Top 10 Most Promising Stock Market Broking Apps in India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising Stock Market Broking Apps in India 2022

The term Stockbroking is considered to be a licensed platform that holds the authority to buy and sell a number of stocks to other investors. The whole process of the stockbroking is regulated by the SEC known by the name of Securities Exchange Commission that is regulated and employed by the brokerage or the dealer of the broker. Stockbrokers have been working on the scale of commission that they receive and, by receiving the percentage of the value of the traders. 

The team of Stockbrokers fall into the two kinds of categories – the brokers working full-time and giving their service for a full time whereas when it comes to the other kind of brokers is called the discount brokers. The former kind of broker is held with the responsibility of offering a wide range of services, and even selling different types of bonds and amenities, in addition, the insurance to stocks.

The other kind of broker is because the discount broker has offered some fewer services if compared to the former one. They don’t engage in a lot of services or services in the high volumes of trades.

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There are many states in the country that require the Stockbrokers to pass an exam of the Uniform Securities Agent after which they can be easily granted the Series of 63 licenses. The brokers are known as trading members that are held with the responsibility of performing a very important function in the multiple kinds of stock markets. They help in presenting the transactions which bring the aspect of buying and selling of the stocks which are done by them on behalf of their customers.

Role of the Stockbroker

The main duty comes with the buying and selling of the stocks in the market and it is considered to be one of the significant exchanges done in the National Stock Exchange. Trading on these exchanges is considered very preferable by the clients and therefore for the other clients if you are a newcomer in this realm then you need to first become a member of the exchange and should definitely belong to a member firm of these exchanges.

The different kinds of member firms who are dedicated to working for them are known to be called brokers or broker-dealers. Apart from the member firms, there are many individuals who belong to this and helping with making the exchanges.

It is possible for any individual kind of investor to buy the shares of the stocks directly from any company that has been issuing them, after this, it becomes much easier to work with any kind of stockbroker. Some time back, it was initially very difficult to get access to the stock markets being prohibitively expensive. It allowed only the investors of the large institutions to be their members like the managers of the pension.

They accessed full-time brokers and had made it easy for them to pay hundreds of dollars for any kind of trading or exchanges. With the coming technology and internet, it has made it easier for the discount brokers to provide their online services for their customers with easy access to the markets which is very cheap and fast at the same time.

Share Market में Investment करने के लिए Top 10 Best Trading App

The internet has made it very simple to get the stock market and get all the benefits from it. It has been very cost-effective. The rise in the internet and with more introduction in its advancement has made a lot of difference in the exchanges done in the market. Apps like Robinhood and SoFi has been catered to most of the micro-investors, which has allowed them easily to get fractional shares.

The brokers even tend to communicate and consult with their clients before making any exchange in the market. Time has brought many opportunities in the stock markets and even for brokers around the world. The fast introduction of smartphones and the combination of the low-cost data plans have made it easier and helped with the increase of the broking apps in the market

All the brokers around the world have their own trading apps and they have been updating the features and making it better and better to receive the best kind of customer satisfaction. The improvements on the apps are made daily to attract more and more customers. Trading in the apps is considered to be something done very effortlessly and it is, therefore, an important thing to choose between the number of choices given on the internet. Given below are some of the most considered trading apps in India.

1. Groww

Groww allows users to invest money with ease in mutual funds, stocks,SGBs, and fixed deposits by comparing their strengths and weaknesses. Groww, brand name for NextBillion Technology, focuses on consumer finance management. The platform allows users to manage their finances through their app and website. A safe portfolio is created for users to invest
their savings in. Groww app was launched in 2016 and offers a simple, easy-to-use investment platform in India. It has a rating of over 4.5 stars on the Play Store and App Store, respectively. The firm provides Stocks, mutual funds, SIP, FD, and now IPO investments (IPO investments commenced in February 2021) via the Groww app and web platform, all of which are safe and secure. The platform aspires to be an all-in-one online investing software that allows investors to simply and successfully participate in a variety of asset classes like stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, gold, US stocks, fixed deposits, and more. This application is attempting to follow the honorable PM’s Vocal for Local vision. With its simple user interface, the software allows consumers to start trading without any effort, and it is available for both Android and iOS users.

Groww app features include:

Easy-to-use, simple, and user-friendly interface.
Placing an order with one click.
Secure and safe app.
Opening an account is instantaneous and paperless.
Price movement and historical performance can be seen on candlestick charts.
An overview of all Indian listed companies.
Financial and market-related news and insights, resources, blogs, videos, and content.
Real-time updates of prices.
Quickly resolve questions with the in-app help and support section.
Customer support is available via chat.
Zero hidden charges.

2. Angel Broking Mobile App

Angel Broking App 2022 - Online App Demo, Features & Download

In the broking sector, the name of the Angel Broking App is considered very significant when it comes to buying or selling in the stock market. It has all the necessary features that anyone would want from their trading app. The application has been boasting the features of it keeping in mind all kinds of investors who choose to access their app. It is one platform that allows you to trade just on one go. It has been using an amazing interface that makes it easy for the trader to have a very smooth experience on the app and also makes the app very easily accessible.

