Top 10 Most Promising RealTech Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Most Promising RealTech Companies in India 2022

Are you looking for a software that ensures the success of your business? Then fetching the services of RealTech companies is the answer. The techniques and strategies of the RealTech companies have allowed many kinds of businesses to address them and take help from them. With the best use of intelligence and consistent hard work RealTech companies have been able to help businesses that run on different scales. It is basically a company for the different kinds of software products and different kinds of consultancy services.

The digital world has been touching every aspect of the things that are happening all around. There is a great speed with which the technology of the world is increasing and giving chances of employment to a lot more people. The term RealTech is basically given to the different kinds of technologies that are used in the industry of real estate and building up an environment through different strategic processes and involvement.

The new innovations in the world of tech companies have been taking over all the traditional forms of processes that have been working for the last years in the world. The RealTech companies have been dealt with the effective kinds of processes that are required for incoming innovations. It brings the product enhancement and the services aligned to some of the specific purposes of real estate. There are a lot of startup RealTech companies that have been coming on the board and providing their services.

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Retail RealTech

There has been a constant rise and fall in e-commerce over the years that have actually changed the choice of retailers to the consumers, with trying the different kinds of services and products with the hope of getting effective results. With time, there has been an on-demand culture of the country to force the old bricks in the process of inventory management, supply chain and logistics as to be in competition with other companies and stay in power.

RealTech companies already hold a great influence on our daily lives and the technology provided in this world is very forward. There are some individuals who wish to resist the power of RealTech but the reach of these companies is just unavoidable.

The consumers of RealTech always want to experience those kinds of platforms that can generate good profiles of the customers and can also be able to fetch good feedback as much as it is possible.

RealTech in Workspaces

There has been a great rise in the workspaces like the WOTSO, Regus and WeWork, the businesses are able to run all the kinds of necessary aspects needed in the newly appointed lavish offices and that too in a very flexible manner that is highly commendable. There are many different kinds of startups that are taking the empty places and also collaborating the space available in the office. It provides many kinds of opportunities that are considered very beneficial for the customers or consumers.

RealTech companies are basically there to be around the workplace experiences in order to optimize it and give them the more possible and attractive options to open more chances of employment. RealTech is more focused on the aspects of the community and their connectivity. Just a way of opening a number of options for the consumers and making the business of real estate better and better.

Impacting the lives of the people, consumers and the world of business there has been a lot of RealTech companies that have been working day and night for the betterment of people and also to bring a great level of innovation and creation. Enlisted below are the number of those real tech companies who tend to offer the best kind of service and technologies.

1.  Best RealTech (India) Private Limited

realtech worldwide | linkedinIt is the best kind of a RealTech company working in India. The company is limited by the shares and a non-government company that has been holding the experience of more than 15 years and has been working with a big team in order to provide the most effective kind of service and feedback. The company was incorporated in the year 2007 and is registered with the Registrar office in Delhi.

The share capital of the company is Rs 20,000,000 and the paid-up capital is up to the amount of Rs 1,300,000. The company has been fetching great results from the time it has been working and continues to work with the same zest and hard work.

It is currently actively working and it basically deals with the building of the complete kind of construction. The company has their well-made website to help people online and contains all the information like the documents, the trademarks and the number of directors in the company.

2. Agiledge Solutions Private Limited

realtech inc company overview 2019

This is one RealTech company that was founded in the year 2011 and is known to be a private limited company working in India. It is working under the company act of 1956 and has good specialization in the integrated kind of software developments. Providing all the kinds of business the software required by them and has been contributing in the domain of the development of the country. It also has rich mobile and enterprise applications and rich expertise in the domain with the best kind of industry records and also provides end-to-end collaboration.

It also approaches the consulting services, the process of re-engineering, automation and the implementation of the whole process. The service provided at Agiledge Solutions offers their employee Employee transportation and the best solution to optimize the organization of the employee transport. It is built with full safety and security along with effective management.

3. Property adviser Private Limited

indian realtech - defence colony delhi south & south extension i delhi south

The connection between the people has been constant for years and Property Adviser is there to help the people as they are always around them. They connect all the places like the hometown and the places that have the emotional connection with them. Their main point is the part of the connection to get most of the updates. It plans a great survey to see the pointers on the development, the price trends that are involved and also the infra changes.

It is the one platform that is aiming to become the best choice for all the consumers for the products and services.The company has been working with the experience of more than 10 years and has been holding great reviews from the consumers or the customers. It is an authorized company classified as one a non-government company.

4. AKD India RealTech private limited

indian realtech

The private company is dealt with more than 8 years of experience, a non-government company, registered at the registrar office in Delhi. The share capital of the company is around Rs 500000 and the paid-up capital is the amount around Rs 500000. The company involves in the business class with the subclass too. It does the activity of managing the real estate activities with the company’s leased property and also it comes under the division of the REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES. The number of members is according to the company when it is without any share capital.

The company has a fully-functioning website that works with their team and also tries to help people online. The company details are given completely on the website with their attractive kinds of services and techniques.

