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“Precisely, Call It A Test Drive With The Professionals For The Client’s Ease,” Says Paras Mittal About His Firm PNJ Hub.

Professional Networking Joint Hub or PNJ Hub is an online consulting platform that gives access to services in Vastu, Interior Designing, Legal Dispute and Settlements, Taxation, Corporate Governance & Compliances, Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate advisory. The firm single-handedly focusses on providing a smoothly functioned connecting platform for service seekers and providers across and beyond these categories. 

The core focus of the firm is to help the multi-dimensional demand of today’s time, which includes the SME’S i.e. the small-medium enterprises. Talking about the Acquisition and Mergers aspect of the firm, one is aware that Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers have been a part of the business world for centuries. In today’s dynamic economic environment, companies are often faced with decisions concerning these actions – after all, the job of management is to maximize shareholder value.

However, one is aware that such decisions are not taken with the wink of an eye. It is a rigorous task to come to a finalized decision of whether the merger shall take place or not because it involves investments and transactions of huge amounts, and that is how professionals are hired for an advisory purpose. But one is aware hiring such professionals costs a fortune to the pockets of the firm owners, especially the SME’s find it very difficult to hire them.

That is where PNJ Hub comes in with its Mergers and Acquisitions category. The firm has a special provision of providing its client with an exclusive consultation with its professional team for 5 to 10 minutes, absolutely free of cost. Not just this, if the client feels satisfied, he can also hire these services for a day.

PNJ Hub providing these overboard services make the operation of the SME’s a cakewalk.  The firm is very well aware of the fact that SME’s are the major economy sustainers, and they are the only ones who face the greatest number of problems. That is why, the pricing level of PNJ Hub is low, pocket friendly enough for the working of SME’s.

The company aims out in bringing a dynamic change in the service industry by inculcating certain aspects. They believe that the Security/Custody of documents is a priority so the service providers are bound to keep clients documents confidential at all times and also handover the working files and documents to PNJ Hub at each milestone. They strongly follow their policies and that is why they believe that their clients can choose to restore services at any time of the collaboration.

Furthermore, PNJ Hub requests regular feedback from clients to ensure the utmost quality of service. To the relief of the clients, they will be charged on regular basis by PNJ Hub on the status of work and service providers relieved from the tension of tracking of the payments. Lastly, Service providers have the freedom to discontinue the work with remuneration for the tasks completed.

Their thoroughly researched processes let professionals with talent; expertise and knowledge of a specific subject get in touch with individuals in need of their guidance in the smoothest way possible. Additionally, all the payments are executed via PNJ Hub to ensure transparency at all phases of the collaboration, and that is what makes the firm a start light name in the online consulting platforms.



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