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Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Gurgaon 2022

Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Gurgaon 2022

The city of Gurgaon also known as Gurugram is known to be the best for start-ups because the town is considered very popular in the fields of financial and technologies sectors and the city is called the hub for both of these sectors along with the kind of start-ups it has introduced in the industry for startups. In recent years, the city has emerged or is transformed as one of India’s most famous cities for the start-up hub.

The city has introduced one of the most successful and popular start-ups that give away the best services to their customers. It is playing a significant part in contributing to the Indian economy.

Some start-up is serving only the people of Gurgaon, while some of the companies are performing in India and the people of foreign countries as well. There are a lot of companies or businesses that have put up their idea on board, serving the people to a great extent and have grounded their roots very firmly, offering their products and services to their customers or clients.

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The Xeler8 data has proven that around 1,476 start-ups are running in the city, including big names like the Oyo rooms, Zomato, Urban clap, ShopClues and Delhivery. It has made a big name in the industries of putting up a startup. However, the total number of startup companies in NCR is around 4,218, but Gurgaon is still somewhere on the top list. At the same time, Noida contributes 20% of the total number of companies or start-ups working in the city with their 784 start-ups.

Still the capital of India, Delhi has been leading with their 45%, which has concentrated chiefly on the South and Central Delhi parts. With the hard work and dedication put in by Gurgaon, it comes fourth on the list behind Banglore, Mumbai and Delhi.

“When it comes to the major issue of funding, then Gurgaon has received $1.02 billion across the 134 different deals in the year 2016, compared to the total funding that Gurgaon received in 2015, which was around $1.189 billion across the 121 different deals.”, a statement made by Risabh Lawani, who is the founder of Xeler8.The city is attractive for most entrepreneurs, founders, and their investors as it gives the youngest, bright, and most cosmopolitan population. The city has been offering the best text markets, especially with consumers’ services and products.

“As an entrepreneur, you are exposed more to the nature and nerve of the Indian consumer in Gurgaon and Delhi, compared to Bangalore. That’s why many consumer-oriented companies such as Zomato and Snapdeal are based here.” The statement was made by Niraj Singh, a well-known investor in Outbox Ventures. He has also added in his later comments that within the National Capital Region, the city of Gurgaon has been offering a more liberal kind of audience, and the town has both the tangible and the intangible assets for the star-tups.

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 Sumeet Swarup, the regional manager of Nasscom’s Startup, has said that “Gurgaon remains an ideal start-up hub due to an ideal combination of venture capitalists and new-age companies, along with a young crowd and a liberal kind of environment, which make a perfect market for entrepreneurs.”

 The famous Startup Warehouse recently did research showing them the figures that support the assertion of how the city has been a better option for start-up companies. According to their collected data, the total funding amount value received by the tech start-ups in India in 2016 was around 30% which was acquired by start-ups running in Gurgaon.

Let’s have a detailed look at the startups and why the city of Gurgaon contributes so much to the Indian economy.

1. Silversparro

ArtStation - Logo Design [SilverSparro] with 3D Mockup- AGLab

It is a well-known startup founded by Abhinav Kumar Gupta, Ravi Kant Bhargav and Ankit Agarwal. The startup has come out with Sparrosense, an Artificial Intelligence-powered supervisor for manufacturing and heavy industry use. It has the feature of the video analytics forum feature, which readily helps their customers examine the CCTV footage for monitoring the people quickly.

It is known to be a deep learning source provider for the different types of enterprises in the retail, manufacturing, and BFSI sectors. The company offers their services in the areas like computer vision techniques, the processing of the natural language, image detection and classification, among the other processes.

It has significant experience across the fields of insurance, media and healthcare. Silversparro Technologies Private Limited offers an OCR solution called Optical Character Recognition, using their deep learning technology to solve the most complex business problems. The company has been proven to be excellent in giving their solutions in automation and the difficulties in the classification.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  Silversparrow Private Ltd. 
           Industries  Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision 
          Founder     Ravikant Bhargava 
        Founded Date            2014
Total Funding Amount             $365K
             Investors  Sumesh Menon & Hiro Mashita 

2. UrbanClap

UrbanClap renames to Urban Company as it expands to international market -  The Statesman

UrbanClap is one of the most popular and successful kinds of start-ups, which their main office is based in Gurgaon. It is one of the most suitable companies that has delivered outstanding services to their customers and has satisfied dramatically, even more than 1 million customers. It has a fantastic platform where people can have easy access to get their work done without any problems. They allow you to search for their professionals, whether a lawyer or a wedding planner.

The start-up is just about 100+ of the categories of professionals. Currently, the company is giving their services in almost ten cities of India and is available in Dubai. It has created an excellent level of technology. The basic idea of UrbanClap was to redefine the local services along with the service members that were being hired in India.

