team. Optimised solutions and an ideal user experience are what the team aims at. It provides services in visual effects, product simulations and 3D and 2D.  It also caters to the advertising needs of its clients and makes sure that they do not return discontented.

4. Citrus Inc Studios 

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Situated in New Delhi, India, Citrus Inc Studios aims at creating a dynamic work environment where creativity thrives in all the professionals associated to help the clients meet their requirements. It provides assistance in 2D and 3D, VFX and motion graphics. 

5. Reliance Animation

Leading Animation Studio in India, Makers of Golmaal Jr., Little Singham, Krishna Aur Kans Animation TV Series

Gathering a lot of international acclaims, Reliance Animation’s “Veneta Cucine” is an AD film that won the best-animated AD film of the year FICCI Frames 2006 and “Little Krishna” as the best Indian animated content 2007. Reliance Animation has proved its superiority and has stood out with its 2D and 3D along with its brilliant marketing tactics.

6. Cosmos-Maya 

A Singapore and India Based Animation company, Cosmos-Maya founded by Indian filmmakers Deepa Sahi and Ketan Mehta, is one of the leading company. Located in Hyderabad, the company provides assistance in graphic designing, 3D animation, web designing and visual effects. 

7. Best Studio 

Providing a one-stop destination to all its clients, the company has congregated a complete team of content writers, video producers, scriptwriters, animators, designers and visual artists. It assists its clients in 2D animations, illustrations and promotional videos.  

8. Ocean Bluee

Established in Maharashtra, Mumbai, Ocean Bluee specialises in providing assistance to various publishers across gaming consoles and game developers. It provides solutions to its clients in terms of various gaming models and their development into 3D. Visual development and art production for games are what the company broadly aims to serve.

9. Vibgyor 360 

Situated in Bangalore, Vibgyor 360 has a team of professionals who specialises in all possible field of animation. It has vast experience in 3D animation for e-learning, modelling, games, web, films, character designing and a lot more. The client needs to take the name of the field required to be animated and Vibgyor 360 is a quick way out. 

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10. Pitch Worx 

PitchWorx: A graphic design agency for creative designs

Headquartered in Haryana, the company provides services in Presentation Design, Web, Animations,  Live Videos and Mobile App Designing. The clients can have their brand stories delivered by just presenting their trust in the company and the skilled team of professionals will take care of the rest! 

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