Top 10 Best Hotels chains in India 2023

A business that owns or manages many hotels is known to be a hotel chain (or resorts, B&Bs, hostels, motels, etc.). A hotel chain is a company that oversees a variety of hotels spread out across the country. They can be the sole or partial proprietors of the hotel and are in charge of its management, advertising, and marketing.

A business that owns or manages many hotels is known as a hotel chain (see Independent Hotel Chain). These organizations run many hotels spread over a variety of locations. They can be the sole or partial proprietors of the hotel and are in charge of its management, advertising, and marketing. In most cases, the chain carries its brand name, which it transfers to its hotel chains.

Hotel groups differ from hotel chains in that they have a variety of subsidiary brands, which allows them to provide a wide range of services, goods, and pricing to hotels with different features. A chain hotel is a hotel that is a part of a larger chain.

There are different ways to own a chain hotel. Depending on the relationship each property has with the chain company. These hotels typically set minimal requirements that other facilities in the same chain must adhere to in terms of standards, regulations, policies, and processes. These lodging establishments are typically categorized to be the franchise, management contracts, or referral group operations.

A hotel is a management business that oversees a series of hotels with the same Brand but different locations. They control the hotel’s management, marketing, and advertising and may own the entire or a part of the business.

In terms of management, the chain provides the same services (Brand, booking system, etc.) as a franchise agreement. Still, furthermore, there is an agency agreement, meaning the Brand administers the hotel and makes all daily decisions on the owner’s behalf.

Additionally, many hostel companies in India are trying to showcase the country’s best. Some of them can be found if you reside in India, while others are foreigners. To make our cities more attractive, all of them are constructed a ton of brand-new, distinctive hotels. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top hotel chains in India for 2022.

India’s hospitality sector was booming before COVID-19. The Coronavirus did not only affect India; other countries were impacted. As a result, it had a major impact on the hospitality industry. In any event, the world is gradually returning to its other state, and hotels are beginning to reopen so travelers can stay there.

The Lodge, Kitchen, Bar, and Transportation all fall under the category of hospitality. There are hotels and hospitality companies of every description in India, and they form the foundation of the travel industry. Numerous companies in these industries provide top-notch services and abundant amenities. The multiple lodge brands aid in keeping India’s treasures there. This is the complete list of the best lodging companies in India.

The Luxury Hotel Sector

One of the major tourist markets in the world is India, the country of 38 different world heritage sites, the utopia of ethnicities and cuisines, and the home of the Taj Mahal, the world’s eighth wonder. By 2029, the Indian tourist industry is expected to generate 35 trillion.

As tourism contributes to 8.0% of all jobs in India, the government is doing everything in its power to assist MSMEs in reviving and expanding majorly despite the Pandemic. The country’s broad and well-connected network of hotels serves to be the foundation of this industry.

It is true! We’re referring to the wealthy, multi-star hotel chains operating in India that generate billions in revenue for the country and serve guests from all over the world with first-rate services. You’ll be astonished to learn that in the financial year 2019, the average revenue for each room for a luxurious 5-star hotel was 107 USD.

This makes it intriguing to learn about the billionaires who have been converting industrialism and turning the art of hosting into the well-known HOTEL INDUSTRY. Today, we will discuss the opulent hotels in India that provide their visitors with the highest level of comfort. Many HM students hope to work for big hotel brands and launch successful careers in the big hotel sector in addition to serving customers.

Supply Chain Administration

Specific elements of good supply chain administration include:

The Chain of Supply: The supply chain is the foundation of the food sector. A proper supplying chain must be in place to handle operations, distribution, marketing, finances, and customer service while upholding openness, efficiency, consistency, and timeliness.

Stakeholder Relationships: Maintaining relationships with supplying network participants is a critical element of supply chain management. These connections are important since the distribution network is an ongoing, time-constrained operation. All tasks must be completed within the allotted time frame, efficiently, and cooperatively.

Purchasing, running, and delivery: Good sourcing is necessary to produce high-quality goods. Demand, trends, and customer preferences are taken into account when sourcing products. The logistics of acquiring and linking raw materials are carried out concurrently with processing activity. Faster delivery is the USP of the market nowadays. The use of integrated distribution networks speeds up delivery.

Recall/Return: Supply chain management takes advantage of the ability to recall the products for quality and safety reasons. Recall in this context includes the return of faulty, outdated, or subpar materials from suppliers and the recall of products from consumers (upward movement).

Mentioned below are the top 10 best hotels chains running successfully in India.

  1. The Indian Hotels Company is a business that has a sizable room inventory.

The largest chain of lodges in India is IHCL, owned by the Tata Group. Because there are several Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces in India, they are collectively referred to as the Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces. In the Indian resort industry, the Conglomerate is a major player. The Taj Hotels, a collection of upscale lodges located across the world, are owned by this firm. In addition to India, many Taj lodge chains exist elsewhere. Additionally, they have several motels or resorts around the globe. The TATA group is a company that aims to create the finest clubs possible in India.

