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Top 10 Promising and Scalable Startups in Hyderabad 2022

Top 10 Promising and Scalable Startups in Hyderabad 2022

A city, which Cyberabad always prefers, has now been emerging with its advanced technologies and developments throughout the city. In short, the city is completely bursting with their best kind of tech startups & has been running a lot of back offices for most of the international IT companies.

The city of Hyderabad is often called the “City of Pearl”, introducing new companies or start-ups with the best types of entrepreneurs spread throughout the region. Hyderabad has been ranking among the top list cities in terms of start-ups, and with some of its recent development, it has been called the most popular start-up hub in India.

The city has provided the presence of some of the best institutions, like the IIT- Hyderabad, IIIT-Hyderabad & T- Hub supporting most of the upcoming start-ups working in the city. It has opened a new way for the best kind of innovation and software companies, providing the town with a great professional environment.

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In the previous year, 2021, the city was founded with 3143 companies, which has collectively raised funding from these companies along the vale of $515 Million in just three years. Many start-ups have started their hard work to acquire unicorn status in the coming time.

The city of Hyderabad has started their growth in terms of the companies and have been giving the best of their dedication and hard work. Many kinds of scalable start-ups have been created in the city and have proven to be an excellent decision in companies and give more chances of employment to people in the town.

Many companies have failed due to some of their reasons, be it lack of a plan, employees or lacking with the investment procedures. These are some of the primary reasons for the failure of many companies. Therefore, the city has started incorporating the smaller units, called the start-ups, which, although some of the risk factors, do not require a lot of funding like the more prominent companies.

What is a Scalable Start-up?

When we talk of start-ups, there are many different kinds of start-ups running in other cities covering various sectors of the communities or societies. One of them is a broader kind of start-up, called the scalable start-up which can be defined as a business model where any organization or business is just started based on any unique idea that comes to the mind of the founders.

The statement can involve various things or creativity ranging from the initial step of creating the plan to taking it up till the launching or implementation of the whole program. This kind of entrepreneurship carried by the entrepreneurs brings an excellent level of education, work and experience at the same time.

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This scalable kind of start-up is a type of entrepreneurship that comes with a vision in the founders that they can bring some good changes in the world. Their investment procedures come from the different venture capitalists and the action of employing efficient employees. The founders’ goal is to find the best deals they would introduce in their companies, and they look for the most repeatable and scalable business model.

Once they find this model, the founders start the other step of raising funds from the venture capitalist who decides to invest with their companies or start-ups. All of this is done to increase the growth of the start-up and bring more people into it, bringing good economic changes.

A tiny proportion of their trade is always made part of the scalable start-ups because of the risk factors it brings along with the outsize return. There are multiple kinds of social media platforms that have emerged as the best examples of scalable start-ups like Facebook, Online Shopping and Instagram.

In recent years, these scalable start-ups have gained a lot of followers and many users who use them daily and enjoy a lot with the kind of experience they get from these start-ups. The scalable kind of companies always works with a solid and compelling business plan or model, and it does not only brings well-known investors but also figures out specifically their goals or objectives.

Let’s see the detail of each company running in the city, which has given phenomenal performance and maintained its position for years.

1. Flatpebble

Flatpebble Videos - YouTube

Suppose you are someone looking for a very innovative and creative level of photographer. In that case, you must visit the start-up called the Flatpebble, where you can get quickly the numbers of photographers you can make your dream or any significant event like dreamlike. Since this company was founded, it has been giving the best work to the audience and gaining popularity in recent years. It is known to be one of the best-considered wedding photography service providers.

 Customers or clients can quickly put their requests on their online website and even visit them. You can see the website and request your need or requirement through a simple form that you need to fill out while making the request.

After filling out and submitting the form, you will receive a specific quote with the portfolios of the different photographers. You can choose according to your wedding and even go according to your budget. It can be selected easily from the comfort of your homes only if you want you can visit them, but it is not mandatory.

All the processes can be done online. Because of the flexibility and comfort this platform has been serving, it is known to be one of the most popular start-up companies in the city. Apart from their photographers, they have a wide range of services given to the clients that they enjoy. Their services provide the best comfort, and many customers have made great reviews about them on their website.

