Top 5 tips to become better at Cold War multiplayer

In case you have never played a Battle Royale FPS online game, then Call of War: Cold War would be an excellent place to start. Yes, it could prove to be a bit of a challenge, as even veteran players of the game struggle sometimes. But isn’t that a challenge worth conquering? And yes, there are SideGamer hacks that you can utilize to make your gameplay a bit smoother. But for long-term success, you need to improve your skills. How can one do that? By following the below-listed tips by pro players of the game, of course. Simply follow these tips and see a significant improvement in your gameplay.

1. Practice with bots

When one thinks about playing an online FPS battle Royale game, the only thing that comes to their mind is starting the round and having a go at enemy players. And while there is nothing wrong with you doing just that, the chances of you improving your skill after getting head-shotted for the hundredth time is close to nil. No, you need to create custom matches with AIs in Call of Duty: Cold War. 

Now it may not sound appealing to purists of the game, but it is easily the least stressful way that one can level up their skills without the added pressure of a live match. Additionally, there are ways one can increase the difficulty level of the AIs as well.

2. Get familiar with the surroundings.

Regardless of how great a shot you are, you cannot win in Call of Duty: Cold War if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Many players, even veterans of the game, make a common mistake: they simply ignore the importance of learning the map. Knowing the intimate information about the map can quickly help one not only target their enemy at the position that is more in their favor, but they would also be able to get themselves out of a tricky position. So yes, it would help if you familiarized yourself with the game’s surroundings as soon as possible.

3. Have fun with the gameplay

There is no point in your spending countless hours on spending when you are not enjoying it. It is something that is not only bad for your mental health but would also impact your gameplay. The key to getting the best result in the game is to enjoy it. Play with your buddies, put some wagers on the results, and do not try to match yourself against any pro player.

The last one is critical. As soon as you start seeing everything from a competition perspective, you will quickly lose all the fun of the game. And even if you want to keep a check on your progress, compare your performance from a week before, not other players.

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4. Change your mentality

While you might not be a match to the top players of the game when it comes to skills and gears, there is one thing you can certainly make an instant improvement in – your thinking. You need to take start thinking like the pros of the game. Create a plan of action and then execute. You would also need to know some more advanced techniques and strategies that will undoubtedly increase the chances of your success.

Luckily, many of the top players of Cold War Multiplayer stream their gaming on their YouTube or Twitch channels. Simply follow them, and you can learn a ton in a short amount of time.

5. Always be on the move.

Call of Duty; Cold War is fast-paced, requiring one to be continuously on the move; otherwise, they risk being pinned down to one location and become easy targets for enemy players. It is also something one needs to follow during a firefight as well. It goes without saying that you cannot be static in this game for more than a few moments. Being mobile will make it difficult for your opponent to land a good hit on you. But do not become too predictable in your movement, as it would only backfire in the end.

These are top tips by pros to become better in Call of Duty: Cold War. Simply follow them to the letter and see how your wins to losses ratio change dramatically.

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