The first ever hotel chain to be founded in India is called Indian Hotels Company Limited. IHCL, a 121-year-old company founded by industrialist Jamshedji Tata, has 196 hotels spread over 12 countries and four continents, with more than 20,000 rooms and 25,000 staff members.

The abundant and gorgeous hotel chain. It inaugurated The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, the first opulent hotel in India, and the scene of the 26/11 terrorist assault in Mumbai. In addition to their upmarket and rich hotel businesses, they operate Ginger Hotels, The Gateway Hotels & Resorts, and Vivanta Hotels. This historic hotel brand, which provides Jungle Safaris, is currently a part of the Tata Group.

They have been thriving over time, growing from an Indian company to Asia’s greatest hospitality company and now launching selections, an IHCL called collection. An authentic gourmet hotel in India is IHCL.


  1. HLV Ltd.

The hotel is HLV Ltd. One of India’s major chains of upscale hotels in HLV. The business owns and operates resorts, hotels, and palaces. In India, there is a chain of the best five-star hotels and lodges called The Leela resorts & courts. If you want to remain at The Leela Kempinski, you can do so at either the Leela Kempinski in Mumbai or the Leela Kempinski in Goa. You’ll be astounded by how sophisticated and lovely they are if you take a look at a couple of their properties, like those in Goa, Bangalore, or Mumbai. One of the country’s most expensive, valuable, and opulent Lodges, the company’s current value is 653 crore rupees.


  1. EIH Ltd.

The business is called EIH Ltd. is owned and controlled by the Oberoi family. The company provides management contracts to enterprises and travel for individuals. Additionally, this business maintains restaurants, caters to aircraft, provides tour and travel services, operates airport bars, and provides vehicle rentals, among other things. The market value of EIH Ltd, the biggest hospitality company in India, is approximately 7,123 crores.

This hotel chain could be considered to be the most well-known. There are only 31 premium properties in the lodges this group operates across India. Additionally, some are sold under the Trident name. Despite not having many hotels and motels in India, this is the greatest. Two of the hotel chains it owns are Oberoi and Trident. Trident is a five-star Hotel brand, and Oberoi is an elevated Lodge brand.

  1. Hyatt

Indian hotels that can match Hyatt in terms of service and cost are few and far between. Hyatt is one of the top products in the hotel industry, and its headquarters are in Chicago. The Brand has indeed been flawless everywhere in the world since 1957. In addition to constructing many luxury hotels around the globe, the hoLodgetel Brand has introduced new experiences to the hospitality sector.

The most opulent hotel in India is operated by the American global hospitality company Hyatt. Hyatt luxury resorts and hotels opened a five-star hotel in New Delhi under the name Hyatt Regency Delhi. They have since opened Hyatt Regency Pune and Hyatt Place Hinjewadi.

  1. JW Marriott

The company that manages another American Lodge brand owns several other companies and has resources all around the world, including in India. The world has seen their work. According to some, Willard Marriott’s son is now in control of the lodge business he founded. The company provides a large selection of hotels and other services for those who need a place to stay. The company currently has a large following and around 7000,000 properties globally.

Marriott International maintains 100 properties in India under the JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Continental Hotels, Top Four by Sheraton, and Aloft Hotels brands.

  1. India’s Mahindra Holidays & Resorts Ltd.

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts Company Limited of India Mahindra Hotel & Resort India Ltd. is a business that is recognized to be Club Mahindra Holidays, the name of an Indian club. One of the leading businesses in the hospitality industry is Mahindra Holidays. On September 20, 1996, it was created. It has over 2.43 million users and is operated by the Mahindra Group. The business dominates the market in its industry. Ninety-four resorts are located in Europe and Asia.

The most well-known firm that provides vacation homes for sale outside the United States is Mahindra Holidays. Along with other things, the business provides services, including holiday activities, food, spa, and wellness. One of India’s top 10 lodging and hospitality enterprises is MHRIL. It is in the top 10 corporations in the country, with a market price of 3,383 crore rupees.

  1. ITC Hotels

ITC is a hotel chain. The third-largest hotel chain in India is ITC Hotel. More than 100 of the lodge chain’s lodging establishments in India are 5-star luxuries. ITC Hotels is reportedly one of the most fantastic places to work in Asia for those in the hospitality sector, according to sources on Wikipedia.

First, the hotel ITC Grand Chola was constructed in 1975 and is currently listed to be an Indian hotel. Through its names Welcome Heritage Hotels and Fortune Hotels, both of which are sub-brands of one another, it owns and manages other top-notch properties and 4-star lodges across India.

ITC Properties is the third-largest hotel network in India and one of the largest hotel chains, with more than 100 hotels in more than 70 locations.

Sanjiv Puri, a distinguished IIT Kanpur alumnus, established the ITC hotel chains in 1975 to be an ITC Limited industry group division. Marriott International eventually secured a franchise arrangement for the group to run as a component of its Luxury Collection.

 The most fantastic hotel brand, which Mr. Puri founded to be a pioneer, continues to promote Responsible Luxury by boos India’s economy and labor market. Marriott’s “The Luxury Collection,” Welcome hotels, Fortune Hotels, and Welcome Heritage are the leading brands that ITC Hotels has categorized. Many palaces, forts, Havelis, and royal residences that were deteriorating over time had been rebuilt.