Company Overview

          Legal Name TechClove Technologies Pvt Ltd
           Industries  Wedding & Photography
           Founder(s) Pranav Mehta & Venkatesan Seshadri 
          Founded Date                 2012
    Total Funding Amount              $1 Million
            Investors  Indian Angel Network & Microsoft Acclerator Banglore

2. Health Sutra

Healthsutra | Packaging Design, Communication+Product Design | Elephant  Design+Strategy, India | Elephant Design

The food industry has been growing a lot in recent years and has been very important. In recent years, many cafes, restaurants, hotels have come on board, introducing their different cuisine and impressing many people with their quality and taste of food. It is like bringing the other food culture into the city. Hyderabad is the one city considered the best in the food sector.

Health Sutra is the one platform promoting very healthy kinds of habits and has been able to gain a lot of people to be their customers. The start-up encourages a healthy lifestyle and routine that people should adapt to. It has offered great products that are made using very nutritious kinds of food and promote the use of indigenous grains. This Hyderabad-startup-based company has been giving its easy-to-make foods.

All are made out of millets like the Jowar and many others, which are gluten-free and even contain neither the harmful preservatives nor the artificial ingredients that would cause harm to the body. All of these healthy foods are available at very affordable prices and have successfully improved the lifestyle of a lot of people. The team behind the company is considered the most convenient way for people to enjoy their lifestyle in a better way.

It allows them to enjoy all the tasty foods but healthy. It provides the best nutrition and even has the most traditional kinds of grains like the Ragi, Jowar and many others. The company was founded in 2013 and has been significantly better with the coming time and trying to include more of the traditional food items in their list.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Health Sutra Pvt Ltd
           Industries Food, Beverage, Food Processing &  Health care
            Founder        Sai Krishna Popuri
        Founded Date                 2013
    Total Funding Amount            $1.2 Mkillion
            Investors  Harpreet Singh Tibb & Ankur Capital 

3. Paynear Solutions (Payswiff)

Payswiff Digital POS with Printer, Linux, Model Name/Number: G2-POS, | ID:  19409189588

Paynear Solutions is the most reputed and famous start-up in the city, providing the best omnichannel electronic payments solution as technology is getting better with the development, bringing more structural changes to society. Many enterprises have been gaining a lot of benefits to be a part of this company: SMBs, Mobile Service Operators and the different banks across the twelve countries.

Payment is one of the critical function to be done this day, and a lot of improvement has been made to this making it easy for the people. The company is a complete GST licensed one and is called the GST Suvidha Provider, a tax filling service for most businesses in India. The company was founded in 2013, and its founders were Krishna Kishore, Anil Bhardwaj, Maulik Shah, Ravi Kiran and Priti Shah.

It has constantly served its hands in e-commerce and financial services and has been a trusted partner to many high-scale companies. The total funding amount of the start-up has come to the value of $10.7 Million. As the name suggests of the company, it rightly says Paynear Solutions, which makes it very easy for people to understand the roles and functions of the company.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Paynear Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
          Industries eCommerce, Finacial Services, Mobile Payments & Mobile
         Founder(s) Krishna Kishore, Anil Bhardwaj, Maulik Shah & Priti Shah
       Founded Date               2013
 Total Funding Amount         $10.7 Million
            Investors  Yaddu Corporation & Amitesh Majithia 

4. LearnSocial

How to Learn Social Media Without Getting Scammed | Contently

Education is one of the fundamental aspects of our society, and it is needed in the same sector, community or society. Education has played a vital role in people’s lives because this is the one medium that takes us to the top of our lives. In terms of education, LearnSocial is the one platform known for its outstanding service given to students that come to seek help from them.

It is a top-ranking start-up in the city and an education platform that allows many students across the country to choose a course of their choice and take their demo classes for free. Their demo classes easily make you understand the whole procedure included in the ranks.

It even helps you with counselling or identifying the students’ problems or if they fail at any point in their study. You can easily discuss your concerns with their team, and they help you in every way possible for them, making the students feel confident with their studies and their points of improvement.

Their online platform is even helping many people along with their offline ones. It allows the students to choose their preferred language in which they want the class, like English, Hindi, Spanish, French and German. Whichever language you choose for your style, it is done in that language only keeping in mind the essential requirements of the students.

