Top 10 Most Promising Advertising Agency Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising Advertising Agency Companies in India 2022

Want the best kind of Advertising Agency Company? This question brings a lot of confusion and stress in the minds of the people because it involves surveying deeply to find the best kind of advertising agency in our country. Advertising is the one process that brings the techniques and practices of selling and promoting the products for the purpose to make people aware of the products and their usage. 

It helps the audience to understand the products deeply because it brings the products to the limelight. It is done to attain a positive outcome for which is the advertising is done.

The action of advertising involves promoting the good side of a product or service to increase sales and make the brands of that particular product famous to the people. In many parts of the country, advertising is considered one of the most important sources of income for most people. There are many ways and methods of advertising and bringing it to the audience. With time, advertising has been becoming a large platform in the industry of service. In earlier times, the word advertising never did exist but now it is been dealing with things that are happening on the daily basis.

The circle of advertising started from the different mediums of media. For advertising one of the simple and important mediums has been the newspaper that has given the advertisers to bring out large circulations. The other important aspect after the newspaper is the magazine which can be used properly for the advertising purpose be it a category. Because of so many businesses coming into the market, with them, the advertising agencies have come in hand-to-hand. There are many advertising agencies companies in India serving the audience greatly.

Different methods of Advertising

The term Advertising is just a step taken to make the people aware of the products, services. It is just an attempt to gather more people to influence the decision of the customers and promote the products and services of the same. The process of advertising has introduced several ways or methods to even have a deeper impact in the market. The methods are as follows:

  • Print Advertisements

The kind of advertisements that are provided to the people in the printed form is the ones which are considered the most conventional kind and easy kind of method of advertising. It is an important step taken in the market to bring in better promotions and advertising of the product. The advertisements given in the print form provide deep knowledge regarding the products and making a special place in the market. 

There has been a lot of companies in the market that are competitors to each other in the various kinds of industries, so they use the method of advertising whenever it is about launching and promoting their products.

  • Digital marketing

The world of digital marketing and digital media are the best working in the country and somewhere taking the advertising world. Because of this reason, it is becoming one of the most influential and fastest media in the world. There are various kinds of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. These platforms are hence used for making the people connected, like dating, shopping which brings great changes in our lives. 

The digital kind of advertising is a way of making people engaged with each other and giving them a good time too. There are some of the most common ways of digital advertising like the promotions that are done on the platforms of Facebook, Goggle and Instagram.

online advertising agency | top advertising agencies in india

  • Commercials on Television

It is the same as the method of print advertising, only with one difference that the advertisements on television are shown in the form of commercials and not printed. It is considered one of the most primitive methods of advertising in the industry of market to promote the products and services. Apart from all the other methods, the way of television commercials is one of the most expensive kinds of methods. The advertising on television is shown at a time of ten seconds. Advertising on television commercials has an extensive kind of response that the products get from the audience.

  • Hoardings and Signages
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This is another way of advertising and making people aware of a product. Hoarding and Signages are used by putting them on several locations of an area from where the market is seen very easy and prominent. It is taken by some of the companies monthly to promote the products or services. Hoarding kind of help in generating the leads and the sales mostly and works is a great way in the strategies of marketing and advertising.

With so many types of advertisements, it is definite that the world of advertising is hence very important for people. Therefore keeping this in mind, several companies have given their best kinds of deals and services and because of which companies have shown trust in them. Let us have a closer look at each of these advertising agency companies in detail.

1.  DDB Mundra Communications

ddb mudra group | career 11

This name is one of the biggest and most widely known names in the world of market communications along with the services. This advertising agency works under the specialisation of the four kinds of disciplines called the (Outdoor Advertising, Media. Retail and Experimental). The current chairman of the company is Sonal Dabral and the chief creative officer. This marketing agency was founded in the year 1980 by A.G. Krishnamurthi and the headquarter of the company is located in the city of Mumbai.

