10 Best HR Consultancy Firms In India In 2021

With the growth of a company, a lot of challenges comes in, handy. One needs to make sure that the complete management of the company is done as per the needs of the size of the company. On that note, one of the most important management lies in the human resource management. The miss management of the human resources may lead to a number of internal conflicts like lack of staff development, difficulties at the time of payroll and a high employee turnover.

While some companies have their own HR department, others wish to hire an outer source to handle all the needed responsibilities. When a company hires an outer source, it needs not worry about the recruitment, payroll, training, or for that matter anything related to HR. the HR company completely manages the HR team that they are handed. It looks into all aspects of the human resources.

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Some of the basic responsibilities that an HR company needs to look into are-

    a. Onboarding of employees and their recruitment
    b. Ensures discipline and handles termination
    c. Monitoring the employee performance
    d. Tax benefits, payroll and administration
    e. Labour and safety policies

Some of the notable human resource companies are listed below.

the top consulting firms in india for mba students

1. ADP
Founded back in the year 1949, ADP is one of the leading human resource companies in India and has been successfully assisting its client companies in the management of human resources. For 14 consecutive years, the company has also been leading the FORTUNE magazine’s “world’s most admired companies” position. It has been working immensely good for the past 70 years. Its team makes sure to cover up all the aspects of the human capital management and tries to provide expert HR outsourcing services. Among the services that it provides to the client companies, tax administration and payroll, employee training and recruitment, strategic HR and compliance are some to name.

2. Exude
Exude was founded in Philadelphia in the year 1996. The company has proved to be the most deserving companies among the list of top human resource companies in India. The firm provides specialised services in risk management, human capital consulting and employee benefits. It offers the best human resource consultancy and executive training and acts as an outsourced human resource team. Some of the notable services provided by the company include- recruiting, staffing, training, labour relations, payroll and employee benefits.

3. Helios HR
Helios HR is an HR company that assists the client company with human resource and staff recruiting. Established in 2001, the company is based in Reston, VA. the company is flexible in terms of its working. It can provide all the needed support, may that be for a permanent basis or may it be for a short vacation help that the client company needs. Helios is also available on a project basis. The services provided by the company include recruiting, human resource administration, onboarding, talent management, compliance and a lot more.

4. Insperity
Established in the US in the year 1986, the company started at a very small scale and has been reaching sky limits presently. It started with two people and now has almost 70 fully staffed offices across the nation. The company provides all the needed services regardless of the size of the client company. Insperity has an efficient group of working people who provide a one-stop-destination for clients for all their needs.

insperity announces strategic collaboration with salesforce | business wire

5. Mosteller & Associates
The company, with an experience of almost 25 years has been leading the list of the human resource companies in India. The company provides specialization in a variety of services including, staff, training, compensation and benefits. One can also hire the company to integrate with the already existing human resource team in order to fill out the gaps left by them.

6. Nonprofit HR
Established for the social impact sectors by strengthening their working core, Nonprofit was founded in the year 2000. Providing a variety of services from outsourcing to consultancy. Nonprofits is also one of those companies that give a virtual human resource service option to their customers as well.

7. Purple Ink
Purple Ink is among the leading human resource outsourcing service providers in India. The company provides a variety of services like outsourcing, recruiting, training and consulting. The company also assists its client company in expanding its capabilities of the existing human resource team. Purple ink makes sure to provide services like training, recruiting, interviews, outplacement among a few others.

8. Strategic HR Inc.
The company is based in Cincinnati back in the year 1995. It is flexible in terms of the size of the company that it works for. It takes up work for both small scale and large scale companies. It has conquered the human resource management makes sure to emphasise on providing solutions that are more affordable for their clients. If one needs to hire an human resource company for the basic purpose of employee training, Strategic human resource is the best one to approach!

9. Tandem HR
Tandem HR has been operating to provide the best human resource services to its clients since 1998. The company offers its clients with tailored solutions and flexible alternatives. The company provides easy solutions for small scale and large scale companies alike.

tandem hr - youtube

10. The HR Team
The HR Team are the providers of the best human resource management services. They are based in Maryland and have been giving out some cost-effective solutions to the client companies. Whatever you may want, The HR Team is the one-stop destination for all your desires and wants.

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