Top 10 Promising Billing & Invoicing Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Promising Billing & Invoicing Companies in India 2022

The aspect of billing and invoicing is considered an integral part of many businesses or organizations. It performs a significant function that a business should conduct, and it is them who helps them. Most of the companies are now taking help from the billing & invoicing software to improve their companies performance.

Companies are now adopting the process of this software just to bring the total enhancement. It is just like the professional kind of invoicing which makes it easy for all the small running businesses to take care of their operations or processes. It s wholly considered an essential written document that indicates a better sale or supply.

It makes the supply very easy from one business to another. These two softwares contain and give information about the specific sale transactions, quantity, value, tax, and buyer details. There are still many countries governing the issues of billing and invoicing procedures.

For just the instance, in India, the Goods and Services Tax( GST) law has elaborate laws on the format of the invoicing and the issue of invoicing and billing. If we talk about invoicing, then it is a simple document that describes the goods and services of any company and offers a customer and even makes him understand his customer’s responsibility to pay for the required products and services.

Invoices are considered the foundation of any small-scale business and its accounting system. An invoice software takes down the details of the companies to get paid for their particular services, so the invoicing is always considered the best for the business operations. It can be defined as something, “a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum sue of for these; a bill.”

The primary purpose of invoices is in the use of the accounting techniques of the businesses as they are used as a source document, majorly for keeping track of all the sales done in any industry. An invoice is sent while the bill is received. Whenever an invoice is sent to any customer, the customer then gets the bill. Invoice means the process of requesting the money, while statement implies that you are required to pay for something.

Difference between Billing & Invoicing

It can get a little bit tricky to understand the difference between the two concepts of invoicing and billing. The billing and invoicing procedures are a great example of the importance of the number of words and the communication between them. Both terms invoicing and billing, are somewhere considered to be the same thing. These two of the terms are used to describe two different types of people’s communication.

It also undertakes the the importance of business relationship, Having these two terms to be known accomplishing the two primary functions. First of all, it makes sure that concrete words are present, used, and understood by both parties. The second one is about having the time in communications.

The term “invoice” comes from the 16th-century French word envoyer, which means to send. The different companies are involved in sending their customer the invoice because they want them to pay you. In simple words, the invoice is just a breakdown of additional costs sent from different providers of any specific product or service to the concerned consumers. The invoice gives the details of the things provided to the consumers.

On the other hand, the word bill comes from medieval bulla, which means sealing the documents. A bill is constantly received; whenever any invoice is sent to any customer, the customer receives the bill. There is just a thin line of difference between the two terms; hence it changes the perspective.

Let us take a deep look at the companies which have been providing both service of billing and invoicing and have been getting the best remarks from the customers.

1. Sleek Bills

sleek bill | invoice software - youtube

Sleek Bill is considered a GST billing and invoicing which is specially made for the Indian market. IT has acquired in the top-ranking companies regarding billing and invoicing. The majority of the customers have been taking this company a speedy and scalable options for their business operation. The solution provided in these companies is used to generate very detailed and quick reports with the feature of backup, print, data, restore and email invoices and perform the GST calculations successfully.

It is an efficient company with excellent billing software always used to create invoices. Their invoice generation software has provided very detailed insides regarding all of their billing and calculation procedures. The number of users can easily create their biological data and the backups and restore them. These companies allow the consumers to work with the whole GST compliant software and process the bills without any problem.

 It has multiuse access that lets your work coordinate with your team members using multi-devices and keep track of your business operation. Their invoicing billing software has allowed consumers to import the data from their excel sheets in bulk amount and then transfer them in various other formats.

2. QuickBooks

quickbooks online (qbo): deep analysis of the pros and cons

This is another well-known company, a brand that has been helping t=many business automation processes and also managing their all of the invoicing and billing functions effortlessly this company has a kind of software robust and a very scalable solution which the number of users can use to look after their business or organisation anywhere anytime on their computers & tablets.

 With QuickBooks, the whole procedure of invoicing and billing becomes very easy and helps create very professional and customised invoices, estimates, and receipts. This is one of the best accounting software for the Indian business. It helps to a great level in the management of the financial sectors of the business transactions. It gives the company a very accurate and detailed analysis of all the taxes, challans and other financial documents.

It has an excellent customer support that works 24/7. In the billing and invoicing procedures, customers can create their professional invoices sales and send them in minutes to other companies or consumers.

You can control all your robust rules and different permission, along with inviting your accountant to access all your books for seamless collaboration. Consumers can easily track their goods that their business is dealing with, along with the automatic checking for the low stock to avoid any out-of-stock situations.

