Top 10 Best Law Firms in India 2022

Top 10 Best Law Firms in India 2022

Need a good law firm? Laws firms in India have been there because of being an integral part of the society, community and the country. The legal chambers have lawyers who are there to provide their advice to the customer on the responsibilities and the number of rights and make their presence in the legal proceedings that take place. Several law places in India has the best kind of lawyers giving or providing the best kind of advice. Deep down the law firm has a lot of function that goes daily.

A law firm is kind of a business entity, which is formed by several lawyers and groups made by them who are given the responsibility in all kinds of legal practice. The lawyers working individually have the customers share their profiles to provide them with their desired kind of services. If you are looking for the best kind of law firm or the best lawyers then you need to think about some of the main facts before making the choice.

When it comes, to law chambers there has been a lot of partnerships with legal chambers in the country. This form of the act is governed by the teamwork of the Indian law act that was passed in the year 1932. The connection of the law firm is very big and includes lots of people across the country. Different firms have different styles of practices, like the matter of bankruptcy, the issues of immigration and even the cases dealing with real estate. The law chamber is hence organized to serve the people to help them with their issues and cases and try to provide the best kind of advice.

Types of law chambers in India

When it comes to the issues of the law and legal in India, there are many requirements one needs to think about. There are many reasons which are responsible for building the law chambers in India and with time and development, there have been many legal chambers that have been introduced in the country. The legal chambers always bring a more corporate kind of atmosphere and status to the lawyers working in the law chambers. There are many numbers of lawyers making the chambers in different parts of the country.

Sole Proprietorship: This is the one type of law firm that is managed by a single person, who is the sole representative of the law firm or the owner.  All the decisions and managements are under that person only who is in the charge of maintaining the financial roles and tasks. The different types are taxed are under the care of that person and the taxes are applied according to the sole income of the owner.

There are several documents that are important for this kind of law firm. It requires the certificate for the registration along with the letter of CA to know the nature of the business. It needs the address and the ID of the owner with the address of the office.

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Partnership firm: As the name suggests, a Partnership firm needs the co-working of two or more people to manage the firm and help each other in giving the best kind of advice to their customers These kinds of co-working legal chambers in India are managed by the act that was passed in the year 1932, and with this type, the owner doesn’t need to register the firm.

The documents with this kind of firm, needs the registration of the firm name, joining date of the colleagues with the place of the office. The ally must submit the certificate of the allied agreement made between the colleagues.

Limited Liability Partnership: This law firm commonly called by the name LLP works in a more protected way if compared to other types of law chambers. It has benefits, like one of the main is the one providing protection and safety to the fellow workers of the firm if a kind of problem comes between the fellow workers. Because of the kind of protection this law firm serves, more law chambers are adopting the style of this law firm.

With the different styles and types of law chambers, the country has made great ways for people to get personal advice from some of the most experienced kind of people who knows all the necessary facts about how the law in the country works and how the law chambers manage all the issues. Let us have a close look at each of the legal chambers that have been serving in the country and is considered to pay the highest salary.

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1.  Khaitan and Co.

khaitan & co webinar | is india ready for litigation finance? - youtube

 The one law firm that comes on the top of the list is the name of Khaitan and Co. This firm was founded in the year 1911 and was founded by Late Debi Prasad Khaitan and he was always given support and help from his brothers. The firm is led by an executive committee that is formed of 97 members. The firm main office is located in Delhi and has its office in other places too like Mumbai and Kolkata.

Looking for the most experienced law firm? The answer to this question is there in the name of this law firm because of holding more than 100 years of experience in giving people advice with certain rights and roles.

Khaitan and Co. have been working in different kinds of fields like Banking and Finance, Capital Market, Corporate issues, Dispute Resolution and issues related to Insurance matters. It is the one platform of serving their lawyers with the best kind of salary and tries to showcase their excellence and hard work in each of the fields that are working with and maintain the name of the firm in the top law chambers in India.

2. S&R Associates

s&r associates advised ipo by aptus

One of the very successful kinds of law chamber called the S&R Associates, established in the year 2005 serving their services both in domestic affairs along international affairs. The firm works in the ratio of 50-50 per cent and it has 12 fellow lawyers in which 6 places are acquired by the women in India. It has been serving people for 11 years and has done a commendable job.