The three of the founders have pooled in their Rs 10 lakh each to set up UrbanClap, which was set up in 2014.

The founders just observed the opportunity in the system of introducing their start-up. They just wanted to change how the country was connected with the various service providers. Whether you search for an electrician or a plumber, you go into a lot of searching to find the best option. It was founded by Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra and Abhiraj Bhal.

“Our personal experiences made us realize that even in 2014, hiring local service providers was extremely hard and difficult- whether it is a reliable plumber or a reliable yoga trainer or a reliable wedding photographer.” said the founder, Abhiraj Bhal. As soon as this realization was experienced, it led to the formation of UrbanClap, which would quickly be India’s one of the most significant services platforms.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  UrbanClap Technologies India Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries  Apps & Home Services 
          Founder(s) Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Raghav Chandra & Varun Khaitan 
        Founded Date             2014
Total Funding Amount       $445.9 Million 
             Investors  Vy Capital & Wellington Management 

3. Rivigo


Rivigo is a good level working start-up in the city that Deepak Garg and Gazal Khaira founded in 2014. The company works with their primary focus of creating logistics human, with the quicker, safe and also at a very affordable price. Has been providing services to several of the well-known industries. It is working with the vision of building an entirely new India.

It is transforming the logistics in India and making it better, safer and more efficient. The calls themselves a technology company, giving the advanced technology with the fastest growing network. They have become the serving customers from various industries like e-commerce, FMCG, automobiles, and many other famous ones. It has the most fitting infrastructure, processes and technology to handle its parcels in its consignment journey.

 It has the most significant kind of reach, and it has been hovering around 30,000 pin codes across the nation. It has almost 250 of its processing centres with more of their branches that are spreading. Because of the kind of technology they use, it is also called the best technology-driven company.

It has established one of the most straightforward ERP integrations to serve loyal customers with minimum manual interference. You can get the ideal customer experience with their dedicated team of Service Account Managers, who engage with the customers every day to solve any business issues.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  Rivigo Services Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries  Automotive & Freight Services 
          Founder(s) Deepak Garg & Gazal Kalra
        Founded Date               2014
Total Funding Amount          $268.7 Million
             Investors  Elevation Capital & Trifecta Capital Advisors 

4. Fleetx Raises INR 145 Crore In Series B Funding | The Financial Express

It is a start-up in Gurgaon founded by Vineet Sharma, Abhay Jeet Gupta, Udbhav Rai, Praveen Kataria and Vishal Mishra in 2017. The start-up is wholly based on its customers’ web and mobile application fleet management solutions. Their primary mission is to build convenient data to asset the fleet to make some of the most intelligent decisions in a very cost-effective and secure way.

The Fleetx people and their culture create a kind of atmosphere that gives the people the autonomy to do the most incredible things with their helping hand. The type of culture that the company has enabled them to make one of India’s best engineering and their design teams to create the products according to the choice of their customers. It has been trusted with over 1500+ brands and enterprises, making logistics straightforward.

You can easily choose from their Artificial Intelligence, and IoT Powered Solutions for the best Fleet management, Manufactures and shippers. Their solutions have the real-time tracking of the logistics, the maintenance, reporting of the time, the alerts and the complete scheduling and routing to delight the customers with the fastest and most accurate deliveries.

Their inventory management helps keep track of all of their inventory along with the parts with the most dedicated pate to manage the whole process. The company score their drivers based on their overspending, sharp turns and fatigued driving.

Apart from all of these services, it also has additional IoT-based services, like real-time fuel management, monitoring the temperature and the system of the E-lock, and Door monitoring. Their industries include the food, beverage, manufacturing, cement, steel and Cold chain.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  Fleetx Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries          Logistics
          Founder(s) Vineet Sharma, Parveen Kataria & Abhay Jeet Gupta
        Founded Date              2017
Total Funding Amount        $3.6 Million
             Investors  Rohit Bansal, BEENEXT & LetsVenture

5. My Health Care

MyHealth App: Book Doctor's Appointments & Lab Tests Online

Health is the one thing considered an essential part of our lives. People are spending a lot of money maintaining their health and making it the best of their health. My Health Care is a startup again to serve the best health care services to customers, founded by Aneesh Nair, Divya Laroyia and Shyatto Raha in 2017. It is a complete Artificial Intelligence based application that easily links patients with doctors in emergency cases and helps in finding the best solutions.

Shyatto Raha, the founder and the CEO of the company, believes that focussing only on Direct to Consumer(D2C) is completely tough to survive, though combining with the B2B might be the best way. My Health Care company is backed by the Sixth Sense Ventures and the Hunch Ventures and is planning to raise their Series B funding in the next few months.