3. MargERP 9+

best billing software with free gst billing & invoicing in india

It is an ERP software that also works as a billing and invoicing solution. It has enabled many users to get a high level of performance in different kinds of billing and invoicing companies. The company has been known by a lot of companies and consumers worldwide. It has its unique features like the management of the inventory, the sales and the analytics, the process of distribution, merchandising and the process involved in the financial accounting.

It has readily allowed the business ventures to generate the invoices and track the inventory quickly. MargeERP 9+ is the one platform for ensuring that all of their users can complete all of the billing procedures and invoicing procedures with less time and less use of the enter keys. The software of the company helps with the credit/cash management, order loading, challan and the searching of the item.

It features various kinds of GST-related tools and all the essential schemes given to the company GST management and the solutions given to the users. It has been providing the most adequate kind of support services to the companies and the users and helps them solve all the problems related to invoicing and billing. The company is called to be giving a very dedicated support team and has been providing timely support to all of the consumers.

4. HyperDrive HDPOS Smart

best billing and invoicing software 2020 - billing software in india- hyper drive solutions inc.

It is a brilliant company giving the billing and invoicing software for the different scales of businesses in the various industries. HDPOS can be used in the company to automate the retail billing, manage the whole inventory, and then perform the bookkeeping effectively and efficiently. HyperDrive has been offering its scalable solutions, and it can be deployed in a wide range of businesses, starting from grocery stores to the big and hypermarkets.

The different kinds of users or consumers can use the billing and the invoicing software to find the solutions and even help manage the various outlets due to their best and most effective kind of franchise management features. It looks after the billing, inventory, barcode tickets, CRM and sales reports to boost the business operations and their applications.

The company has a brilliant dashboard feature and brings snapshots of different organizations and their functions. This allows the users to keep an easy track and even monitor the performance of their business in real-time working.

 It has a very quick process of their billing. A number of users can generate the bills very quickly and get the most accurate results. The company is known for giving smart billing and invoicing operations and automating the whole level. This billing software has enabled users to work even without the internet. It has been bringing the continuation of the billing processes in the offline mode and automatically bringing the synchronisation of both the software.

5. Sage 50cloud

sage 50 accounting - u.s. edition: release 2021.0 - new features - youtube

Want a reliable company? Then, the answer is Sage 50cloud is considered to be the robust invoicing and billing software company for businesses. It brings the trust that all of your financial data and the essential calculations are very accurate and efficient.

The company gives the support of the economic data, and the calculations made in the company. The information is available anytime and anywhere whenever you need access. It is a complete cloud-based solution and does not require users to become experts in accounting.

It is the best and the quick software for your companies. The company offers a complete desktop used for accounting that proved to be very helpful and spends significantly less time managing all of the accounts and more than developing the business. It has expensive tracking, payroll management, funds for the accounting, the general ledger, and the billing and invoicing.

The company has been acquired the overall rating to be very good when it comes to features, ease of use, value for money and customer support. Their accounting has aided the small businesses and entrepreneurs process or operating efficiently and effectively with the complete process.

6. Vyapar Accounting Software

vyapar app - india's no. 1 mobile billing and accounting software. - youtube

The Vyapar Accounting company gives their billing and invoicing, which is highly customizable and offers their scalable solution. The company helps in generating the healthy kind of GST complaint bills and even share it with all of your customers in real-time working.

It kind of saves the bills in the company’s systems for future use. The company as called the Vyapar comes with backup functions that save all of your data-on-cloud with future reference and the fillings of the tax. Their software ensures and brings complete data security and even creates the best-automated data backup and saves time and effort.

The company can create the invoices and bills on the whole with the GST guidelines given by the company instantly. Their software even ensures the safety and security of the billing and invoicing received by the customers. Consumers can track all of the management with the Vyapar GST.

7. FreshBooks

invoice and accounting software for small businesses - freshbooks

This company’s best billing and invoicing software companies are known to be a handy tool for this company looking to make their billing and invoicing operations very easy and effectively. The processes involved in this are speedy, secure and safe and can be used for automated billing and invoicing along with the organizing of the expenses, performing the great follow-ups and even generating the effective MIS reports.

The company has the best kind of intuitive solutions with their easy kind of interface that proves to help minimize the paperwork involved in the company. The invoicing and billing software should always be at least at heart and the soul of the company’s billing operations. It even daily improves the operations and becomes the best of all.

Just create the professional looking invoices just in seconds. The company can add the logo and even personally customize the functions.

