Exciting funding alert- Smart Kitchen startup announced a funding of USD 100000

Exciting funding alert- Smart Kitchen startup announced a funding of USD 100000

Technology in the kitchen makes it a smart kitchen. Imagine technology being used in the kitchen! I am sure you might be awestruck the same way as I am. 

Let us talk about what a smart kitchen is. The smart kitchen generally refers to the use of the internet, technology, Bluetooth, wifi in the kitchen. The smart kitchen is usually accessed by a phone application or various technological platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant. The use of technology and complex and sophisticated devices in the kitchen makes the kitchen work easy and less tiring. We all know that we are heavily dependent on technology for our day-to-day life. We also know that technology somewhere whether we like it or not makes our work easy and hustle-free. So why not in the kitchen? 

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Talking about the trends in the industry, the smart kitchen appliance market around the world was of the value USD 11.2 billion in the year 2020 and it is predicted that it will grow at a CAGR of 18.6% from the year 2021 to 2028. The revenue which has been forecasted for the year 2028 is USD 43.83 billion. 

Let us now have a discussion on the funding of a smart kitchen startup that has taken place recently.

Announcement of funding of a smart kitchen startup 

The startup, Soritzy has raised funds worth USD 100000 as announced on January 31, 2022. This round of funding that has taken place was led by Campus Fund. Any further details regarding this round of funding have not been disclosed yet. 

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About the smart kitchen startup that has recently announced its funding 

The startup, Soritzy was founded by Sagthi Prakash, Surbhi Guha, Nitin Gupta, Akshay Gupta, and Abhinav Visen, and has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. The inspiration behind the creation of the startup was that the 21st century saw the rise of global cuisines, different diets, taste profiles, and this, in turn, has increased the expectations of how our food should look and taste. But on the other hand, the kitchen at home, which is the backbone of the daily meals has become a lot of work and dysfunctional, especially for the younger generation.  

The result was that the younger generation is dependent on eating outside or half-trained cooks to cook meals. But we all know that it is highly unsustainable as it has a very negative impact on our health, our pockets, and have no idea of hygiene even. Many times the food is not even up to the expectations and there is always an emotional connection missing.

The startup believes that managing a kitchen is a very basic life skill that is not going anywhere. So, the startup is aiming to address this gap. It is focused on bringing a solution to help everyone run their kitchens in a manner that meets their ever-changing needs and is delivered in a manner that most people are already used to A Digital Application.

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Google Play has recognized the application of the startup as the best application of the year 2021 in the category of everyday essentials. The users have used the application for more than 2000 hours and more than 3.6 lakh queries have arisen for the recipe to date. 

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The startup has more than 150 chef partners across our country and 10 other nations. The platform of the startup also offers the opportunity to the content creators to publish their recipes and even share their experiences while engaging themselves with the viewers. 

About the founders of the smart kitchen startup  

Sagthi Prakash is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur. He is a design thinker and a passionate executioner. 
Surbhi Guha is a graduate from NIT Warangal. She is a strategic thinker and a multitasker.
Nitin Gupta is an alumnus of BITS Pilani Goa. He is said to be a problem solver and food connoisseur.
Akshay Gupta is a pass out from IIIT Allahabad. He is a tech enthusiast.
Abhinav Visen is a graduate of VIT Vellore. He is of a belief in all-things-data. 

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About Campus Fund 

Campus Fund is a venture catalyst that is engaged in building a thriving ecosystem of student entrepreneurs in Asia. The portfolio of the venture catalyst consists of companies and startups like ExpandMyBusiness, ParkSmart, Digantara, and Soritzy. 

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What has been said about the deal?

Anirudh Toshniwal who is the partner at Campus Fund made a statement saying that the startup has the capability to build a cooking community. He further said that if executed correctly, it can turn out into a solid and interesting platform. 

The startup is offering something very basic, which is a must for everyone out there. We wish the startup a bit of good luck and hope it has a shining and amazing future ahead! 

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