5. AUT India RealTech Private Limited

indian realtech - defence colony delhi south & south extension i delhi south

The AUT private limited company is a well-known name in the private sector and a non-government too. The company was incorporated in the year 2014 and listed like a company that is limited by its number of shares. The authorized capital of the company stands up to the number of Rs 5.0 lakhs and the amount has paid the 100% paid-up capital which is the amount of Rs 5 lakhs again. It is mostly a null business working for the last 8 years and currently too. The operators of the company really strike off with the deals that are given to the company.

The registrar office of the company is located in Delhi. It has been making a good consumer and sale report and has been giving the most effective results of the workings.

6. Amanda RealTech India Private Limited

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It is a private company that was incorporated for 3 years and 10 months. This is also a non-government organization working regarding the financial status at the time of the registration of the company. The share capital of the company is Rs 100000 along with the paid-up capital that is around the same amount of Rs 100000. According to the company of the registrar, the company involves in the business activity class and comes under the division of the other businesses too. They’re a good team of directors that have been working by arranging their meetings just to take the important decisions and make the move.

Although, the company is private still it deals with all the kinds of deals that you would find in any non-private company. With years of great industrial experience, the company has been working very hard to always bring new kinds of revolution and innovations.

7. Atal RealTech Limited

atal realtech limited

Atal RealTech one name with much experience in hand regarding industrial work experiences. It has just been working with the mindset or the ambition of giving the best kind of service and offers. Atal RealTech limited was incorporated by Mr Vijaygopal Atal in the year 2012. The company has been providing sub-integrated contracting along with the sub-contracting services for the civil and the industrial level of construction and engineering. The activity of the complete infrastructure and the project management work.

The services are very proficient with the most expertise kind of work and end results. The company has witnessed a tremendous level of growth and has become one of the top builders in the world of industry.

The company is run by a fully registered contractor and they also run some of the best services for governmental projects like the Water supply and the drainage projects leading up to the development of the country. It also works for commercial structures.

8. Src RealTech Private Limited

innovating a tech-led approach to realty

The company was registered in the year 2012 and has been able to make its name successfully in the list of the top-ranked RealTech companies. It is considered to be one of the top service providers in India. It is listed in Trade India’s list of some of the verified companies that are there offering a wide array of services and activities. The company has multiple products and services like the inquiry of the plot, the cases of the real estate agent services.

The team of Src RealTech Private Limited has good directors with a share capital of Rs 1000000 and the paid-up capital is around the amount of Rs 4829700. It is enrolled in the Registrar office in Delhi and has been called an authorized company.

The name has a good running website and makes it the providers easy to find the name of the company and also easy to connect to them. It is the one platform for all the different kinds of software development, also including the designing and the regulatory approvals. The sub-class code of the company is 45200. The company has a well-built website with all the necessary information and gives the best platform for providing detailed information about the services and the products.

9. RealTech Inc

about realtech, inc. - youtube

This company holds a lot of experience as it has been there since the year 1995. The basic tagline of the company has been with the service of providing the services that are computer-related along with the service of consultancy. It is the sector related to the works of technology with the industry of the software and all the kinds of Tech services. The sub-industry of the company is called the services of the technology. This company has been a great platform for the employment chances for many people.

It provides the best solution for the software products and for the consulting services that need good support of the business processes across the different organizations. It quickly transforms the innovative kind of business into the different models of practice using intelligent IT service management. The service for the IT management software too.

It is the part of the computer system designing and all the services that are related to it. It is working with a team of good employees and has been making changes on daily basis to suits the needs of the people. The RealTech has their industries for all the kinds of developments and innovations involved with the company.

10. Radhika RealTech Private Limited


It is a private company that has been working for years and was incorporated for 8 years from the date of 26th August. It is also a non-government company like the other RealTech companies and has been serving greatly the needs of the people. Working with the share capital and the paid-up capital involves the business class activity. The name has been trying on a great pace to make their name more and more famous in the RealTech companies in India. with so many kinds of software development and so many services, the name is considered in the top list of real tech companies.

The share and paid-up capital are found very affordable for all the customers looking for them. The name of Radhika RealTech Private Limited is one name that works with the kind of mindset of achieving more and more people’s attention and providing the best service.

Categories of RealTech companies

The companies of RealTech and prop tech have been working with the same kind of agenda and objective just differing in some of the procedures and processes. There have been good categories of RealTech companies with the mindset of providing all of these categories the benefit of RealTech companies. The different number of categories has been serving with different kinds of services and building a great kind of feedback for the people. The categories involve a lot of hard work, time and effort for the best kind of result or the outcome The categories are as follows:

  • Design and Construction
  • Leasing and Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Sales, Search and Acquisition

With so many numbers of RealTech companies, the people interested in this kind of company are fetching a lot of good reviews and trying to know more and more as to which company serves the best. The RealTech companies have been delivering the best kinds of developments in the software and all the other kind of categories and also the leading companies have given their great time and attention to put forward their best kind of work in the country and be in the top list.

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