Vishal Garg fired 900 employees over a zoom meeting

Venture lost his child; Vishal Garg fired 900 employees over a zoom meeting 900 of his colleagues were sacked in a terse Zoom call on Wednesday, according to CEO Vishal Garg.

The CEO, who is Indian-American, said that market efficiency, performance, and productivity were the driving forces for the enormous layoffs.
“This isn’t the kind of news that you’ll be excited to hear…
If you are on this phone call, you are a member of the unfortunate group of people who are being laid off. Your job with us has been terminated with immediate effect. “According to CNN, Vishal Garg, 43, notified staff of the mortgage firm during a Zoom call that he was fired.

The sacked workers accounted for about 9% of’s entire staff. According to reports, the company’s full diversity, equality, and inclusion team were among those let go.

One of the workers recorded the phone conversation and posted it on social media, where the CEO had received criticism for terminating people just before the Christmas season began.

What is the purpose of, which launched in 2014, is dedicated to “enhancing home mortgaging” and financing by enabling customers to apply for loans and financing online rather than needing to visit a bank in person. In addition, the organisation promises to provide fixed and adjustable-rate loans for conventional and jumbo loans for various kinds of properties without collecting a fee or levying a commission.


It has grown dramatically in recent years, working in partnership with various other businesses along the way. – For example, in 2015, the founders formed a partnership with Avex Funding, a California-based mortgage original thinker and creator with over a decade of expertise in prime conforming and jumbo mortgages.

Better Mortgage, the firm that changed its name to in 2016, received a $30 million in Series A investment at that time. The same firm was also licenced as a Fannie Mae seller or servicer, a separate approval process. Next to that, the business secured $15 million in Series B investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers the following year and $160 million in Series C funding from the same firm in 2019.

The firings also occurred only a few days after the firm announced that it had secured $750 million in new money from two of its investors, Aurora Acquisition Corporation and SoftBank, in a round of financing. In addition, the firm intends to go public via the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) method shortly.

“I hope I didn’t have to lay off 900 of you over a Zoom call, but I’m going to lay y’all off just before the holidays lmfaooo,” says Vishal Garg.
According to the Daily Mail, during the three-minute conference call, Mr Garg said that the choice to terminate 900 staff had been a “difficult” one.

better coms pr comms marketing heads submit resignations in wake of layoffs fiasco

“This is the second time in my career that I’ve done anything like this, and I really don’t want to do it. The last time I did it, I broke down and sobbed. This time, I want to be more powerful “he said. “We are laying off around 15% of our workforce for a variety of reasons, including the market, efficiency, performance, and productivity.”

An official from then revised the 15% statistic, stating that the actual percentage was closer to 9 per cent.

Subsequently, Mr Garg is said to have retaliated against his employees, calling them “lazy and unproductive.”

“Did you know that at least 250 of those laid off worked an average of two hours per day while logging eight or more hours per day in the payroll system?” He said this in a blog post on the Blind network. “Did you know that at least 250 of the dismissed employees worked an average of two hours per day while clocking in at least eight hours per day in the payroll system?” He concluded that “they were stealing from you, as well as from our customers who pay the bills that are used to pay our expenses.”

According to Fortune, the CEO then confessed that he had made the remarks using the pseudonym moniker ‘uneducated’.

better com gets 1b cash infusion in new agreement with its spac backers
Vishal Garg has a history of courting controversy, and this is not the first time. In the past, he has come under fire for an email that he wrote to his team members. “You’re moving WAY TOO SLOWLY. You’re a bunch of DUMB DOLPHINS, to put it mildly… SO STOP IT RIGHT NOW. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE. You are making me feel embarrassed, “Forbes was able to secure a copy of Mr Garg’s email, which included his written words.

It seemed that a large number of workers had been evicted from their houses, but what if their homes housed something dangerous that may have killed them? The CEO of, Vishal, was in a situation, it was a good idea for them to be booted out, so let’s not confuse matters anymore and go directly to the heart of the subject at hand.

Similarly, when a mother is caring for her home and feeding her child, she will purchase new food rather than allowing her child to consume food that is about to expire. This is similar to the company’s CEO, who was running a venture and taking care of it, but when he realised the economy was in trouble, he fired the employees rather than putting their careers at risk.
If I had studied for just two hours, I would have won first place; if I had only worked for two hours, I would not have remained in my position for long.

To protect the workers from an immense tragedy, the decision was taken to spare them from being harmed.

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