The company does not require the chasing of the clients for checks and even pay the preferred way, online process and even get paid up to the 11 days faster. The company sends reminders to securely the consumer and companies and makes their clients to follow-up all the essential things on time.

 It does not need to spend anything out of your expense, as you can easily request the deposit of your invoice, and you can sleep peacefully knowing that the money is spent in the right place. It just gives the bill for exactly the service you are asking from the company; their invoice generator can easily add your tracked time and even the expenses to your invoices.

8. Tally ERP 9

why to use tally prime on cloud over tally erp? | tally on cloud | tally online |

It offers the most comprehensive features that support the billing of the business and all the requirements needed in the invoice of the consumers. Their main features include the sales, analytics, inventory management and branch management. Apart from these, their other features include remote access, security management, and integrated support centre with compliance services.

It is a whole web-based accounting software to all medium scale enterprises. TallyPrime has lately replaced some of the useful features like the e-invoicing and e-payments and even supports advanced multitasking.

Offering the most flexible invoicing of the metrics, like their most optimized components, the choice of the configurations used, and the numerous type of billing modes. The different business owners can sync their bank accounts with Tally Prime Software to bring some of the activities into the process.

Their website has one “Go-To” search option or bar segment. Consumers can quickly discover the most impactful features and even optimise different business processes in real-time working. It has the most analytical reporting done across the other centres, and the managers can easily undiscover the actionable insights into the different sales levels. They can design the business strategies and the different plan budgets accordingly.

9. Reach Accountant

reach accountant erp software for manufacturers - how to set up master - youtube

The company has been called the best one, which has various kinds of modules just for accounting and point of sales. It improves the customer relationship (CRM), through which the user can track every important aspect of the business in just one go.

It generates invoice effortlessly and has their currency converter and payment gateway. The reach accountant software of the company has several features like the GST software, broader scope and pricing.

 The reach has a very different kind of GST software that offers all the small scale/ business owners to raise their GST invoices and then file the GST returns. The company charges no additional fees for this service you just need to pay for the filling involved in GST returns. Apart from the benefits of freelancers or the contractors invoicing and the business owner who can also manage their customer-client along with the business’s inventory for any specific project.

The company’s pricing comes in three different variations; bronze which comes for free, silver which is for INR 6000 and then the last is gold which INR 18000. If you think for this company in invoicing and billing, it could benefit a lot of company organization.

With their specialization in GST invoicing, the company has immerged to be a helpful and reliable tool. Their online version with the best and the basic capabilities come free of cost and even helps you to prepare your invoices which are best suited for GST

10. Invoicera

invoicera | review by inspector jones

Invoice has been taking into account all the invoicing needs of all the businesses, freelancers, and different kinds of enterprises from other sectors. The company has successfully recognised that there is no point in just overloading any small-scale business owner with the most complex invoicing feature that would not be of any use.

It has to invoice & billing performed by cloud-based software and has allowed the business owner to manage their client, invoicing vendors, and the accounting adjustments to streamline billing and invoicing related tasks.

It provides real-time information with daily updates on the newest kind of information available at your fingertips in any part of the world. Invoicera is a very known acclaimed company which is widely used with their online software and support over all of the 30 payment gateways.

The subscription billing service is made very easy with this company, because of the excellent software and their custom workflow management that will take care of all the recurring bills very quickly.

All the small business owners can have a better shot by maintaining a healthy and reliable cash flow using excellent invoicing and billing software. This company has been offering a very accurate on excel spreadsheet.

The instant updates to the stakeholders help in managing all the accounts and the share the essential related information with the major stakeholders. Any information communicated between the business owners and stakeholders is always done through a secure and safe link that remains active for 24 hours.

Importance of Billing & Invoicing Companies

Billing and Invoicing systems can significantly impact all the kind of businesses by improving their efficiency. The billing systems are considered essential functions in the different sales process of the organization. It always requires a lot of thought and effort to put up the best billing systems.

Recently, the billing systems have been regarded very prominent in helping different businesses improve their process and bring more efficiency in their business operation. The most basic use of billing is to keep a detailed record of all the sales information that happens within the business.

On the other side, invoicing is very beneficial for your small business as the invoicing process is considered significant for legal reasons. The invoicing procedures always keep the customer happy and keep their company’s things in a very professional manner. You can easily showcase your brand and even keep you in an organized manner.

The invoicing received by the consumers helps them to get paid on time. Overall, The receiving and the sorting of the future payments keep in the mind the consumers and maintain the status of the account along with the balancing of the issuing bills. Billing and invoicing software is always designed to handle the products and manage the customers’ invoices. This process is applicable in offline/online tools and helps create the bills and the invoices.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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