The company has an industry with a supply gap that will not break even after 20 years of use. The industry gap has two different kinds of core issues, the first is the access to the delivery of quality healthcare, and the second is the delivery of a patient’s value

My Health Care platforms platform brings together all the different hospitals working in the city. It has the best doctors, nurses, ailed services, health records, pharmacy and home care services.

The company helps build the best type of patient history. Still, their team created and managed the patient’s medical records with their clinical history. It makes the best mapping of the patient’s journey from booking an appointment.

The process of consultation with the doctor present physically, giving the medication, and delivering services such as diagnostics or home care services. The company’s central belief is that care ecosystems will always be the driver of all the health care deliveries to have the best patient outcomes.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  MyHealthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd.
           Industries        Health Care
          Founder(s) Aneesh Nair, Divya Laroyia & Shyatto Raha 
        Founded Date             2017
Total Funding Amount          $5 Million 
             Investors  Sixth Sense Venture & Ajay Nanavati

6. INDWealth

INDmoney (IndWealth) Review - My Thoughts and Is it Worth It?

It is a start-up that was started in the city, Gurgaon. The company was set up based on wealth management, and it served as a good platform that could manage all the wealth of its customers. The start-up has been a helping hand to a lot of people. It is probably called the new way of managing people’s money. INDWealth is called a finance app, which allows the easy tracking of any customer’s investments in just one place.

It isn’t called your tracker, but it will enable you to invest in direct mutual funds. It’s called to be like Mints for Indians. An application that consolidates all of the investments, your bank accounts, and other kinds of liabilities brings us the actual net worth.

Apart from managing, INDWealth also helps us keep track of all the types of loans that we take, from your credit cards or any other way. It uses the technique of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning advancement to start learning and analyze your all investments. 

Customers fill out a questionnaire once you begin the whole process on their application. The start-up has planned or made a personalized investment plan that is wholly based on the customer’s risk tolerance. You can easily track and monitor things like stocks, NPS, PPF, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Real Estates, PMS ( Portfolio Management Services), Alternative Investment Funds, loans, and Manage the entire investments portfolio your family in just one place and EPF.

It is just a remarkable kind of app, especially for Indians, allowing the easy tracking of all types of financial matters and also helps you in the most significant kind of issue like knowing how you are making money and even knowing how you are losing it.

It has been connected to the software of Zerodha or the Upstox, which automatically pulls your stock market data of the investment and analyses the stocks very quickly.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  INDWealth Pvt Ltd.
           Industries           Money
          Founder(s) Amrita Sirohia, Ankit Jain & Ashish Kashyap 
        Founded Date              2019
Total Funding Amount         $142.9 Million
             Investors  Dragoneer Investment Group & Steadview Capital 


Paper Boat Success Story: Founder, Business Model, & More

 This is another start-up founded in the city, Neeraj Biyani, Suhas Mishra, James Nutall and Neeraj Kakkar. It is known to be the fastest-growing consumer brand that has been responsible for selling the different Indian foods and different kinds of drinks like jaljeera, chikki, etc. It just provides a single use of packaging.

In August 2019, the company introduced its tetra pack to initiate the holographic packaging for products like Pomegranate juice, Apple juice, and Alphonso Aamras. Their new packaging style has made the packaging look beautiful and unique for it to be sold quickly. It is a brand for all the kinds of traditional drinks food products that the Hector Beverages market.

Paperboat was launched by Hector Beverages in the year 2013, in August. It has all your favourite flavours in just a new avatar. 

Hector Beverages reported a sale of around Rs 69 crore and a loss of Rs 78 crore in 2016-17. The company’s name is the Paperboat because it is reminiscent of kids playing with the paper boats as a childhood memory.

 It is just their marketing strategy to attract the kids and has been called nostalgia. In terms of packaging, it has a very flexible spout pouch with a completely unique shape. The company uses matte colours on a white background to represent the content more vividly for the customers.

 Company Overview

         Legal Name  Hector Beverages Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries  E-commerce & Food and Beverage 
          Founder(s) James Nuttall, Neeraj Kakkar & Suhas Mishra 
        Founded Date              2009
Total Funding Amount        $103.5 Million
             Investors  Sofina & Catamaran 

8. Lybrate

How Lybrate expanded Business Growth with BrandBurp

One of the most popular kinds of a start-up working in the city is Lybrate. It is a platform that provides an ease to the patients in need and consults the doctors online according to their needs. You can find the best doctors with their help and consult them about each detail. It is a mobile healthcare technology that has been developed as an online platform to connect doctors and patients. 

It was founded in 2013 and aimed to provide the best service and easy connection between doctors and patients. It also offers their help in raising awareness regarding some significant issues. Although this startup has made a lot of recommendations among patients and doctors, one of the essential rivals is Practo, which also offers doctors-finding and information on health.

