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Piramal’s Resolution Plan For DHFL Right on Track Following NCLT’s Approval. What Led the Housing Finance Firm to Succumb to Insolvency?

In a bid to the salvation of DHFL, the Piramal Group confronts its acquisition in the stakes. The National Company Law Tribunal has accepted the recuperation plan of Piramal Group for Dewan Housing Financing Ltd on Monday. The person familiar with the matter declared that they believe the group to complete its buyout as soon as August. Although, some reports that have swirled suggest that the Board of Directors have acknowledged that the process could stall due to challenges lying ahead. The roadblocks wouldn’t hinder the company’s aspirations of takeover as they believe to transform the debt-ridden mortgage.

The Mumbai Bench signed its consent to the resolution plan set forth by the Piramal Group but added some further criteria regarding the deal. As the DHFL was undergoing Insolvency and the Bankruptcy Code resolution process, various investors came up with a signatory bid.

But it was the Piramal group that got the nod to take over the beleaguered housing finance firm as it offered Rs 37,250 for seizing the transaction. Following its offering, Piramal’s Chairman issued a statement in which he claimed that he was exhilarated by the judgment of the court. Since then, the company has welcomed endorsements from nearly 94 percent of its lenders and substantial sanctions from the Reserve Bank of India.

It reiterated the fact that the bid was way too resolute and strong to match in numbers. Complying with the terms, the Piramal Group issued a statement, and said,” This is one of India’s sizable Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code proceedings, and the first ever to earmark the financial segment. We are enticed with the opportunity to augment ourselves as trendsetters.”

The promptness of the NCLT’s decision will give headway in DHFL’s resolution, and give time to Piramal Group to plan out its inaugural course of actions, once it offsets the markets. However, the NCLT has considered previewing DHFL’s promoter Kapil Wadhawan’s settlement proposal on the subject matter. It directed the committee of creditors to divulge the facts of the statements by the Housing finance on May 19, which the former acceded to neglect. Presently, the order has been stayed, which has infuriated those concerned with the case.

The Pending Outcome derails Piramal Group-DHFL’s intricate merger.

Over the next few weeks, both the companies are pinned to wait for the outcome of the proposed challenges. Once all the legal formalities are finalized, the existing shareholders will be encumbered to zero valuation after the inducement of a delisting process. The NCLT recently have denied Kapil Wadhawan’s plea to get insights on the resolution plan promulgated by the Piramal Group. It raised question marks on the conditionalities exclaimed as DHFL felt that the order presented too many complexities.

The derailment wouldn’t entail an elongated confiscation in the road map of a revival of the Housing Finance firm‘s assets. A monitoring committee will be established as the cooperative body to accelerate the process of accomplishing the acquisition feat within 90 days.

NCLAT to hear FD holders' plea in DHFL resolution case on Sept 16 - The Hindu BusinessLine

How will the Dues Get Settled?

A large proportion of DHFL’s fixed depositors are increasingly concerned about their unsettled dues with the company. Being the active part of the committee of creditors, the resolution plan should progress with a scheme to regard their interests. Over the years, public depositions have been the main beneficiaries of activities conducted by the DHFL. The fixed depositors demand settled agreements against their Rs 5,375 crore fuzzed with DHFL.

The fixed depositors are seeking redressal against their pernicious amounts. The committee of creditors might have encountered their problems massively as they granted a scheme to propagate the full amount along with the principal amount to the depositors with dues of 2 lakhs. Significantly, it is prudent to listen to their demands before assimilating new lines to avoid perplexities while overhauling the business activities. The depositors constitute 70 percent of the accumulated public depositors.

The constraints that lie in the ways of collaborating with the interests of these fixed contributors are substantial. NCLT doesn’t want to possess authority over the wisdom of the committee of creditors and has laid back the final decision on their decisions. However, it needs to be brought into consideration by the creditors to showcase a recognizable gesture to the depositors. The creditors are insisted to review the dispatch of payments in batches to the fixed depositors for avoiding the lump sum clause out.

Advisable and judicious consideration needs to get made for safeguarding the interests of various public investors of DHFL. It is pertinent to underpin the scheme to avoid further delays for the Piramal Group’s handover. Under the impression of the resolution plan of DHFL, the public depositors are going to be treated as unsecured financial creditors, whose dues remain unsettled.

DHFL Owing Monumental Debts

The Covid-19 pandemic struck hard, and as it had more numbers in its grip, colossal conglomerates also started getting affected heavily. Following pressurizing inflammation, DHFL had adversely moved towards bankruptcy owing more approximately Rs 91,000 crore to the various lenders, including banks, mutual fundholders, and secluded investors. The lenders were left subdued and classified the owing terms as fraud accounts alleged to fund mongering by promoters Kapil Wadhawan, along with other board members.

In fact, it got out of control and the Reserve Bank of India superseded the company’s board in November 2019. It was the first-ever financial service company being reiterated to the NCLT.

DHFL’s share soared after NCLT approved Piramal Group‘s Astronomical Bid.

As further dialogue prevails in the probe, DHFL looks forward to offsetting its assets for repaying its debts. The sudden developments have helped the company to embrace an influential yielding trading session on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Monday.

As the company revealed its earnings for the quarter ended on March 2021, shares of DHFL hit top-notch as it surged 10 percent on the drawing board. It took the valuation to Rs 20.8. The final verdict of the insolvency case will decide whether the DHFL stock in the listings gets debarred or not. It is of utter significance that the company hasn’t made any provisions for interest on borrowings that exceed the prescribed limits, and stands at a ransom of Rs 1,912 crore for the quarter ending.

DHFL has been entrenched into sizable debts for two years running. Surprisingly, its superseding to RBI was seen as a game-changer to its connections. The pandemic has wavered the storm of the housing finance corporation, and the only way out of the extensive pressure was selling a stake in its acquisitions.

However, it is solidarity that the Piramal Group’s takeover would assist in getting over the turbulent times of the past. The resolution plan was scheduled to be implemented back in 2019 before the pandemic throttled across the world like a thunderstorm. Much to the agitation of the delays, the litigations pursuing various stakeholders of the company also earmarked perturbation on salvaging the deteriorating image.

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