Types of Links You Need in your Link Building Campaign

Link building is an effective strategy to gain the organic reach for your website. If you are talking about implementing the right type of SEO for your website, then link building is one of the useful sources which works. 

Different type of links and how to use them

  1. Edu links

The most common type of links to build around is known as the edu links. These are sourced as .edu, and they are compelling as well. Since edu sites do have high domain authority and making these links visible in your article will help it to feature in the right way. To earn these links, you can allow the students to guest post to your site, and you can encourage the teachers to share their known knowledge on your website.

2. .GOV links

Another most important type of link to use is the .gov links. These sites have a higher authority domain as well. To earn them you need to focus more on the armed forces and services of your society. If you have a local VA, then you can reach out to them to build the .gov links around your site.

3. .ORG links

If you have the .org links to your site, then you will have an advantage to it. They have the same benefit to the links which are provided above, but these are easier to get than the others presented here. If you want to get the .org links, then you need to look out for sponsors like the charity programs and even the NGO organizations around your place.

4. Editorial links

The editorial links are the one which is used when you are publishing a high-end content to your site. If your content is engaging and at the same time it is good for the readers to have the maximum view to it then publish editorial links to your content. To build a diverse nature of marketing from all sources, these links are used here.

5. Traditional media links

Links that are used from the presses and even the traditional media are essential as well. If you are creating a resource of a study that is based on individual facts, then you can earn these links to your site? There are reporting questions that you can use for your link building campaign as well.

6. Internal links

Internal links are those which are based on the inner contents of your site. They are the easiest to build. If you have created a website with the help of WordPress, then there are plugins that you can use for creating internal links as well.

7. Links from complimentary niche sites

If you are running a business and there is a gratis site on the internet that runs products on the same niche, then you can use it for building your link. To earn them, you can try to offer for guest posting on your site and ask their writers to write engaging content and then make the relationship accordingly.

8. Links from the competitors

You can use your competitor’s profile to drive in better website traffic from your link building. Consider that you are creating a job board where you can create original research and then earn the links by presenting valuable content and linking them to the site of the competitor.

9. Social media links

If you don’t have the social media sites there on your website, then you can link them inside your content. Social platforms are critical, and if you want your campaign to grow better, then you have to necessarily link the social media handles that you have to your content produced.

10. Links from Reddit

Reddit is an amazing user-friendly platform that can be used by a lot of marketers. Reddit requires a careful approach because redditors don’t like you selling your brand there. So if you want to link, then you have it work out the plan and then execute.

11. Links from local directories

Linking from local directories like Yelp, Yahoo, Bing is always helpful for your promotional campaign. If you have local stores, then this particular type of linking can come in handy for you.

12. Links from EBooks

Writing a book will take a lot of time and effort from your side. This is why you need to opt-out for an editor who will turn your blog posts into some kind of eBook. And thus create the link in them as well.

Final thoughts

Link building is surely tricky, but with the help of the ways and tips produced above, you can create an excellent strategy and campaign for your brand or website. Link building helps you to showcase how much you can offer in exchange for your customer’s timing. So the better you build your link, the engaging your content will be.

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