  1. The Lalit

Lalit Hotels, an Indian hotel chain, is growing its clientele internationally. This hotel business was founded by its CEO, Lalit Suri. Suri was the most well-known hotel manager in the globe because he owned seven hotels with a total of roughly 1600 rooms. The Lalit Hotel, a 5-star establishment in New Delhi, debuted that year. Due to its growth, the Lodge brand is currently at India’s top. This lodge business today includes over a dozen fantastic lodging options, which Mr. Lalit Suri created.

  1. Lemon Tree Hotels Limited

A corporation called Lemon Tree Hotel is the owner of many hotels. Lemon Tree Hotels was established on June 2, 1992, giving them 25 years old. This company is one of the most lavish hotels in India. In India, the corporation creates, runs, and markets hotels, resorts, hostels, and eateries.

It comprises 56 hotels with more than 5500 rooms spread over 33 cities. It expanded nine hotels across the country by 723 rooms. In various Indian towns, this Hotel had franchises. The market value of the company’s indirect and direct subsidiaries is 3,312 crore rupees. The corporation has eight indirect subsidiaries and 13 direct subsidiaries. One of the top 10 lodging companies in the country will be Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.

With 82 hotels and more than 8100 rooms spread over 50 different Indian cities, the Lemon Tree hotel group is the biggest mid-range hotel company in the country and one of the top upscale hotel groups.

Lemon Trees, which Patanjali (Patu) Keswani founded, is a hospitality company that operates under the names of seven distinct brands: Aurika Hotels & Restaurants (upscale), Lemon Tree Premier (upper midscale), Lemon Tree Guesthouses (midscale), Red Fox by Lemon Tree Hotels (economic growth), Keys Prima (upper midscale), Keys Select (midscale), and Keys Lite (economy). The company upholds its promise to provide premier services and trendy amenities delivered by experts of the highest caliber.

In order to maintain sustainability between the world, people, and profit, they emphasize the “triple bottom line,” which has assisted them in earning a Leadership in Energy & Design (LEED) gold designation.

  1. Radisson

In the US, the Radisson Hotel name first debuted. It is regarded to be one of the leading hotel brands in India. It is an American international hospitality organization that provides many advantages to guests. The company has constructed upscale hotels all around the world. The Brand was founded in 1994. The Indian population benefited greatly from the hospitality industry at the time.

The chain is growing in recognition across the globe, including in India, as a result of the excellent service. The 140 hotels in the group are all located in the same area in India. In 1960, the first Radisson hotel in Denmark opened. Initially, it was known to be the SAS Royal Hotel. The Radisson is frequently cited to be the first hotel anywhere in the world to employ a designer aesthetic.

One of the biggest hotel chains in the world is the Radisson Hotel Group. The brands that Radisson Hotels operate under include Radisson Blu, Radisson Plaza, Radisson Red, and Park Inn by Radisson.


Advantages of chain lodging

When traveling, regularity can be a big advantage. Since we have all probably stayed at one at some point, a chain hotel lets you know what to anticipate before you check in. Chain hotels have several locations and can provide accommodations domestically and abroad; they must do something right for their business to succeed.

Sadly, boutique hotels rarely provide a reward program compared to chain hotels. Nearly every hotel chain provides kilometers or rewards credits that may be exchanged for amenities like a free night, complimentary meals, and other perks. Even if you visit different places, repeatedly staying in the same chain might add up.

Additionally, chain hotels typically have better amenities. A small hotel could not be for you if you prefer an Olympic-sized pool and a total gym. A chain resort is more than likely to be able to accommodate your wedding, party, etc., so those looking to host an event may rest easy.

A chain hotel might be useful for business travelers. If an employee stays there frequently, they may be able to negotiate lower hotel prices. Businesses can save a lot of money by hosting events and providing accommodations to participants.

Having a job in the hospitality sector allows you to live comfortably. According to statistics, the average salary for hotel managers, one of the different job vacancies in the hospitality sector, is about $53,390 annually or $25.67 per hour. Of course, some jobs provide much higher salaries. Despite this, employees in the hospitality sector often make more money than those in other sectors.

When you work in the hospitality sector, you’ll interact and meet new people daily. After all, hospitality companies focus on having pleasant and meaningful connections with customers and are service-oriented. For instance, as a motel manager, you’ll generally need to check on the visitors to ensure their needs are met.

On the other hand, as a restaurant owner, you might need to check on customers while introducing yourself and telling them to get in touch with you if they need anything. You can meet and communicate with new individuals daily in all hospitality-related jobs.

Additionally, the hotel sector provides a laid-back working atmosphere. Even while the work is occasionally challenging, the atmosphere is often laid back and unassuming compared to other professions. For many people, this is sufficient justification to think about a career in the

There are things to study more about and improve your training for a job in the hotel industry. You could enroll in a diploma program in hospitality, for example. You will discover the inner world of the hospitality sector in this course, and crucial abilities that will ultimately boost your performance and output in this broad sector.



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