Top 15 Best Hotel Chain Brands in India 2022

Top 15 Best Hotel Chain Brands in India 2022

Hotels are seen as both the pride of a city and the history of a country. Even if you’re going on vacation, work, or some other kind of trip, you might have to travel across the country or even across the world. Lodge: You stay there when things like this happen. Lodges are categorised and rated based on how many stars they have. It’s also possible to choose the type of lodge and room that best fits your needs and your money. If you look at the state of the hotel rooms in a country, you can figure out how healthy it is.

There are also a lot of Lodge brands in India that are trying to show the world what India has to offer. If you live in India, you can find some of them there, but others come from outside of India. However, all of them have built a lot of new and unique hotels so that our cities look pretty. When we write this blog, we’ll talk about the best hotel companies in India in 2022.

Before Covid-19, India’s hospitality industry was on fire. India was not the only country to be hit by the Coronavirus, and it has hit other countries, too. Because of this, it had a significant effect on the hospitality business. In any case, the world is slowly becoming the way it used to be, and hotels are starting to open again so people can stay there.

These things are part of hospitality: the Lodge, restaurant, bar, and transportation. Hotels and hospitality brands of all kinds are available in India, and they are at the heart of the tourism business. Many businesses in these fields offer high-quality services and luxurious amenities. The many lodge brands also help the treasures of India in India. These are the top lodge companies in India, so this is their list altogether.File:Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.jpg - Wikipedia

1.The Indian Hotels Company is a company that owns a lot of hotel rooms.

IHCL, owned by Tata Group, is India’s largest Lodge chain. India has a lot of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, which is why they’re called Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces together. The Tata Group is a big player in the Indian lodge business. This company owns the Taj Hotels, a group of high-end Lodges spread across the world. There are a lot of Taj lodge chains all over the world, as well as in India. They have a lot of lodges and resorts all over the world, too. There is a group called the TATA group, and they want to build the best Lodges in India.SAI LEELA HOTEL (Mumbai) - Hotel Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor

2. HLV Ltd.

HLV Ltd. is a lodge. HLV is one of the largest luxury lodge chains in India. The company owns and runs palaces, hotels, and resorts. The Leela resorts and courts have a chain of five-star hotels and resorts across India that are very nice. You can stay at the Leela Kempinski in Mumbai or the Leela Kempinski in Goa if you want to stay at The Leela Kempinski . If you look at a few of their properties, like Goa, Bangalore, or Mumbai, you’ll be amazed by how elegant and beautiful they are! The company’s current value is 653 crore rupees, which makes it one of the most expensive, valuable, and luxurious Lodges in the country.The Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi Got a Major Makeover. Here Is a First Look. - The New York Times

3. EIH Ltd.
It is a company called EIH Ltd. The Oberoi family owns and runs EIH Ltd. Another thing that the company sells is management contracts for businesses and trips for people to go on. In addition, this company also manages restaurants and caters for planes, provides travel and tour services, airport bars, car rentals, etc. India’s largest hospitality company, EIH Ltd, has a market value of about 7,123 crores, which is a lot.

One could say that this hotel chain is the most well-known. Lodges in India run by this group only have 31 luxury properties. There are also some under the Trident brand. This is one of the best hotel lodges in India, even though there aren’t that many of them. Oberoi and Trident are two of the hotel brands it owns. Oberoi is a high-end Lodge brand, and Trident is a five-star Lodge brand.Photos + Reviews

4. Hyatt
There aren’t many Indian Lodges that can compete with Hyatt regarding service and price. In the hotel business, Hyatt is also one of the best brands, and it is in Chicago, where the headquarter is. Since 1957, the Brand has been perfect in all parts of the world. This hoLodgetel chain has built a lot of high-end hotels all over the world, and they have also brought new experiences to the hospitality industry.JW MARRIOTT HOTEL CHANDIGARH - Hotel Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor

5. JW Marriott
Another American Lodge chain that has properties worldwide, including in India, is run by a company that owns a lot of different businesses. Their work is all over the world. Some people say Willard Marriott started this Lodge company, and his son is now in charge. The company has a wide range of hotels and other services for people who need to stay somewhere. As of now, the company has about 7000,000 properties around the world and a lot of fans.Club Mahindra Munnar Best Rates on Munnar Hotel Deals, Reviews & Photos

6.Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd.
India’s Mahindra Holidays and Resorts Ltd. As a company, Mahindra Hotels & Resort India Ltd is also known as Club Mahindra Holidays, which is the name of a club in India. Mahindra Holidays is one of the top companies in the hospitality business. It was made on September 20, 1996. It is run by the Mahindra Group and has more than 2.43 million members. The company is the market leader in its field. They have 94 resorts in Asia and Europe.

People can buy vacation homes from Mahindra Holidays, the most prominent company that sells them outside of the United States. The company also provides services like holiday activities, dining, spa, wellness, and so on, as well as other things. MHRIL is one of the top 10 hospitality and Lodge companies in India. It has a market value of 3,383 crore rupees, making it one of the top 10 companies in the country.ITC Hotels - One of the fastest growing hospitality chains in India

7. ITC Hotels
Hotel chain ITC. ITC Hotel is the third-largest lodge chain in India. The lodge chain has more than 100 properties in India, many of which are a 5-star luxury. According to reports on Wikipedia, ITC Hotels is one of the best places to work for people who work in the hospitality industry in Asia.