The co-workers of the firm work in great coordination and they have their level of understanding the matters to a great level. Certain issues are paid great focus like the field of the Capital market with the acquisition of Axis Capital and the HSRC that was given the worth of 21.8 billion and was given the approval by the Reserve Bank of India.

Other than the field of the capital market, the S&R Associates works with the fields like Private kind of Equity, Corporate sectors and the IT Telco. After the position of the first law firm, this name just stands second to it. They provide a good salary amount to all the lawyers working with them along with a bonus amount too.

3. Talwar Thakore and Associates

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The name of Talwar Thakur and Associates is known by the name of TT&A and it was established in the year 2007. Like other legal chambers, it has domestic affairs along with international affairs. It is in the ratio 40 and 60 per cent. The best kind of feature which is associated with the name is the reason that they are called the Linklaters. The two offices got connected, collaborated on the figures of billion.

The two of them have been working with great potential and excellence and have acquired great success in some of the projects. The name of the law firm is built and stands with their 9 years of experience in dealing with the issues of rights and responsibilities.

The expert kind of working of the three different people which are headed by their owner named Mr Suresh Talwar has been managing the whole agenda in the different fields like the banking, finance, market and the issues that are dealing with the corporate sectors. The lawyers working with them are happy with the salary that is given to them.

It completely welcomes the freshers and believed in sharping their styles with their methods of teaching and proving the best guidance. Apart from the salary amount, it has the bonus amount of Rs 5.2 lakhs to the lawyers working with them. You can go with the name without the worry of being misguided and this name has been there and it will be always there for the people.

4. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas and Co.

shardul amarchand mangaldas & co. advises torrent gas moradabad

The name of this law firm came into the existence in the year 2015 just after the separation between Amarchand and Mangal Das and the Suresh A Shroff and Co. It is a full-time service kind of law chamber that has been there for years and trying to provide its best service in giving advice to people.

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They have a unique style in some of the fields like Antitrust and Competition, Dispute Resolution, investment funds, projects and energy, labour and employment and real estate with construction. Till today’s time, the firm has been able to make some of its biggest customers like Microsoft, Facebook, Airlines and Vodafone and many others.

In their years they have got some of the most important kinds of issues in the firm like giving advice to Kotak Mahindra Capital on the Indian aspects of Dr Lal Pathlabs IPO. It has been there in representing the industries of Videocon against the injunction that was given by the Delhi High Court. They have hiked the salary of Rs 12.5 lakhs giving a lot more benefits to their lawyers and a bonus of Rs 1.5 lakhs too.

5. Cyril Amarchand Mangladas & Co.

shardul and cyril shroff declare truce, to split law firm amarchand & mangaldas & suresh a shroff & co - the economic times

This is another name of Amarchand Mangldas that was formed due to the division and this firm came to be known in the same year of 2015. Holding the experience of so many years, the name of CAM has been giving their best kind of work with some of the most important fields like shipping, TMT, issues of taxes and the cases of Dispute. This name has made some of their trustworthy customers who have received satisfaction in dealing with them.

Their notable customers are Standard Life, Axis Bank, TATA Capital and many more. They have given advice to many people on the important issues with their level of specialisation.  Cyril Amarchand & Co. has given advice to the Godrej properties on the issues relating to a township project that was run in Panvel.

They have given the advice to Standard life of accusing the 95 stakes that were present in the HDFC Standard Life insurance company. A lot of lawyers have been contacted by this team and got a great level of treatment and bonuses. The law firm has been working daily to bring more lawyers to their legal chambers and trying to build a strong kind of teamwork that could be ranked first on the people’s list always.

6. J Sagar and Associates (JSA)

j. sagar associates announces promotions

Working in India, the name of JSA has been there in the top law chambers because it has been advocating and providing guidance to great levels. Making so many lawyers work with them and providing them with all the benefits. The team of the firm has been formed by 40 co-partners around 200 lawyers from different parts of the country, all holding their specific kind of experience. It has its office in many places like Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The firm works with an experienced team of lawyers and give the people the best kind.

The following areas are Private equity, project and infrastructure, capital market and corporate issues. The firm is paying the high salary amount and the starting salary that is provided to the lawyers is around Rs 11.5 lakhs with a bonus amount of Rs 1 lakh. There is a process of extending the salary of every lawyer at the end of every year and has the chances to be increased in the future time.

