Is Kangana Ranaut Trying To Grab The Ticket For BJP’s Upcoming Movie “Election”? 2010 Heartthrob Turning Into a Nightmare

For the past two decades, Kangana Ranaut, this name was enough to set up high hopes for all the cine lovers. There was a time when life was all about morning school, waiting for the school bus and keeping our eyes glued on 9XM (a Bollywood based music channel). Most of the 90s kids would relate to this. So as the songs came up one after the other, our hearts used to go all mushy hearing “Kyu aajkal neend kam khwaab jyada hain..” and then this cute woman with crazy hair would appear. By now, everyone reading this has gone down memory lane with a pinch of a smile. 

When we barely started noticing her name, being a prolific actress, we sincerely hope she still is; Kangana Ranaut began to deliver some great Cult Classics. While films like Gangster, Life in a Metro, Tanu Weds Manu take us on a memory trip, films like Queen, Judgemental Hain Kya, etc., are a brutal reality check for most of us. With her noteworthy performance and intelligent and bold personality, she quickly started ruling many hearts in the past decades.

Bollywood was blessed to have a talented actress who was bold and beautiful. After her debut in 2006, Kangana Ranaut indeed delivered a lot of entertaining and appreciable performances. She bagged several national awards, including a “Padma Shri” for excellence in performing arts. 

Now, why is Bollywood “was” and not “is” blessed to have her? the court rejects the plea of kangana ranaut to shift the case to another judge, “judge threatens arrest warrant.”

After the entire controversy between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, it marked the beginning of the unnecessary Twitter war. Since then, Kangana has been a hot topic for Indian media pages- 3. The girl who used to rule hearts started becoming a nightmare whenever she spoke. No wonder she kept delivering awestruck performances like Manikarnika and other women-centric movies. Still, at the same time, she paved her way into politics joining BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) as another woke “chowkidar” of Hinduism or Hindutva.

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Kangana Ranaut became more famous as a “symbol” of nationalism than her films and performances in the political sphere. Being a legitimate descendant of “Mr. Know it All”, she has an obligatory habit of keeping her unnecessary and unwanted opinions in every possible place. Not just her thoughts but the misleading information she spreads is quite notorious. In a country where highly educated people are jobless, we have a “Padma Shri” winning yet 12th Fail actor who spits ludicrous words whenever she gets a chance. 

The unfortunate demise of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput added fuel to the already burning fire. She claimed the whole incident to be a conspiracy and gave it twists and turns saying it was a staged hatred against Hindus, adding an angle of nepotism to it and whatnot, while it was an unfortunate yet straightforward case of suicide. The entire fiasco that Bollywood faced during this time with all the blame games our “Desh ki beti” Kangana took load as the whole of being the voice of oppressed and cornered artists, victims of nepotism and gender inequality. She decided to point fingers at almost everyone in Bollywood, even the ones who were the pillars of her success.  

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter banter doesn’t even surprise us anymore. In a generation of social media with a backup of google, it is pretty visible to the netizens how hypocritical and incredibly foolish she is. She has even stopped thinking twice with a pseudo nationalist viewpoint and overconfidence before commenting on almost anything. From being an inspirational Bollywood actress to ending up as a dumbhead, irritating fool, Kangana has successfully managed to screw her image.  editorial in english | editorial | mahamediaonline

There was a dialogue in “Gangs Of Wasseypur”, a cult classic directed by Anurag Kashyap, which said, “Jab tak Hindustan mein cinema hain..” yes, I’m sure all of us know the rest! It stands true as Kangana Ranaut is still a public figure and much influential. As most of the Indian population is easily manipulative and films and film stars are gods and goddesses, it is pretty apparent some people believe and follow everything she says and does. 

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The recent havoc that is worth mentioning is her opinions on the Aryan Khan drug case. Kangana Ranaut took a dig with Shah Rukh Khan by projecting him as a bad father for not apologizing officially when his son got arrested. She posted a collage of Jackie Chan with his son when she took his son in custody for a drug case.  

The post was, as quoted, “Jackie Chan officially apologized when his son was arrested in a drug case in 2014! He said I’m ashamed of my son’s act, this is my failure and I will not intervene to protect him and after this his son was jailed for 6 months and also apologized.” So far, it was not a big deal till she added a hashtag #justsaying which was enough to show her true intentions behind the post. 

“With great power comes great responsibility”. Kangana Ranaut being such a talented actress, should have just concentrated on her job.kangana ranaut's twitter account was suspended

 Maybe it’s just the wave of a generation that has made losing your values and morals necessary for achieving success and being famous. As Chatur in 3 Idiots believed, there are just two ways to excel in life, either work hard yourself or take other people down. It seems like Kangana is one of the second kind. Turning the most straightforward issue into a political upheaval is not an intelligent way to get through her career. Calling out, insulting, or being extra opinionative to mark your presence, that’s not how it is supposed to be.  

Not every issue needs to be addressed, not every question has answers and not every comment like “I am one the greatest action star” needs to be entertained. It’s viewers and followers like us who give people like them a platform to place themselves. View wisely, appreciate the talent and discard nonsense. It’s high time this whole Kangana Ranaut fiasco needs to fade out. 

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 Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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