It even gives you access to their live classes where you can ask your doubts then and there in the live course and get the solution. This learning platform was founded in 2014 by Pramod Nair, Satya Krishna Ganni and Raji Vanapala. It has their mazing online portals for the students.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Learn Social Pvt Ltd. 
         Industries Education, Online Portals & Social Network
         Founder(s) Pramod Nair, Satya Krishna Ganni & Raju Vanapala
       Founded Date                2014
 Total Funding Amount                 NA
            Investors              Acquired 

5. Grabon

The Successful bootstrapped startups Club – GrabOn – India's Leading  Discount Platform On All Online Purchases | AsiaTechDaily - Asia's Leading  Tech and Startup Media Platform

There are multiple kinds of coupons and deals received by millions of people daily, and it is already a place considered to be very crowded. Seeing this issue, Grabon has chosen to enter the industry to give their right and best service, deals, and coupons to the different types of consumers to easily have a good level of maximization in their savings and get a lot of benefit from it.

 All of this is done to better the savings in online spending and help the consumers. It has been called a pioneer in the giving the most genuine kind of digital coupons and the society along with the best mobile-facilitated online great deals and vouchers. Their act of providing the coupons and vouchers to the best of their ability makes the best deal out of it. Their mobile online program used in this process is very well-maintained and gives the best deals to their consumers.

The organization of Grabon is about the industry of online coupons, coupon codes and promotion codes. It was founded in 2013 by Ashok Reddy to deliver its service in the industry of eCommerce, shopping, and coupons.

The total funding amount comes to the value of $250.000 and has gained a lot of popularity within communities and societies. People are always in the chance of getting the best kinds of coupons and vouchers, and therefore they are always searching for it while shopping or doing any online thing.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Grabon Pvt Ltd. 
        Industries Coupons, eCommerce & Shopping
         Founder          Ashok Reddy
     Founded Date                2013
Total Funding Amount       $250.000 Million
            Investors            Acquired

6. Skinkraft


Skinkraft is one of the tops and most popular start-ups to watch and gain from. It specializes in providing customized kinds of skincare to people according to their skin concerns and problems. It has the best variety of skincare regimes backed by almost 10,000 hours of doing the best kind of scientific research and bringing up the best kind of products to help the audience, customers, or clients. It is done to enhance or improve people’s skin conditions.

Their tool skinID assesses a person’s skin based on their eating habits, lifestyle, sensitivity, exposure to pollution, and many other factors that could affect your skin.

Many things could have a significant impact on the people’s skin, and with the help of the team of this company, it has been giving their services. You can tell your problem or concern to their team, and apart from the skincare products, they even provide the advice they have the best lifestyle which could suit your skin.

It was founded by Veerendra Shivhare, Sangram Simha, and Chaitanya Nallan in 2016. Their industry is significant of the beauty concerns. It readily keeps their eating habits in account and improves them according to your future needs.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Skinkraft Beauty Pvt Ltd
        Industries           Beauty
        Founder(s) Chaitanya Nallan, Sangram Sinha & Veerandra Shivhare
          Founded Date                 2014
  Total Funding Amount                 NA
            Investors               Acquired

7. Neeman’s

Buy Sustainable Shoes Online From Neeman's | LBB

It is known to be one of the top ecommerce start-ups in the city, that focuses on the redefining the India’s shoe industry. The sale of shoesas in the buying and the selling of the shoes is a very rapid increasing trend in the city. There are many people out there who are fond of a lot of kinds of shoes when it comes to their colour or the style.

Keeping this in mind, Neeman’s is the one platform which keeps this fact in their mind and introduced themselves as one of the finest place to make shoes and serving so many people. The company has been  using the best natural materials and has been creating number of shoes that are extremely comfortable and always made in a very stylish look.

Their shoes are very durable and provide the best look one can get from it, its like they can be worn throughout the day. The key features of the Neeman’s shoes are lightweight, comfort, flexibility, and the using of the natural and the renewable materials. It is one of the most rapid growing shoe industry. The company was founded in the year 2018 by Amar Preet Singh and Taran Chhabra.

The industry. It has the industry of the ecommerce, Fashion and the industry of retail and web designing. The total funding amount has come to the value of $3.7 Million. People of the city have been using their shoes from a long time and it has been making a good remarks over the audience.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Neeman’s Pvt Ltd
       Industries eCommerce, Fashion & Retail. 
       Founder(s) Amar Preet Singh & Taran Chhabra
     Founded Date               2018
Total Funding Amount           $3.7 Million 
            Investors  Stride Ventures & Sixth Sense Venture

8. Darwinbox

Darwinbox raises USD 72 million; becomes first unicorn from Hyderabad- The  New Indian Express

It is called the top level of enterprise software start-up running in the city. The company has been providing the best cloud-based HRMS solutions, keeping in mind the people’s needs or requirements. In recent years, the enterprise industry has also shown some growth as many companies or start-ups have come on board, giving their best services. It has the most new-age type of enterprise, which focuses on the different software solutions.