This application is also available on both the versions of Ios and Andriod. The aspect of buying and selling stocks is very easy and has been influencing the stock market to a great level. The track derivatives position is very optimizing for the clients. It has all the live streaming of the different stock quotes, charts and even the information of the market.

It has more than 40 technical chart indicators and offers some real-time online transfer of the funds to over 40 banks. It has a very easy investment with the procedures of the mutual funds and hence is very suitable for the beginners or the newcomers in the stock markets. Angel Broking Apps offers some of the methods of bulk trading which allows the users to have multiple options and also to get the best deal.

3. IIFL Markets

Download IIFL Markets Mobile App | Free: live stock prices,Business news, trading ideas | Buy-Sell equity, F&O, commodity, currency on NSE,BSE

IIFL Market is considered the best option for smartphones and it is very easily accessible on its platform. It delivers a very unmatched kind of experience when it comes to trading. The app offers the platform to get the best level of trading one can get. The app helps in making the right decision for the users or clients that come to their app. It delivers a good experience along with great investment. It gives the ideas that help the users in making always the right choice when it comes to trading.

It is known for delivering the best features with the best offers. It is easily accessible via Ios and Android smartphones across the country. There are many features that are made available to the clients. It has the customized watch lists that are observed in the exchanges. It has multiple options when it comes to investing including BSE, MCX and NCDEX.

You can also have easy access to the live prices on the app across the commodity, equity and also the different segments in the currency. It has recommendations on the leading 500 stocks across different sectors, industrial sectors and domains. You can also have researched the 140 companies that are listed in their app. It has these so many offers which make the clients download this app and enjoy live trading. Also, it is best known for giving free kind of research reports.

4. Upstox PRO Trading App

Why we made the change from RKSV to Upstox - Upstox

Upstox is considered one of the best and leading stockbroker apps in the country. The name owns a very powerful and popular mobile trading application for all kinds of clients. This app was previously known by the name of RKSV Securities and it was based in the city of Mumbai then later the name was changed to Upstox. The team behind the app has been making changes to their applications on daily basis and trying to bring a wider audience and engage them with their trading experience. this app is also accessible on iOS and Android with a good overall rating.

The number of app downloads is more than 1 crore which makes very clear the popularity of the application. The app has the universal kind of searching engine where you find the best options for buying and selling. The app makes it very easy to even find the complex kind of stocks too. It contains the charts of various intervals along with their types and the drawing style of the charts.

You can easily apply more than 100 technical indicators and that too on a real-time basis. The trading is made straight from the charts provided on their app and the chart for the trade is known as the TFC (Trade From Charts) feature. It defines and explains the number of price alerts for the instant updates provided to the users or clients. Upstox PRO Trading App is the best platform for instant investing.

5. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

5 Paisa Mobile App Review 2022 - Key Features, Pros and Cons

When it comes to easy use of the trading application, a well-known name is 5Paisa Mobile Trading App. It is also available for both Ios and Android smartphones. It has a fully loaded functional system of using and deriving the best experience. The app offers almost all the necessary features which any investor or any trader would need.

The download percentage of this application is more than 50 lakhs and trying to attract more and more people with time. The application gives a very real-time screening of the quotes across all the segments keeping in mind all the expectations of the traders or investors. The apps readily keep in mind all the important expectations of the clients and offer the best kind of experience when it comes to the stocks.

You can easily invest in the SIP and it also grants the Robo Advisory which is known to be a fully automated investor advisory system provided only with the 5Paisa Mobile Trading App. You can also do your investment in their mutual funds and the trading in the stocks is done in the equity, F&O segments and intrada. if you want a place for the best level of auto investing then this application is your one-time destination.

6. FYERS Markets Mobile Trading App

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It is a total next-level generation application also a best-considered app for the trading process. This app is offered by FYERS Securities which is a well-known and leading stockbroker in the country. It gives the opportunity to the traders to trade in with their stocks without any kind of physical barriers that they would face with other applications. Its security and features have made the application a unique platform for trading and exchanging stocks.

The app downloads for this are more than 1 lakh and the applications hold more than 22 years of experience of the historical EOD and also approximately 2 years of historical intraday charts that come under their features. The app has over 65 technical indicators. The watchlist of the application is also very easy along with the settings in the charts and drawings which should contain all the trading related queries and functions.

You can easily multi-task and even manage all of your tradings while you are using the app. It has a very fast and reliable streaming quote along with the charts and the execution of the trade. You can get a high level of security protocol on all levels of trading. The number of advance traders gains a lot of benefits from this application. It has been promoting its platform more and more to bring in more investors and trading of the stocks.

7. Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

Sharekhan App Review 2022 - Mobile App Demo, Charges and Download

Sharekhan Mobile Trading App has been offering all the leading and popular trading features with the use of advanced kinds of charts and measurement tools and watchlists. From the complex ones to the basic ones it has got all the features and advancements tools. Apart from these, it has also some of the most promising features which make the app stand out among others. All these features are considered very important if you are looking for a good trading app. The apps downloads are more than 10 lakhs and can be accessed on the ios and Android smartphones.

It provides the users with the options when it comes to investing in mutual funds with the very easy transfer of the funds. It has been improving daily with its application features and delivering every day a better experience. if you want something to change on an everyday basis, then Sharekhan mobile trading is the one platform for you for all of your trading queries.

The default screen of the application can be personalized according to the user’s requirements. It has an extra level of safety given to the users. All of the active traders that invest most of their time in stocks and trading considers this application very suitable for them. All the traders across the country have been gaining a lot of advantages from their application and acquiring the best trading experience.

8. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

Edelweiss Login: Get Login Info For Mobile Trader App, Online, Terminal X3 & Back office.

It is a simple yet single-touch application that can be easily accessed just by the use of your fingerprint. The login facilities of the application are very convenient for the users. You can have the access to do the multiple research options during the process of trading. Because of the ease of the application, you can have the best options for trading and get great offers in the stock markets.

The app downloads for this is more than 10 lakhs and it has the real-time streaming of the stocks prices along with the charts available on the platform of the Edelweiss trading app. It tends to keep the traders and investors fully updated on the market updates and also helps them in analyzing the market strategies in future. One of the most prominent features is the dedicated market view that the application grants by delivering the current status of NSE and BSE.

The market involved in the application in real-time commentary and also the generic sector performances. It is an integrated section of the trading within the sector of the Equity screen o the application and also displays the direct transitions in the stock market which is related to the derivative. If you are an investor and trader, you can definitely opt for this app because it is a very advanced market with the most analysis tools involved in the process.

9. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App

HDFC Securities: Latest News on HDFC Securities | Top Stories & Photos on

It is the most lightweight kind of mobile trading app which is very easily installed and you can easily use it on your smartphones. It has the best kind of speed during the whole process. The app has also launched a very new version of the application which is very much easier to explore their feature and use it also. It has over 10 lakh downloads from the Google Play store and has been gaining a good overall review, making this one of the best trading apps because of the availability of the technical indicators.

It has the option for fingerprint login which takes care of the safety measures of the users. It has charts for the intraday that are made accessible to the users in the different kinds of frames like from 1 minute to 1 month. The watch lists are present in multiple forms and they are even customized according to the choice of the user along with the real-time price.

You even get the chance or the option to win gold on this app, the price actions of HDFC Securities Mobile trading are available in various styles like the candlesticks, bar graphs and line graphs too. If you are a good global trader, then HDFC Securities mobile trading will be considered the best option for you because it is also a great place for most of the gold buyers across the country.

10. Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App

Kotak Securities Login - 2022 Mobile App, Web (Desktop) Login

Want an easy transfer of funds on your trading account? Then the answer is the Kotak Stock Trader mobile app because this app is a place for the immensely best kind of trading you can get. It is available for iOS and Android smartphones and has the host of bringing in great features in today’s time for investors and traders. You can create your own watchlist in order to keep a track of your movement done in specific trading procedures.

The specific stocks have different kinds of watchlists with the easy transfer of the funds while making the investment. If you want to transfer your funds to any other bank account from any other bank account, then the Kotak Stock trading mobile app is the one platform. You have very effortless access to the funds of the app and also to maintain the margin balance on the application.

They don’t have just a single layer of safety when it comes to the users and you also have the chance to get then live streaming of the market, live quotes and also about the charts. It is very easy and best known for the advanced kind of trading with its unique and amazing features. The app holds downloads is more than 10 lakhs and has been giving the best experience to all of its users and giving them a big reason to remain attached with them in terms of buying and selling.

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Types of Stock Market Brokers

The different types of stockbrokers are held with different kinds of responsibilities and have been dealing with different kinds of functions. The types also depend on the role of that specific stockbroker.

  • Full-time or Traditional brokers: These kinds of brokers are held with the responsibility of providing a very vast kind of assortment of different products including the services to all of its clients. The traditional or full-time broker deal with the services which involve all the measures to allow the security kind of trading and investment. They also involve the services like giving advice on the investment of funds, retirement plans, tricks to manage the investment portfolio and the taxes made on the capital gains. These are the kind of brokers that charge a very high amount of commission from their customers which is completely justified in the stock market because of the services that they serve.
  • Discount broker: As the name suggests, discount or online brokers has been dominating the group of brokers for a very long time. Unlike the traditional brokers, the discount brokers are very inexpensive in nature. They look forward more to the convenience of the users when it comes to the time and place use. The participants of the market do not need to meet the discount brokers on a personal level and even help them carry out the investment through the use of the internet. The discount brokers also have a good place in the stock market because of their flexibility with them.

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