Anupriya Agarwal – The Young Entrepreneur Behind Maxworth Impact’s Success

Sometimes a person moves out of the home to pursue their dreams. In this process, you try to be busy and work hard, and eventually, it gets all exhausting. On an evening when you wish you could talk to your sister or hope to hear your mother’s chitter chatter, they are just one phone call away. Communication is what keeps us going. In this COVID-19 situation too, where social distancing and quarantine had made us feel lonely, online communication is the only piece holding us together. Among these things, there is one person who is as intrigued by communication as anyone but took the initiative to make something new out of it. She is Anupriya Agarwal, the founder of Maxworth Impact. Anupriya is a person with unique characteristics with a blend of curious mind and an inquisitive soul. Anupriya curiosity and the urge to know about the unknown and staying connected to people and the world around was the top thing that stirred excitement in her. With almost juggling for 10 between various departments like marketing strategies, digital media, social media content, and visual content, Anupriya found her potential in this sector when she came to arrive at Delhi 4 years back. In the world of marketing solutions and communications, Maxworth Impact has gained prominence slowly. Anupriya founded Maxworth impact back in July 2018, under her father’s firm Maxworth communications. With such a profound understanding for clients, they provide tailor-fit solutions for individual business at affordable prices, thanks to her knowledge of communication tactics.

 Maxworth Impact provides digital brand marketing strategies in digital media through planning and execution solutions. For Anupriya, her father is the role model. Following his footsteps, she has become a young entrepreneur who has created an amazing movement in these past 2 years.

“As long as one could freely express- one could survive and that’s what urged me to take up communication as my professional area,” said Anupriya.

How true are these words coming from such a person who strongly believes that communication is the key to unlock the world underneath. Being a global shaper and a member of YLC at AIMA, Anupriya believes in leading from the front. She likes to personally dedicate her time in sticking with the team to monitor closely the journey of setting a completed communication channel for their brand. In this recent situation of the pandemic, Anupriya is also making sure to work in clients maximum comfort zone so that they have a comfortable environment which will accelerate to express their ideas freely. She is a creative woman and has plans on hiring young students to give them an open sky to work with her. With the experience of handling on ground realities and working with executive strategies on a real-time basis, Anupriya has become a trusted resource on this. Maxworth Impact has collaborated with some professionals in the same sector band clients across, Noida, Faridabad, Mumbai, Dharamshala, and even Malaysia for smaller parts of work. Maxworth impact have the motto “Facilitate communication ensuring maximum Connectivity” is getting its root and motivation from Maxworth communications of her father. The exceptional result-oriented approach and distinctive content creation are the ones that let Maxworth Impact speak for itself.

This is the just the beginning, Maxworth impact has a very bright future for it has a woman, ferocious like Anupriya Agarwal as its foundation for whom, the sky is the only limit!

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