7. Trilegal

trilegal hires azb partner richa choudhary as partner in capital markets practice

Working for a long, the name of this law firm has been there in the circle of law and legal since the year 2000. It is recommended law firm and considered the top-notch in the list of the best legal chambers working in India. The working of the office is regulated by the number of cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. It has been working and improvising for a very long time and that is the one reason for the name of Trilegal to stand in the top law chambers.

It has a good number of lawyers working with them with the best kind of facilities and salaries given to them. The number of lawyers goes up to 150 which is something very large. If you want something that has been working for a good time, then Trilegal is the one name that comes to mind.

The variety of fields with which their lawyers are dealing is Infrastructure, real estate, banking, finance, capital market, funds, commercial disputes along with corporate ones. In the year 2007, there was one of the biggest kinds of M&A transactions happened and the firm of Trilegal along with the collaboration with the Linklaters.

8. AZB and Partners

azb & partners' zia mody on mentorship and female leaders - youtube

This is the team that is considered one of the top three law chambers of India holding the revenue of around Rs 300 crores with the offices located at many places. The name has made their big place in the lawyers and different law chambers for the fellowship. Their office is located in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The founders Ajay Bahl, Zia Moody have given their full-time dedication and hard work in making the name one of a kind. The people working with this team are fully contained with their specific kind of knowledge and advice.

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With time, the firm has cracked successfully many issues like the Tata motor’s billion purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover, the Aditya Birla Group’s acquisition in billions of Novelis in the year of 2007. With day and day, the name has been making several changes to be better and better and grabbing more and more lawyers to work with them.

9. Luthra and Luthra

rajiv k luthra

Established in the year 1991, by the founder Rajiv K Luthra who began to start this law firm with the mindset of giving the best example of being the best kind of law firm. It has been giving the best kind of advice in many areas and fields and comes with 52 kinds of members that work for the name and it is supported by the number of 247 lawyers who are supposed to be considered best in their specific fields. The name specialises in many of the fields that are given great importance.

The office consists of a lot of branches located in places like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. It has members of 52 in number which is well-coordinated and supported by 247 lawyers working with them.

The name specialises in Private Equity,  in the Corporate sector, banking and finance. They have formed good bonds with some of the well-known names in the industry. Their specialization in Dispute and resolution has brought good feedback from the people. They try to provide a good salary to their lawyers along with a bonus amount which depends on the skills and talent of every lawyer working with them.

10. Desai & Diwanji

psa's varun kalsi joins desai & diwanji as partner; smriti mehta elevated to partner

The name was established in the year 1930, founded by Vishwang Desai and Mr Apurva Diwanji with the fellow workers taking the responsibility of this law firm to bring in the top list in the country. It comes in the top 10 for giving the highest amount of salaries to their lawyers. Made with a total number of 24 co-partners, supported by 187 lawyers, the total work of the firm is always divided into 40% work for domestic and 60% for international. The Desai & Diwanji’s office is found in the cities of Delhi, and Mumbai. The work of the team specializes in the category of dealing with the issues of acquisitions and mergers.

The starting salary that is provided at the firm is between 6 lakhs and 8.4 lakhs. Some of the main issues that were completed by the firm were the group of Wadia which is a group-owned airline Go air on the matter of acquisition of around 72 airbus 320 NEO. The lawyers are working daily to gather more fields of specialization and rank first in the list of law chambers working in the country.

Importance of law chambers in India

Every day, the situation is different be it a family, society, community or our country. There are a lot of things happening around us and every kind of problem in our lives. Many legal issues are arising in the city be it the matter of filing the divorce, any criminal case of dishonour or a problem of theft. For every these kind of issues, you need a lawyer, in a country like India, it holds great importance. The firm helps the customers in order to understand the importance and position of law and the rights involved in it.

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The Law chambers represent their client’s cases in the courts and try to win the successful outcome of it. Sometimes trying to bring matters with a Dispute Resolution mechanism, is another form of bringing the matter a positive end. It’s either winning or dissolving the matter. Always helping in the protection of the number of innovations that are made in the different types of properties and helps with the matters of merges, acquisition, and amalgamation.

Lawyers working in the firm include themselves in making several documents like the will, deeds, contracts, vesting documents and employment contracts. You can get a lot more help in transacting the business matters and in taking care of all the legal formalities. Because of providing so many kinds of services, law chambers form an integral part of the country.

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