The company has acquired some of the great awards in the national and international aspects. The company has made several clients and customers and they have acquired the best kinds of deals and offers.
Brands like the Aditya Birla Group, Linen Club, Bharat Petroleum and Henkel have already worked in the terms of advertising agency and have fetched great reviews from the DDB Mundra Communications. They have been some of the best iconic campaigns held by the company and have been successful.

2. Grey India

top 10 advertising agencies in india - graphic design blogs

It is part of the global group of grey and is ranked in the top marketing and advertising companies. The company has been effectively maintained their name on the top list with the best kinds of marketing strategies and types of purposes. The company has made some of the most prestigious clients that have gained the trust of the name Grey India. The name was founded in 1917 by Lawrence Valenstein.

There have been many dignified kinds of clients that have been working with Grey India like the Sensodyne, Dell, Crocin, Indian Air Force and there have been more brands that are adding to the network on daily basis.

The iconic campaigns organised by the name of Grey India are like World Kidney Day. The name tries to maintain their worker’s trust and hard work and put in their all efforts. The name is ranked 2nd in the list because the diligence that the company was showing has forced the public to make this company in the top.

3. Rediffusion

sandeep goyal's mogae snaps up rediffusion and everest, marketing & advertising news, et brandequity

The well-known part of the group of WPP is ranked in the top list of the advertising companies in India. The services that are enjoyed by the members of the group is considered to be very good. The number of services that are given at the company is web designing, the social media which includes the promotion and the set-ups of the different programs. The name of Rediffusion was started by the teamwork or collaboration of Diwan Arun Nanda, Ajit Balakrishnan and Mohammad Khan in the year of 1973.

With the collaboration of three people and their side, the company has gained a good number of followers and 187 offices founded at different places. The company is known for creating bold and fearless news for the audience and introducing different kinds of features on daily basis.

Companies like Tata Motors, ITC Stationery and Ambuja has already done good deals with the company and hold good reviews regarding them. They have used some of the iconic figures in the ads of the company’s name and made it famous to the people. Putting the famous icons of the world in their ads is a great step in achieving great reviews from the audience and a great way of promoting too.

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4. McCann-Erickson India Ltd

mccann worldgroup | integrated global network of specialty marketing agencies

Want a company that has the highest rank in the country? Then the answer to this question is McCann-Erickson has been on the level of being the highest-ranked company in the world of advertising and working from approx. 120 different countries in the world. It has been successful in spreading its connections and has been able to promote its products and fetch good feedback. The name was founded in the year 1902 and 1912 and the name of McCann was the first advertising trademark that was used.

The company has been working with some of their most creative ideas and innovations and has given a great performance in the industry of marketing and advertising. They work to understand the requirement of the audience and has been successful always.

The company has been called to be the best kind of advertising platform and has been awarded the Global Agency award of the year for giving the best kind of performance. The brands like the Maybelline, Master card and Cococola have already worked with them. There have been several ads displayed by the advertising company.

5. Ogilvy & Mather

be exclusive: not all is well with ogilvy & mather india, marketing & advertising news, et brandequity

Ogilvy & Mather is the one name that will come straight to your mind if you are looking for a top-rated and well-known company that deals with advertising in India. The company has been working on the principle of 360 degrees which has been branding on both kinds of the scale of global and local and has been successfully creating the best kind of digital dominance for them.

The agency has believed in one saying of them “ We sell or else” and has been believing in this for a long period. The words are something very different but the meaning of the words leaves a deep impact on people and has been building networking for a very long.

The company was founded by David Oligavy in the year 1948 and the company has offices in more than 150 places worldwide. In India, it has been operating in 6 well-known cities and has been able to become the leading advertising agency company in India. American Express, Dove, Philips, UPS and IKEA has been their trustworthy partners that have got great reviews from the audience because of their help in promoting them.

6. JWT-India

morphy richards appoints jwt india as creative agency

The name of JWT-India has been there, it is one of the oldest advertising companies working for the marketing world. Because of being the oldest company, this company is being admired the most by the companies. Working for so many years have helped the company to widen their network and work in every corner of the country. In cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai the name of the company is famous for its people and the market.

Being in so many places the name has been expected to meet people’s expectations and likely to give the best outcome of it. It was founded back in the year 1896 and has been working in more than 90 countries apart from India. It is a well-recognised company by the marketing companies.