First, the ITC Grand Chola was built in 1975, and today, it is on the list of Indian hotels. It also owns and runs other high-quality properties, and 4-star lodges in India through its brands Welcome Heritage Hotels and Fortune Hotels, which are sub-brands of each other.The Lalit Residency | Mumbai 2020 UPDATED DEALS, HD Photos & Reviews

8. The LaLit.
Also, an Indian hotel chain called Lalit Hotels is expanding its business around the world, too. Lalit Suri, its CEO, started this hotel company. As the owner of seven hotels, Suri had about 1600 rooms, making him the most prominent hotel owner in the world. In 1988, New Delhi’s Lalit Hotel opened its first 5-star hotel, called the Lalit Hotel. The Lodge chain is now one of the best in India because it has increased. Mr Lalit Suri came up with this lodge chain, which now has more than a dozen fabulous places to stay.Lemon Tree Hotel Jammu | Jammu 2020 UPDATED DEALS ₹3233, HD Photos & Reviews

9. Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. 
Lemon Tree Hotels is a company that owns a lot of hotels. Lemon Tree Hotels were built on June 2, 1992, making them 25 years old. This company is also one of the best hotels in India. The company is in charge of developing, managing, and promoting hotels, resorts, motels, and restaurants in India.

It has 56 hotels in 33 cities with more than 5500 rooms. Recently, it added 723 rooms to 9 hotels in the towns across the country. This Lodge also had chains in many Indian cities. The company’s direct and indirect subsidiaries have a market value of 3,312 crore rupees. There are 13 direct subsidiaries and eight indirect subsidiaries of the company. Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd will be one of the top 10 lodge companies in the country.Radisson room tariffs surge 10-15%

10. Radisson

The Radisson Hotel brand was started in the United States. It is now one of the top hotel brands in India as well. It is an American multinational hospitality company with many different benefits for people who stay there. The group has built high-end hotels all over the world. In 1994, the Brand was born. In those days, its hospitality business did well for the Indian people.

Because of the excellent service, the chain is becoming more popular worldwide, even in India. The chain has 140 hotels in India, and they are all in the same place. The first Radisson lodge in Denmark opened in 1960. It was called the SAS royal hotel at first. Radisson is widely thought to be the first hotel in the world to use a designer style.Trident Bandra Kurla, Mumbai – Updated 2022 Prices

11. Trident
It was founded in 1934 and is one of India’s most well-known lodge chains. This Brand is often known as Oberoi hotels, but it also has other names. It has its headquarters in Delhi. The Brand runs its business by setting up a lot of high-end Lodges and resorts. Currently, the company owns 31 high-end Lodge all over the world. It also has river cruises, which makes the Oberoi group more appealing to people who want to stay on boats at sea.THE Park Navi Mumbai - 5 Star Luxury Boutique Hotel in India

12. Park 
The Park Hotel is also one of India’s most well-known hotel brands. Their different ideas about treating people have attracted people over the years. This Brand is also only run by an Indian company founded in Kolkata in the late 1800s. In the last 50 years, this chain of hotels has done very well on the Indian market because of their excellent service. Also, this hotel chain has units in cities like Kolkata and Delhi. This hotel chain has branches in every town. The hotels are known for their five-star rooms that are very comfortable.

Accor Hotels to add 20 hotels across India in next 3-5 years

13. Novatel-Accor hotels
It’s also a well-known hotel chain in India. Because this Brand is based in France, everyone from all over the world likes its modern, mysterious, and simple designs. The flagship properties are also raising the value of the Brand. There are now 492 hotels worldwide that are part of the Novatel brand. There were very few Lodge chains in 1990, and the Lodge entrepreneurs made a lot of money in those days. They started to spread their brands worldwide and even in India.Dinesh R Archives - Official OYO Blog

14. OYO Rooms number
The rooms in Oyo, starting in 2013, OYO Rooms has been the largest hotel chain in India. Most of its properties are leased or franchised, as well as living spaces and even homes that people rent. The chain has cheap and cheap lodges. Ritesh Agarwal owns a lot of businesses outside of India, too. He holds a lot of hotels in India, and he owns a lot of companies outside of India, too.

The Brand has a wide range of places to stay, including Townhouses, Homes, Vacation Homes, Palettes, Oyo Life, and Yo Help. Budget-friendliness, ease of use, and mobile apps helped make the app popular. It doesn’t seem like Oyo cares about its reputation. The company has invested in Hooters Casino Hotels in the United States and bought the Leisure Group, based in the Netherlands.

Oriental Hotels divests Gateway Hotel Beach Road Visakhapatnam to retain management contract - The Economic Times

15. Oriental Hotels Ltd. 
The company that owns the Oriental Hotels is called Oriental Hotels Ltd. Oriental Hotels is a hotel and hospitality company in India. The Indian Hotels Company runs it with help from the Reddy group. Currently, the company owns seven hotels with 827 rooms and 42 suites. Several people own three of the seven hotels that run them. Two of the hotels are leased, and two of them have been approved by the state. SeleQtions, Taj, Vivanta, and Gateway are the names of all of the company’s brands run by IHCL. By 2022, the company is expected to be the top Lodge and hospitality company in India, with a value of Rs.690 crores.

Here are some of the best lodge companies in India that we talked about above, and we also talked about them. This blog is meant to give you a general idea of the best lodges in India. Also, when you go on a trip, you can decide where to stay. India is very good at making people feel welcome because the lodge industry is a big part of the country’s great hospitality.

Chain lodges offer high-quality service in India’s big cities and many offbeat places in the country’s north, south, east, and west. Lodge brands like Taj Hotels offer to stay at palaces that have been turned into hotels so that guests can enjoy an unmatched level of luxury and see how royals lived.

Budget lodges and resorts in India, on the other hand, are available for travellers who can’t afford to spend a lot of money. This is because India caters to a wide range of people, many of whom can’t afford to pay a lot. Stay at one of the lodge that have already been discussed above or at one of your hotel chains. It’s all up to you! There are a lot of good lodges companies in India. 

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