With the coronavirus pandemic going on, there is a huge uncertainty in the minds of the people and businessmen about their products and their services. Through the pandemic one thing which we have realized is that sustainable development is the way of moving ahead. Green marketing and sustainable production of products is required. 

Along with that, innovation is what drives a business forward. 9 out of 10 Indian start-ups fail because of lack of innovation. If innovation is one factor which can lead to the downfall of a business, why not innovate ourselves and use customized technologies to create value? Only with the help of innovation, companies can move forward. 


CTech is a SINE IIT Bombay ( promoted enterprise situated in the heart of India, Mumbai. It is an Innovation Development Company, aims to partner with various research institutions, investors, innovative minds and to blend their ideas and technologies with the usage of human potential. They develop market worthy and customize solutions with the help of creativity, professionalism, and experience, to benefit the society, industry, and the partners.

They use raw technologies, product ideas, and innovation to create higher value products, which benefits the customer as well as the society.. All this is offered to the companies who are looking out for new business opportunities and are open to exploring the markets to enhance their competitive skills and profitability.

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The design consulting domain of the company helps the organizations to develop ‘concept to market package’ in a short period of time. CTech studies worldwide social and economic changes that affect the lifestyle, trends, fashion, developing the future scenarios and predicts the market for their products.

The research and development advisory segment of CTech collaborates with the product development team of client companies, identifies the opportunities for developing a pipeline of new products, using technologies and resources available with the companies to build structures and design systems for sustainable innovation and development.

Many successful products have been developed by CTECH including Eco-electric mobility, modular housing, environment and public design, and LED lighting systems. They have also prepared a luxury houseboat for Kerala tourism. It has two bedrooms attached with bath/lounge/pantry. It is a mind-blowing model of innovation. CTech has also ventured into the development of Battery operated agricultural implements for small farmers to help increase their productivity, like electric hoes, weeders, plows, including Agri-Robots, which are likely to revolutionise the agriculture practices in India.

To increase the reach of the company, there is a CTech club that is an excellent platform for industry and academic interaction which will lead to a fruitful collaboration. They create special training modules to sensitize the members of the company to different aspects of product development. Networking opportunities are available by the top consultants and experts from all over the globe.

Moving ahead with sustainable technologies with innovation is very important. Inventiva is very sure that CTech is one of the best innovation and development companies that all the firms must consult to go forward. After all, innovation is the key to success!

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