Lybrate is owned by Saurabh Arora, who made their model straightforward. The usage of the application is entirely free; they have to pay the fees for the online consultation to their doctors privately.

It is a 100% safe and secure kind of mobile healthcare application. Only you and your patient can access the conversation that is taking place between you two, and no one can have access to see it.

The doctors on their application provide the best kind of consultation and are considered the best across the country regarding their suggestions or advice. All of this is done just without visiting the hospitals.

 Company Overview

         Legal Name   Lybrat India Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries  Healthcare & Mobile 
            Founder       Saurabh Arora
        Founded Date             2014
Total Funding Amount         $14.4 Million 
             Investors  Ratan Tata & Tiger Global Management 

9. Shiprocket/Kartrocket

KartRocket Shipping Platform Integration - ShipRocket

The start-up of Shiprocket, which Kartrocket commonly knows, is a DIE ecommerce solution platform in the city. It was founded by Sahil Goel, Vishesh Khurana and Gautam Kapoor in 2017. It is one platform that allows its customers to build their eCommerce website in less than 10 minutes. It also has the service of offering your eCommerce best kind of solution to run your business operations very well.

It has features like the free payment gateway interaction, its mobile application for the direction of the store, and automated shipping solutions. The company has received a total funding amount of $14.2 Million in the five funding rounds they had. Customers can quickly contact Shiprocket by emailing them at their email address,, or you can call their number given on their website.

They have their fulfilment centre in the city, which can help you efficiently manage the inventory and reduce the cost of the shipping. It also decreases the time and eventually helps scale your business better and better.

It is filled with their fulfilment centres which have been provided makes the whole process very fast with all the benefits and making the best kind of customer satisfaction. Focuses based on optimizing the first-mile to the last-mile fulfilment. Their fulfilment centres are located in different cities like Delhi. Bangalore, Mumbai will soon be active with their operation in Jaipur, Ludhiana, Lucknow and Guwahati.

 Company Overview

         Legal Name  Bigfoot Retail Solution Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries  E-commerce & Logistics 
          Founder(s) Gautam Kapoor, Saahil Goel & Vishesh Khurana 
        Founded Date               2017
Total Funding Amount           $354.1 Million
             Investors  Lightrock, Temasek Holdings & Zomato 

10. Online Tyari

UPSC IAS मुख्य परीक्षा 2017 में Online Tyari अध्ययन सामग्री से पूछे गए  प्रश्न

The most popular kind of start-up working is a kind of a mobile application along with a web platform that offers a solution to all the students who are preparing for different competitive exams done in the online mode. The start-up was founded by Vipin Agarwal, Bhola Meena and Udai Meena. If you want the best kind of study material, then Online Tyari, as the name suggests, is the best destination.

They provide the most efficient and reliable types of source material and one of the latest study materials given by coaching institutions, independent tutors and publishers. The company has received the total funding amount around the value of $2 Million through their two funding rounds.

You can easily send them mail or call on their number to get their services. This company was founded in 2014, and it majorly focuses on all kinds of government exams, and its users can easily browse through the material available on their platform.

It includes good question banks to help the students, mock tests with the areas including the current affairs, Science, Economic history, aptitude test, Languages, etc. The company has been acquired by the Embibe and has been making a lot of profit and all along with that offering the best kinds of advantages to all the students across the country. It is among the best platform for online test preparation in India.

 You can easily prepare with their daily guidance and take the online mock tests. The government exams they help are like SSC, IAS, Railways, and Bank PO. It is known to be a complete solution for all the students and can have the best preparation for it.

Company Overview

         Legal Name  Next Door Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries  Android, Apps, EdTech & Education
          Founder(s) Bhola Meena, Rajveer Meena, Udai Meena & Vipin Agarwal 
        Founded Date               2014
Total Funding Amount            $5.8 Million 
             Investors  Vikram Chachra & Aloke Bajpai 

Gurgaon has been an excellent choice for most entrepreneurs to start their businesses. According to the global network of Indian entrepreneurs, it has about 500 of their members in   which most of them have taken their place in the city, because of which the city has been started to be called the hub of the start-ups.

The city is attracting a lot of funding in the different stages of the entrepreneurial cycle. “From angels who fund deals of around Rs 2-3 crore to accelerators, incubators, VCs and PE funds, Gurgaon is bringing a lot of funding for different levels for the entrepreneurs”, said Rohit Prasad, who is known to be the teacher at a management college MDI Gurgaon and has also written a very-well acclaimed book called the “Start-up Sutra”.

The book has majorly focused on the journey of the two Gurgaon entrepreneur boys. This city has the kind of start-up working with a great responsibility with their employees. They are highly skilled and very professional with their job. It has the highest potential ones, which contribute significantly to net job growth and experience growth rates. It has a tremendous fundamental kind of impact on all the economic productivity of the Indian economy.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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