It even handles all the aspects that are entirely related to the entire lifecycle of any employee, from the initial step of hiring to taking it up to the employee’s retirement with the most powered and more imaginative kind of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It has the HRMS platform that Gartner first recognized in APAC and was called one of the most preferred solutions.

It has almost more than 350 global enterprises and best status unicorns like Arvind, Dr, Reddys, Swiggy, Paytm, Kotak, Mahindra and Myntra, which has been great using the platform of the company of HRMS. It was founded by Chaitanya Peddi, Rohit Chennamaneni and the Jayant Palette in 2015.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Darwinbox Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd
         Industries Software, AL,ML,IT,HR & Enterprise Software
          Founder(s) Chaitanya Peddi, Rohit Chennamaneni & Jayant Paleti 
      Founded Date               2015
 Total Funding Amount         $107 Million
            Investors  SCB 10X & Lightspeed India Partners 

9. Popicorn

Buy Snacks From Popicorn | LBB

Popcorn is called to be a subsidiary of Time Foods, founded by Prashanth Gowriraju and Arun Salam, offering the best ready-to-eat popcorn products in the six best different flavours. To cater to the best massive increase in the demand of the popcorns available.

 The company has completely upgraded their popcorns categories and serves them to the people making the company the best of popcorns. It has been dealing with the highest demand from the audience. The company has upgraded its production facilities and converted it into a full-fledged factory, contributing to the brand’s exponential growth. Popcorn has attained great reviews in the city among the people. Their popcorns can be used at any time and anywhere.

 It has the best industry for foods, beverages, food processing and snack food. The company’s total funding amount comes to the value of $3.4 Million. The company was founded in 2016 and had been giving its best of popcorn to the people.

Company Overview

        Legal Name Timla Foods Private Ltd
          Industries Food and Beverage, Food Processing & Snack Food 
          Founder(s) Arun Sahlam & Prashanth Gowriraju
          Founded Date              2016
 Total Funding Amount           $3.4 Million
            Investors  Anicut Capital & Aviva Wealth 

10. Zippr

Zippr (@ZiPPRd) / Twitter

This company is a very location-intelligence kind of organization that has been focusing on making the power of the technology go up to the advanced level and make the most out of it. IT works with the best kind of technology to solve the multiple problems of different businesses, organizations, government departments, and consumers across the country.

As the number 1 start-up business, Zippr has been giving its users personalized addresses and the zipper code to avoid the long process of entering the long addresses whenever they want to order online. This company provides their user several details like their zipper code, cab drivers & delivery Mn. The delivery man or the cab drivers can usually track your house by the address you provide to the company’s team.

Currently, this company has limited their service to Hyderabad but is trying to make more improvements to introduce themselves in the other cities. If we define it, it’s a complete location intelligence service founded in the year 2013. It provides its services in information services, software, IT and Artificial Intelligence. The company was founded by Niranjan Seelam and Parikshit Reddy and has still now made the total funding amount around the vale us $8.6M.

Company Overview

         Legal Name Zippr Private Ltd.
          Industries AL, Information Services & IT
         Founder(s) Niranjan Seelam & Parikshith Reddy 
       Founded Date               2013
 Total Funding Amount            $8.6 Million
            Investors  Amazon & Indian Angel Network

Top Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Hyderabad

Importance of Scalable Start-Ups

The term scalability is considered essential as it contributes to the efficiency, reputation, & quality of many businesses or organizations. Most small businesses are often very mindful of the scalability because it brings the most significant growth, potential, and the need to maximize the return with available resources.

 Most entrepreneurs drive to scale their business in the most admirable look and quality.The term is ubiquitous in today’s fast-growing world where the business has been paying more attention to customer satisfaction, considered an essential aspect of any business. Scalability means the rate of growth which exists to your stakeholders, and it could be your employees, vendors or customers.

It is just a kind of positive tool, or a positive influence that propels you to further increase your in scalable start-ups one of the essential qualities is leadership, as a leader in this kind of start-ups always may need a simple solution to different issues or if it is about uplifting moral of the team to keep them motivated, increasing the growth.

 It is the most exciting and challenging journey for start-ups with scalability. This process always calls for an excellent level of patience, commitment & wisdom. It is not something called to be the theoretical display of one’s financial muscles or make accusations, and it just encourages all the entrepreneurs to make the journey worldwide. 

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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