The company was taken over by Hindustan Thompson in the year of 2002. Brands like Nestle, DTC and Unilever have got the best treatment from this company and have offered full-time trust to them. The company has been great at getting feedback because of its marketing strategies, and techniques.

7. Triverse Advertising

triverse advertising | dribbble

It is a Gurgaon based company considered a popular and leading agenc in the country. It has services in various fields like brand architecture and the designing of the brand. It maintains the language of the design and is a popular platform for the number of ads that you see in your daily life. It is known a non-government company dealing with many brands. The company has been registered under the Registrar of Companies in Delhi.

It was founded in the year of 2008 by Suresh Tiwari and has been handling the successful communication requirements and processes very carefully. It has worked with different sections of National and Regional brands with the mindset of creating a work that has impacted the audience on a great level.

It is a well-known ad agency that has been working with great techniques and includes luxury brands with mass brands. The names like the Vardhman, Brijwasi and the SMC has collaborated greatly with this name and has received great reviews.

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8. FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd

effies 2019: prasoon joshi, partha sinha, hul the womb, fcb ulka on their wins

It has been maintaining its name in the top ranks of the advertising agency companies in India. It is responsible for breaking the thinking of the stereotype thinking of the ad agency. The name is been the best for the kind of performance its been giving in the marketing world. It was founded in the year 1961 by Bal Mundkurwas with the corporate office of the name in the city of Mumbai.

It has been making its presence in more than 92 countries with more than 150 offices across the country. Just with the previous year, it’s the 50th year of building the brand that was celebrated. It is listed in the top three agency groups of India having more than 53 brands like the category leaders.

Levis‘s, Abbot, Amul and HP are some of the biggest names associated with the name of FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd. Showing some of the iconic campaigns with some of the very well-known figures.

9. Chaitra Leo Burnett Pvt Ltd

leo burnett india

With its recent innovations and strategies, it has been rated recently in the top lists of the most popular advertising agency in the country. It has been working on the principle of satisfying the audience and the people with its marketing strategies. It has been taking care of all the necessary needs of the audience and serving their purpose. It was established in the year 1992 by Leo Burnett and has been operating in India with the regional office of the company located in Bangalore. The company has more than 100 offices, all in different parts of the world.

Clients like P&G, Kellogs and Coca-cola and Samsung are the partners of this company and has been there investing their trust and time. Apart from other companies, this company adds different features to their campaigns all with the unique feature that could target just a new whole audience.

10. Dentsu Aegis

dentsu aegis network adds lifestyle marketing pillar "mktg" to global brand network

Working with the mindset of bringing a new combination of creativity with technology and presenting the work dealt with the combination. Though it is a Japanese based company, still from the time it has been opened in the country, India it has been making great impacts on the audience in the marketing agency and strategies. It is a name that was founded in the year 2003. It has been operating in the city of Banglore with more of its offices in Mumbai and Delhi. It has fetched good reviews and an overall rating that makes the name stand apart from other companies.

Nissan, TVS, Toyota and Microsoft are some of the well-known companies that have worked with them and trusted their effort and time with them. It works more to gain good trust with other companies or the new emerging companies.

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Importance or Need of Advertising Agency companies

Every company working in the country needs a good department for advertising, just making the products and services is not enough to do it requires much more things to achieve the desired result. The advertising agency companies hold a great need or importance in the world of marketing.

  • Any company that needs an advertising sector, it can help easily give an unbiased kind of decision if the company is stuck with any kind of problem-related to advertising. The company can see the details of the products and can freely give their insights considering the best option.
  • It is difficult for a company to have all the types of experts like content management, web designing, and artists while the advertising companies can afford of hiring specialists of all the fields and can be helpful for the company.
  • The advertising companies always hold a good or rich kind of experience that would be very beneficial for the company to decide the best possible option and to achieve their desired kind of goal.
  • The company cannot put their department under the pressure of providing the best performance or result whereas with the advertising company can easily be put under the pressure of giving good results.

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