Top 10 Best-selling Furniture Companies In India In 2021

Are you looking for furniture brands in India? Then you are on the right page. Here we have the list of Best Furniture Brands in India for you. Furniture is a big investment be if for your home or workplace. Finding good quality furniture might seem hard but when you know what brands you can trust its easy to make your choice.

Therefore, listed below are some of the leading furniture companies in India in 2021 to choose from.

Top 10 Furniture Brands in India (2021) Best Furniture Companies

1. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is one of those Indian furniture brands that almost everyone must have heard of. It is one of the oldest and largest existing brands in the nation. The company provides a wide variety options to choose from for both residential and office purposes. Godrej has more than 800 dealership outlets and 50 showrooms all over India. One can easily step out of their home and find a nearby Godrej outlet or showroom where they are providing products that are long-lasting and worth every penny spent. 

2. Zuari

Zuari has been doing a commendable job in the Indian markets past 20 years. The customers that the company has been regular-built customers, all credit goes to the innovative and worth-for-money services that they provide. Having- continuous innovation and customization as its bottom line, it does all the efforts to maximize its customer satisfaction. The company has a widespread network across India which makes it easy for them to deliver to the customers as per their needs.

3. Durian

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Established in India in 1985, the company has conquered the Indian market ever since. The company is a perfect example of how one should evolve as per the times. The innovation in its line of products has always shown an immense love by the customers. Durian has more than 30 outlets across the nation where they take care of the requirements of all the customers.


Established in the Indian market in 1996, the company has changed its products a lot according to the preferences of the Indian customers and the conditions of the country. This is among the hugest brands in the Asian continents. DAMRO offers its customers affordable and durable wood furniture. With 75 showrooms in India, the company also has a well-acknowledged global presence.

5. Nilkamal

Nilkamal Plastics - Wikipedia

Nilkamla is a well-known furniture brand in India. The company is majorly known for the creation of plastic furniture. It offers a complete list of durable and excellent quality plastic furniture. Operating with around 50 showrooms countrywide, the company provides for both residential and office purposes.

6. Usha Furniture

The company was established back in the year 1983. It deals in both domestic and office segments and has been making sure to deliver the best quality products to its customers since its establishment in the Indian markets. It is one of those companies that keeps the customer’s taste and preferences as the foremost priority, therefore, it makes sure to cater to the changed needs of the customer with time.

7. Wipro Furniture

Laying foot in the markets in the year 2004, Wipro Furniture belongs to the well-known giant Wipro Group. The company sticks to its principles of innovation and design due to which it has managed to create a big name for itself within no time. The company basically specializes in the office segment and provides products to the education and corporate sectors.

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8. Evok

Evok by Hindware is one of the subsidiaries of Hindware Home Retail Group. The company provides high utility furniture for domestic purposes as well. The company has 13 own stores and 15 outlets as franchises all over the nation.

9. Ikea

Having a huge global presence, Ikea is a Sweden owned brand. The company has set its foot in India in such a way that it is one of the leading furniture brands that provides furniture and furnishing items to its customers. It has a large chain of distributors in the country and 10 centers pan-India.

10. Hulsta

HÜLSTA Archives - Mebel

Hulsta is a German-owned brand that entered India pretty later in comparison to the rest of its competitors. But, the company proved to be successful in proving that its never late! The company is well known for providing customized furniture to its customers. One can reach out to them and have the kind of furniture designed that one desires to.

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