I’ve chosen to leave 5 jobs during my career – here’s how I knew it was time

When I got a job as an associate copy editor job, I was beyond thrilled. It was a huge move for me, and I was going to be working for what I thought was my dream company.
But I quickly learned, within the first day, that I was just a number and that my job was to churn out as much content as possible. I went from a position where I was managing contributors, editing content, managing social media strategy, and mentoring interns, to a job that felt one-dimensional and less meaningful. To say I was unhappy is an understatement.
I had also moved from a 70-person company to one with 3,500 employees worldwide, which meant I went from being a medium-sized fish in a small pond to the smallest fish in a very large pond.
In the end, while I was beyond happy to leave after one and a half years, I learned a lot about efficiency and editing at that time in my life. I still refer back to editing advice I received from senior editors when I worked there.
While I left every job for one reason or another, I learned something in every position I held. Now, as I run my own business, I refer back to all my job experiences as a playbook of what to do and what not to do. I know I’ll continue adding to it for the rest of my career.
Source: Business Insider
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